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  1. Hello Patriots

    I'm concerned for our country, having gone thru the riots of 68 in Chicago both Dem. convention and King riots where shots were fired in self-defence while riding in a jeep both time. This time, it seems that we may be entering into a civil war between political parties on the Right and Left....On the side of the Constitution I stand with our President, and on the Left we stand against the erosion of our Rights under the Constitution by the Democrats who offer open borders, more illegals, hate, lies like those from the fake news media and obstruction of the Presidents work. They now call for violence against anyone who stands with Trump... if this kind of hate does not stop we are heading into a shooting war with groups like Antifa, BLM, who promote shooting of Police and Firefighters. This is not the way, but I will stand along with Brothers in Arms to protect America from invaders and terrorists and anyone who try to take down the USA by subversion of the Constitution. My oath to serve and protect was never rescinded, and I stand by that oath with my life if necessary. 


    To continue to serve my brothers I started Service Dogs of New Mexico for veterans and other with disabilities and that includes children. My wife and I are veterans and love our Country. We have place dogs with over 100 people in the last 2 years.  If you have a need contact us at 505 358 1366 or on facebook @ service dogs of new mexico. 

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