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  1. 115 views. Get in contact with me for info.
  2. Hello Steven,


    My name is Rick aka Grunt. 4th Bn commander for the Illinois Son's of Liberty. We are active and organized.  If you look at units you will find Illinois Son's of Liberty.  Any questions or if you your looking to join a militia please message me back. 





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    2. Rkak25


      If you go to Illinois Son's of Liberty fb page. Written in there is 7 questions and the State Commander's email address. 

    3. Patriotic_Saint


      I don't do anything Militia related on FB.. Not even inquiries!

    4. Rkak25


      Copy. Let me get a list of those questions and I send them to you on here. If that works?

  3. Welcome Viking

    1. Viking


      Thank you kind of new at this but Im learning

  4. Maybe even something as airsoft or paint ball. While not great for long range, it still takes communication and coordination to still run drills.
  5. Well then call me a dog. But I have no master but the Lord himself. If I am a dog for supporting President Trump and being patriotic, well then, I'm a fucking dog. Woof woof.
  6. Illinois Son's of Liberty is seeking new members. We are active and meet regularly.
  7. Alot of people are scared to meet face to face or publicly recognizing that they are part of the militia cause their name might go on a list. If your militia is constitutional and not breaking any laws then there should be no worry. It is a constitutional right. I have not had a problem buying weapons or ammo. I am a law abiding citizen and have no record. There are bigger fish the government is worried about. That's just my opinion.
  8. Actions speak louder than words. He has made more happen in almost 2 years than his predecessor. Obama actually set us back I believe.
  9. Rkak25


    In Illinois you have to pass a constitution test in order to graduate.
  10. I remember my unit was just coming back in from a 3 week long field training exercise. We were at the wash rack when orders came down to get pack to motor pool and gear up for patrols. A day that I will never ever forget.

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