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  1. KarlEJ,

          I am Earl Webb of the Alabama chapter of oathkeepers.org.  I want to invite you to join our organization and join our local Alabama unit! I am putting together a unit to defend Alabama and defend our Constitution and our Country from foreign invaders and domestic ones, like some we have in our government right now that are trying their best to drag our country into socialism! Please email me directly at [email protected]  or text me at 256-577-9261 as soon as you get this message!

    We really do need men like you in our unit!


    Thank You,


    Earl Webb

  2. CW4(R) in Daleville, AL. Wanting to join an active militia group. I'm sick of doing nothing while the politicians, media, and schools distort history to promote socialism and anti-American propaganda.
  3. KarlEJ


  4. CW4 Retired Army of 29 years. 12 years enlisted as a forward observer (13F) and the rest as an aviation Warrant. Still working with soldiers and love my country.

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