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  1. Rkak25

    4th Bn meeting/training


    Welllllll obviously it's 12pm til 2pm
  2. until
    Bring books and be ready to learn about battle drill and land navigation (time permitting).
  3. Greatest group of Patriots I have had the please to work. We are family. Thanks for all you guys do, LTC Grunt State XO 4th Bn Commanding officer
  4. Grunt from the Illinois Son's of Liberty checking in.
  5. Hey brother, we just had an FTX up near you, just outside of Woodstock.  If there is any questions I can answer please let me know.  We are a group of like minded people who are down to earth.  If you would like to join please let me know, the process is simple. 

  6. I can be contacted at Grunt@ilsl.org or by replying back on this site.
  7. Hey brother, still looking for a group of like minded people to join?

    1. retired Brown

      retired Brown

      yes i am, dont know what good i would be but i have experience as medical assisting and xray. 

    2. Rkak25


      Brother we all bring something to the table.  There is always ways you can assist.

  8. Hello, Patriots. Looking for a group of like minded Patriots to join? Join the Illinois Son's of Liberty. We are always look for good Patriots.
  9. Hey retired brown, we are all of value. If you are interested in learning more about the Illinois Son's of Liberty please let me know. Everyone has a purpose and can fill a spot. Let me know. Thanks brother.
  10. Hey Dezgunner Grunt here from the Illinois Son's of Liberty 

    1. Dezgunner86


      Thank you for accepting my request

  11. Welcome brother. If you ever interested in joining a group of like minded individuals. Let me know. We are the Illinois Son's of Liberty.

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