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  1. Yes I am a constitutionalist..I said yes to all of them.
  2. You are right. But you can learn their tactics to form your own. I was told by a general in the first gulf war "the best way to beat your enemy is to know your enemy". So I will take what you said and put it into my units training manual.
  3. I will survive because I have more than one bug out bag. They are in different locations. This will help me for two reasons. (1) if I need to leave and they will not let me take anything I can get away from them and go to those locations and have what I need (2) if I meet up with anyone I have places I could go to get supplys for them or if I need more I have more hidden
  4. Ok it's easy to claim 3% ers but are you really going to give up everything to fight for freedom?
  5. I recommend these resources to everyone... David barker president of zones 7, 8, of the 3% ers of America Texas chapter...
  6. I Think we need to now but not in the way most patriots think. We need to come up with a way to show the public we are not some militia extremists like the government says of course we keep our gun close by but we need to show the public we are for them not against them so when the time comes to bare arms we have the public support.

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