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  1. Yeah in Colorado Springs, Really hoping to relocate to Montana. I worked in Big Sky last winter for about 5 months. After that job wss done I landed a job at 9 quarter circle ranch, as Coral Boss, And decided not to take the job. What I'm really looking for is a cow/calf ranch...
  2. Thanks I couldn't have side it better.I should have entered the "BAD" IN MY statement. I'm not one of those crazies out there.
  3. Trust..., like respect is earned. In combat we know where we stand with each other. There you will find a true brother and sister
  4. Hoping to relocate to Montana in 5 or 6 months. In Colorado now. Long Range Shooter and Suvival Fitness and CQB
  5. Before I created this account, I was reading that this site isn't anti government. I really don't trust the government, but I really love my America...
  6. Thanks fixer, just wanna know what mymilitia, is all about

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