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  1. I was putting out a fair warning for those looking for a group, I'm not looking for an argument. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about though. Spreading half truths to hurt the character of fellow militia. I know of a couple dozen people who would confirm what I said and I avoid the guy so I'm sure there's many more. The only grudge I hold is that Christian leaves a trail of drama everywhere he goes that hurts the movement. PA people be warned, you're seeing a glimpse of it here.
  2. I don't like to talk bad about other people in this movement because generally it just hurts us as a whole but I would recommend avoiding him. He has caused many problems in this state and has done a lot more to hurt our cause than anything. The only reason I'm saying anything is because I don't want to see the long list of people chased away from the movement because of him added to.
  3. Welcome to the site xxbrimstonexx, feel free to join the Pa group and leave an intro there as well. Please be patient, this site is still pretty new so there aren't many people yet to network with. It's growing fast though so check back regularly and don't be afraid to start some topics to get the ball rolling.
  4. Never mind, just wikipedia'd it. It's for anyone in the prepper community.
  5. I don't know what the American redoubt is but according to this no. This is from the AmRRON website. "Founded in 2011, AmRRON was originally created as a communications network to keep communities and states within the American Redoubt connected in the event of a major disaster situation, or socio-economic collapse. Within a year, over half the members consisted of those living outside the American Redoubt. AmRRON has now grown to nearly two thousand radio operators, with members in every state, plus Puerto Rico and Canada. In January, 2014, AmRRON merged with TAPRN, making it the largest conservative mostly-Christian radio network outside of a faith-based organizational structure (such as Salvation Army and LDS)." Is that a geographical area or a net or what?
  6. A good plan to build off of or at least check out is AMMRON. It's a basic plan that includes pretty much any radio/ freq. It's already the most widely used in the prepper community, no sense reinventing the wheel. It's a really good resource for those group that don't know much on the topic or are looking to build a plan for their group or other local groups. https://amrron.com/
  7. Thanks for the info Gentlemen. I think that's the fist info you need to know before you can answer the question of how much do you need.
  8. I don't want to change the topic but I have a couple relevant questions. 1.) For those of you with combat experience, how many rounds should you have for each encounter? 2.) How many mags do you all recommend on person and back at base camp? I see a lot of people who train to just drop mags when reloading. It seems to me that once you drop a mag in combat it's as good as gone, but I don't have combat experience. I know that may be the quickest way to reload and may save your life but I don't think it's good for your survival odds to get down to 1 mag either.
  9. Why do we need 4, like I said I believe it's a relative thing and it's for organizational reasons. Like I also said we only have 4 enlisted ranks too. I think having 8 enlisted ranks and then adding NCO ranks on top of that is just as silly. In all actuality we could probably get by without any ranks and if we followed the military standards we would all be E-5 or less. The officer titles are for those in the command staff who have various other tasks and a few different voting roles. Yes, the command staff and group vote on certain group decisions. We aren't the military and we aren't out to be just like the military. If that's what I was looking for I'd go back in. Do you all also follow the requirements to reach each rank that the military does? Do your officers have to have a college degree and go through officer training school? Where do you draw the line? You draw the line at a different spot than us, that's OK. These are the types of little things I think should be handled by each different group as they see fit. For us it seemed fitting to have 4 enlisted ranks and 4 officer ranks. I'm not going to go to another group and try to tell members of their group what to do because I out rank them according to our setup. Those types of people are the ones I was saying really get to me, they think they're something special because of their militia rank. Those types of egos are the reason ranks are so important to begin with. We don't have any of those, so the rank system is more for when the SHTF and decisions have to be made on the spot and stuck to. I'm confident in my team and how they will work together when it comes to that.
  10. Yes, if you aren't sure exactly what we are supposed to do look at the mission of the National Guard. They are the organized militia, we are the unorganized militia. Same goal except we're more outside political influence since they don't fund us. So when the National Guard is ordered to only protect Gov. buildings for political reasons, like in Ferguson, we need to step up and fill the void. With that said a lot of people don't realize there is a chain of command above your group, the Governor being the Highest position, below them is the Adjunct General of the National Guard. Good luck getting them to recognize your group but maybe that's something we should be working towards. When I said our group will be offensive that's not to say we won't have a guarded base of operation or that we would be out there going head to head with a better armed and trained force. Most likely, but depending on the situation of course, we would be using guerilla tactics. When you use offensive tactics to defend the Constitution and your community is that still offense or defense?
  11. I agree and disagree Erik. I've seen a lot of really over the top people like you're talking about and have had one in our group at one point in time and it does make me shake my head. I think it's important to realize though the rank structure can't be directly compared to the military like you're saying it should be. It's more of a relative thing in my opinion. The problem is how do you have multiple people in command staff positions and only one officer rank? The way our group is organized is we have 4 "enlisted" ranks and 4 "officer" ranks. And they are in no way a reason to get on a power trip over. The thing that really gets me is when people think they are more powerful or special because they have a certain militia rank. In our group it's more of an organizational thing, in peace time at least. If someone comes along more qualified for a position there's nothing wrong with stepping down and passing over the job and the rank. We're lucky to not have any super egos in our group anymore though.
  12. That's an interesting perspective. I guess it depends on the situation. It might be just as likely you want to be the person no one notices.
  13. One thing that I remind the members of our group and something I always make sure perspective members understand when I go to meet them is the role of the Militia and how that differs from a prepper group. We may be prepping but what sets us apart is our job is to help fix whatever problem caused the SHTF and to keep our community safe. We can't accomplish that if we're hunkered down in a bunker or hiding out in the woods waiting for the smoke to settle. We may have to bug out to live to fight another day but that's plan B, C or D. The militia is a defensive group but once it's time for us to be called upon our group will be on the offense. As for working with other groups, that's something you should be doing already. Generally speaking, being distrustful of another group or someone who wants to join your group is counterproductive. It's OK to be cautious but don't be so cautious you're missing opportunities to strengthen or grow your group and this movement. I've been around long enough to see that cause more than a few groups to fizzle out.
  14. Have ARs and an AK, I prefer the AR. I can carry 8-9 AR mags as easily as I used to carry 5 for the AK. I got the AK because it was a cheaper option at the time but nowadays that's not even true. I won't get in an argument with anyone that prefers the AK, to each their own. If I was going into a rugged dirty environment I would probably take the AK.
  15. Hi there R Jackson. I'm a little east of you in Westmoreland county. I'm also a Navy vet. and of course, a Patriot.

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