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  1. This is a liturd piece of shit that supports the Democrat Destruction of America and turning America Socialist! Go read his Social Media! Communist scumbag!
  2. No, I don't think so, we were talking about building a platform (facebook) for Conservatives and such to get away from the commy censorship that is taking place. At least that what I thought lol.
  3. That would be fantastic if I was more computer savvy, lol. Im illiterate when it comes to technology. Hell I have to ask kids how to do things some times, lol. But I bet there is someone that one of us knows that is a techy and knows how to do this stuff. I could try and learn how to do it but god only knows how long that would take and we need it sooner than later.
  4. Well I agree, but Facebook and such are going to Congress claiming these sites are "interfering" so fight fire with fire, how else are we going to get heard in Congress.
  5. I totally agree with this as long as they are trained by professionals! I also would like to see more veterans taking up these types of positions also. They are well trained, will still need some civilian training on rules of engagement and such as they are different in the civilian world. But vets would love to be in these types of positions especially when it comes to protecting our children.
  6. I think if we pressure our elected officials two or three times a week about it, they will eventually step up and at least speak about it.
  7. Jake Overy

    Jake Overy

  8. Hey hru 

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    2. Jake Overy

      Jake Overy

      If not then I will take a shot at a 3%er group

    3. Ripcannon


      ill keep a ear out...but did you check in with your state on here yet?some1 will respond im sure

    4. Jake Overy

      Jake Overy

      No I haven't figured out how to do that yet, lol.

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