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  1. Or even a military branch you may have served in , their shirt on. Even a shirt that simply has your town/city name on it would be good. Best yet, simply volunteering to help.
  2. I'm fully aware of how private militias operate and work which is why I posted the links I did in my previous posts. I'm against public displays of private militias, you get opened up too much to scrutiny by all who are looking for and watching for public displays. When private militias take things into their own hands, it usually ends in failure for them, people either go to jail or die in most instances. I prefer to fly low and stay below radar, I take care of my own first and foremost. Paintball was a great training tool, out in the open and no one the wiser, large group of folks got hands on training with live fire. We did this at paintball fields and up in the woods. Park Ranger stopped by once and asked what we were doing, told him just a bunch of guys up here having fun, they never bothered us again.
  3. I see a lot of links from Oath Keepers about it, nothing from any local news agency or anything else. I only found where Oath Keepers donated a water purifying machine to help victims. The State of Texas didn't ask any militia for help, all I found was a call to arms by militias themselves to go to the border. :SHRUG:
  4. Came across this today: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/07/opinions/border-state-governors-should-stop-militias-mccord/index.html Whats your opinions?
  5. Congrats on the Moderator position. ?

  6. WMD


  7. This is were we disagree. The state/local government has always been the purveyor of the organized militia. Groups of citizens getting together and training/drilling on a regular basis isn't necessarily against the law, yet some things that group does can be construed as against the law, however, they are not an "organized militia" in any sense of the word. Your group can call themselves anything they want, they are looked at as a group/club by the state, not a legal or constitutional militia as some infer. They made them illegal based on recognized Court Opinions. You don't have a right or a freedom to create a citizen/private militia. As to rights and freedoms, every right/freedom can be limited or taken, it is accepted simply by living in a society.
  8. Members of the body politic are able to be conscripted into the militia, otherwise the militia is a body recognized by the state itself, its leaders are appointed by the state, and trained by the state itself, always have been dating back to 1606 and through out the colonies until the present. I have no doubt many on this board would disagree with me, yet I can back up my claims with actual history, not distorted phrases taken out of context and perverted to fit some inane narrative. Your right to own or posses a weapon precedes the US Constitution, it is derived from the 1689 English Bill of Rights, the 2A, second section, merely says the people have the right to keep and bear arms, based on the 1689 EBoR.
  9. You have to take her to court and petition for visitation or custody, the down side is you may get stuck then paying child support too. Keep records of everything, dates, times, video your encounters.
  10. It did no such thing. If that were true then Felons could not be denied the right to own a firearm; Illegal immigrants and LPR's could not be denied the right to own firearms. The Militia is the Armed Services of the Untied States and is protected by the US Constitution, you conflate the unorganized militia with the actual militia.
  11. I'll talk about military training too, as I spent time in the Army, or I have gone to a class that instructs military tactics, etc. Like I stated, you can organize a group all day long, recruit them too, but just because you have a group together and you call yourselves a militia, doesn't equate to illegality. Illegality comes into play when you train illegally, when you espouse the "insurrection theory", etc. I agree Doesn't matter where you do "training", public or private land, if you don't have a state sanctioned instructor you could be subjugated to violation of the statutes per the individual state you are in. Know your states statutes regarding all this as they are all different. Wyoming you can't even be called a militia. Read more: Second Amendment - Private Militias - Government, Law, Freemen, and Federal - JRank Articles http://law.jrank.org/pages/10067/Second-Amendment-PRIVATE-MILITIAS.html#ixzz5PbU87dDi Here's a better explanation of it than what I have stated: To sum things up: Such groups, in and of themselves, are not illegal. But they become the target of law enforcement for engaging in other illegal activity. To answer your question of should you hide your identity, I would say NO, just don't participate in illegal actions and don't profess the "insurrection theory". Promote the good of what you are doing and show how you are helping your community.
  12. SMFH Just because you call your group a militia doesn't make you illegal, it is the activities that your group may do that would be considered para-military training and illegal. Calling your group/club a militia has no connotation regarding illegality. Mymilitia.com isn't promoting or harboring activities that are illegal or promoting criminal activity.
  13. Do you train with the actual Texas Military Forces namely the Texas State guard? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Military_Forces If you truly want to be involved in a legal militia with military training, then the Texas State Guard would be the group to join.
  14. Texas law: Texas. Anti-militia. Tex. Govt. Code; Ann. § 431.010. As to Federal Law: https://libertyfight.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/laws_regarding_private_militias/ As to your Constitution.org link, remember what I said about believing everything that's on the internet. Why doesn't your link show the author of it's opinion piece? The interpretations they use to conclude their claims shows an ignorance of actual history and poor interpretation of what they are trying to use to justify their claims.
  15. The local media simply puts out the information about a group, and any interviews with its members they may get. Public perception is probably a 50/50, give or take based on what the group was doing during any media exposure they had. Don't go out and claim you are against the govt exclaiming the insurrection theory and that you are fighting against govt tyranny. Be involved with your community, do food drives, neighborhood watch programs, Big Brother/Sister mentors, conduct awareness and self defense seminars, etc, put your group in the correct light to the public right from the get go. Private militias are actually illegal. Citizen groups/clubs (you can name your group/club anything you want) are limited in what they can actually do, just because you call yourself a militia, or think your group is somehow a Constitutional Militia, of which if you are not part of active military service you are not a Constitutional Militia. Groups of people out doing things together are fine, but military type training is forbidden. Your group can go to ranges and receive instruction, your group can go to classes to become certified in first aid, etc. Each state has different laws, some states outright ban militia groups and any type of para-military training, I suggest operating within your states statutes. http://bulletsfirst.net/2014/11/22/florida-outlawed-well-regulated-militias/ https://libertyfight.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/laws_regarding_private_militias/ Antifa are straight out terrorists and communists, local governments are too chickenshit to do anything about them because they use them for their own political gain. Don't believe everything put out on the internet, many of these so-called "patriots" don't understand the first thing about our history, the history of Colonial America, let alone the history of the Militia itself. Their interpretations of what they claim are Constitutional or not, when challenged, they can not back up their assertions, most of which are nothing more then inane theory.

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