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  1. It sounded to me that Fleming was "troubled" with his "I think the government is going to try and take on the American people soon." 

    My thought was "he/we are stronger than the powers to be as we are awake and willing to forward info. 

  2. Hi Patsy, it's awesome that you are awake and sounding the alarm here, but I assure you, Megatron is quite aware of the situation at hand. He has an inside track on things, to make my point without giving too much away. It's in our movement's best interest to remain rooted in facts instead of looking for the boogeyman behind every event. We have enough real threats to be watching without having the pipeline clogged with suspicious activity from "the cabal." Now, if you want to talk about whether or not the National Guard has a rightful role in contact tracing or Covid test administration, that's another thing for a different thread 😉
  3. You are exactly right. I joined this site thinking it would facilitate meeting, in person, other like-minded people. I have joined other conservative, pro-2A, pro-prepper, pro-Christian, pro-yada yada sites as well, and the results are the same. The majority of content is posted by moderators, not members, its virtually impossible to engage in real dialog when threads are easily derailed by nuisance posts, and when actual meet-ups are organized, they are not attended. I'm guilty of backing out of meet-ups myself, for fear that the people I thought I "knew" from social media might be crazy lunatics in real life, lol. So I feel you pain, @Spiritwomyn. We DO need to get off the interwebs and get face to face, hands in the dirt READY, but forums like this seem to be ineffective in cashing out. I know some here will say that's BS and maybe some have had success with meeting groups and becoming involved, but I would say that's the very rare exception, not the norm.
  4. Mr. Megatron, need I remind you that we met on Oathkeepers some seven years ago? Are they not a good organization? I don't particularly feel compelled to hang out where there will be known Antifa a-holes planning to show up, but if Oathkeepers wants to keep the peace, or try, is that bad?
  5. This isnt surprising for Leftist Minnesota. Incestuous marriage is but one of many beautiful expressions of diversity. Embrace it.
  6. Its a choice that becomes a disease.
  7. nina9mm

    Sks rifles

    An unmodified all matching number Russian with bayonet, I think its a '54...prolly in the 600 area. I used to love shooting it but I never have time to drag it out. I do love the sound it makes.
  8. nina9mm

    Sks rifles

    Its the one in my profile pic!
  9. nina9mm

    Sks rifles

    Thwunk! I have a Russian SKS, all matching numbers in sweet condition, anyone wanna buy it ?
  10. MN is my neighbor state, and Minneapolis is becoming a sewer thanks to the Somalis. I used to enjoy going to the cities for short getaways but now the parks are full of hijab-wearing people, and frankly that makes me edgy. I do not want to be where they are. Sadly MN is left-wing to the core and getting more so all the time. They are trying to outpace Madison, WI for liberal mecca of the north, lol.
  11. Agree. Herrick Kimball, the Deliberate Agrarian is my current guru. Thank God for social media as a means for acquiring knowledge, as many of us did not grow up learning these lost skills.
  12. I want no woman in a combat zone with my husband. I don't care if she's a 200 pound hulking lesbian with biceps the size of sequoias. If my husband is hurt and she cant physically deliver him to safety, she has no business being there. Dang I hate all the social engineering that has gone on in the military!
  13. This is a topic for those who dream of bugging out to the mountains and "living off the land!" Newsflash, it aint easy. How is this related to the militia experience? Men like to eat. Men need to eat. You probably wont be able to finish up your day of battling the enemy hordes and then wander down to Kroger to get you evening vittles, so how are you going to eat? More importantly, what is the quality of the food you do eat? Its a big deal in my world. I am fervently learning every single thing I can about soil fertility right now, because without a decent growing medium, you will never get a decent crop. Boy, this topic is so near to my heart because I take so seriously the call to feed not only my immediate family, but our "group." Thanks for starting the conversation @Megatron!

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