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  1. Saber - Well, I was in the Armored Cavalry and the Saber is the traditional weapon of the cav. I have a friend who started with me in the Cav and switched to armor and it changed his whole attitude. Instead of the fast moving, hit and fade, attacks the cavalry is known for he became a direct in toe to toe fighter. I still favor the fast moving, hard strikes where they are least expected. Cavalry was the eyes and ears of the army and regularly operated behind enemy lines or so far forward that they were beyond friendly artillery support. On a more personal note Saber was my father's nickname. Born in 1919 he was also a Cavalryman in spirit. In WWII he served in the transportation corp, however, when he was younger he wore riding boots and jodhpurs and his horse was his primary means of transportation. He actually rode in one of the last cattle-drives from Nebraska to Colorado. In an "Indiana Jones" moment, when his family was gathered remembering him and the poverty of farm families in the first half of 1900 his brother said: "Actually, his horse was named Saber. I'm not sure how, or who, started to call him that." So, for a tribute and my own interests I have adopted his nickname. "Don't wait for orders. Ride to the sound of the guns!" - General Joachim Murat, Napoleon's Cavalry general called: "The Thunderbolt"
  2. I served at Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Knox, Ft Huachuca, Ft. Dix, and in 3/8 Cavalry "Honor and Courage!" in Germany during the cold war. My two oldest sons served in Iraq, my teenage son is homeschooled by me and has trained with his brother's and I in weapon use and safety. I have a lot of training and experience in training, public speaking, security & investigations, tactics, recon, drill and ceremonies, military discipline and organization and military history. If there is not at least a platoon sized group in Lincoln, or within 50 miles thereof we need to start one. I worked for Pinkertons as well and was a security director for a large pharmaceutical company and a pastor for ten years - until I joined and retired from Homeland Security after the events of September 11th. I still have some mistrust of the very idea of a department of Homeland Security - the recent actions of the FBI and CIA regarding the last election concern me. I am also concerned that the US and State Governments do not have the resources to protect their people in the wake of a major disaster such as the collapse of the power grid. I take great stock in my oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. And you should never desire to do less." - General Robert E. Lee
  3. Nebraska seems pretty complacent to me while the world seems to be burning down...or at least threatening to do so. Is there an active militia? I'm prior military, Cavalry Scout, Drill Sergeant, with additional security and intelligence training. Undergrad in Poli-Sci and History (through Regular Army ROTC Scholarship) and a Master's Degree in religion.

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