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  1. that is pretty much what the militias are about. we act independently on a volunteer basis to help our communities. as we are not government run, we cannot be "called upon." ultimately it isnt our responsibility to drop everything in life to help everyone with every little thing. unlike military fire ems and police services, we arent getting paid to help people so when we do it, it means more than just showing up for a pay check. we have financial responsibilities outside of providing aide to our communities.
  2. yeah we already have a parenting plan in place required in the divorce regarding custody child support etc. its a matter at this point of them witholding information trying to bait a fight, send people after me etc.
  3. so far marion county sheriffs dept isnt willing to assist me
  4. i didn't think you was insulting me. i was just confused. funny thing about the english language... its not just a ballet of words to make points. vocal tones and body language occupy the other two thirds of it. lol any ways, my point was not directed initially towards the 14th amendment. it was aimed towards idea regarding whats good for a nation just because it sounds socialist in nature, shouldn't be immediately stricken from the table. i'm going to tell you that by trade i am a machinist. i make precision parts for robotics, aerospace tech, computers, food services, logging industries, so on so forth. the one lesson i was taught that will hold true to the end of time is, "your abilities as a machinist are limited only to your imagination." my instructor at the US army ordnance school for machinists in aberdeen proving grounds maryland, told me this. with this said i'm going to use an example here to explain my point. no one wants socialised medicine because like in the uk, the gov is forcing a child to die in the hospital and wont let the family remove the child to achieve a professionals second opinion. of course! who would want that? rand paul said if you make healthcare a right, you are conscripting him and others like him into providing a service that voids capitalism all together... but what if by chance, we made healthcare a right? what if we closed down a couple bases we didn't need in countries who aren't paying us to protect them (just like trump said,) bring our brothers and sisters home, and save all that money we are sending to those countries that hated us anyways? we could put that astronomical amount of money towards only allowing the government to write the checks. what if there was another amendment that stated american citizens all have a right to healthcare funded by the federal government to all americans abroad and homeside with the clause that the limit of the governments reach in the matter is simply to process the checks and that's it? going back to rand paul's statement about conscripting him... how would that be? because so long as my doctor where to still want to see me if this hypothetical situation took place, i could still see him. if not, i find a different doctor... after all last i checked i had to fight through the capitalist market in order to achieve my arms and ammunition.... i don't have a direct line to glock forcing them to supply me in arms and ammunition? this is my point that things seemingly socialist need to not be entirely stricken away without thought. furthermore into the discussion regarding the 14th amendment, sure theres excessive government overreach on, yet a few minor benefits to it. do i agree with people immigrating to the us? absolutely. do i want the immigrants vetted properly before coming into my home? you bet. do i think the immigration system is broke? you bet. there needs to be a better way to get the good hard working law abiding people into this country while keeping the shitty ones out. immigration is what created this country and kept it going in advancement. sure federal oversight needs to be heavily regulated. its in itself a double edged sword. if oregon doesnt want some nuclear power supplier coming in building the next fukushima incident, the federal government should not be able to tell us we have to let them build because its their ultimate say. thats buillshit. but if wyoming sells coal to china, who is oregon to try and stop that? that's where the federal government says no... that's a violation of the free commerce clause leaving oregon open for lawsuit from the state of wyoming. i want to say the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions but more and more with our government, i believe its back door communism that needs to be eradicated. and honestly if we cant come together and all fully be in support of a right that truly benefits us, that has been thought through, that has been so heavily evaluated, we should not be passing half baked amendments that leave our nation vulnerable to ruin. this is where its supposed to be our job to stand up and march together on those who are failing to represent us. we should just continue to do without until we can perfect it. but with that said, the second amendment wasn't wrote with the intention of a nuclear arsenal... liberals can suck my dick. im keeping my AR. and as soon as the m249 full auto comes available for public purchase, you bet i am all over that shit! this is where its supposed to be our job to stand up and march together on those who are failing to represent us. so with all this, hopefully you understand where i stand. haha
  5. so the ex wife and her super winner bf have started posing problems for me. its gotten as far as constantly harassing me degrading me, making my home a "punishment" to my kids, his friends threatening my life, messaging me randomly to say fuck you, and he went as far as trying to physically intimidate me to where i had to forcefully push him back away from me when i picked up my children at his house. now of course im in marion county, salem oregon. its incredibly liberal here and the sheriffs deputy i spoke with said there's nothing that can be done. what would you guys do next if the law is obviously not willing to act in order to seize a safe trade off in which i am legally required to be there. i thought about a restraining order but how do i get one of those if the law is refusing to do their part and their "friends" are acting independently? this is why militias all over need to really think about putting a foot in the government's ass so that they will back off and let americans finally protect themselves... im in a hard spot here guys. any help you can provide, the better. picture for effect.
  6. i never said taking away my rights was a fair trade. im not sure where youre getting that statement from.
  7. so my question to you is what can essentially be in the constitution and what cant? theyve had the right to levy taxes since the beginning for various programs. should we abolish other amendments? the purpose of the constitution was that we can add to it to better the liberty of americans not take it away.
  8. sorry guys, my point was that we need to not be so quick to judge someone based on an opinion. part of what i read had to do with socialists essentially pretending to be us... if i believe we can have effective social programs tax payers fund, this doesnt mean im a socialist. for instance, instead of doing loan forgiveness that we flip the bill on for people to become indoctrinated into liberal ideology at a 2 year college, why not provide funding to a private trade school of the students choosing? this will lessen the blow on tax payers paying for higher education, strengthen the industrial work force, and instill conservative morals as most blue collar workers and shop owners are conservative. at first glance the program sounds socialist, but in reality, its playing the liberal game (fighting fire with fire) and is all around cheaper. the fact is we have had socialist programs since social security started at the very least. no i am not a fan of socialism. i know what it does to nations. essentially socialism is controlled through taxation. we elect representatives to levy taxes on us. they've gone absolutely nuts with taxing us and im surprised we haven't hung congress yet. so in reality these social programs paid for by taxes are in fact legal according to the constitution.
  9. i hate to say it but ideology isnt just a tale tale sign of someone being against what we stand for. you and i may have a difference in opinions but that doesnt change the oath i took to support and defend the constitution. no matter how seemingly socialist an opinion you or imay have.
  10. everything. i cant find shit anymore. only militia i can find in oregon is WVMM. also, all the posts made in regarding oregon militias is missing...?
  11. what happened to all the forums and threads?
  12. this was a cause of self proclaimed militia who where in fact a cult of anti gov. absolutists conducting in otherwise illegal activity that fought to the death.
  13. Mark Schroeder


    my question is why is everyone without a mag except ssgt. old school down there on the right?
  14. salem oregon here chief. you find a unit to link up with for training yet?
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