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  1. Any active three percenters on Long Island?
  2. Sometimes they can be assholes with nothing better to do
  3. Cops can pull you over if they feel like it. But if they don’t have any reason for the stop and they refuse to let you leave that’s a bad stop
  4. If you refuse to show Id and the officer is holding you without cause, that is unconstitutional
  5. True but you are not required to show id if there is no reasonable suspicion. If they are impeding your ability to travel freely without any cause, the stop is unconstitutional
  6. A citizen will not be educated on their individual rights. For example. A citizen being stopped by police will autonomously give the officer their identification while a sovereign citizen is aware that they are not required to show identification if there is no reasonable suspicion for the stop
  7. Being free to the best extent that I can. I don’t believe sovereignty has its minimum requirements or borderlines
  8. I do. I believe I’m a sovereign citizen because I move, speak and act freely while obeying the laws set in place today
  9. I believe in the constitution. I believe that our forefathers fought and died for our way of life. I will step in to protect the American way of life from the tyranny of the federal government. I don’t believe in any political party. I am a sovereign citizen
  10. Also Calvin I read over your experience, and I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done

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