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  1. Attention Citizens of this Commonwealth:


    The Pennsylvania 5th Lightfoot Militia is recruiting near you! We are Hoplite Company, a crucial part of the Militia community that volunteers to defend this state, uphold it’s constitution, and protect it’s citizens from all threats foreign and domestic. To help our community to prepare for natural disaster. And to reach out and help our neighbors in any way we can. We train, deploy regularly, and are here for our community at all times. We offer valuable training experience. Skills required for emergency medical treatment, self-defense, and sustainability. Lastly we offer the chance to join a group of ordinary law abiding citizens who come together to do extraordinary things for one another and our communities alike. If this sounds like something that interests you do not waste any time getting ahold of myself or another member of our recruitment staff. Thank you for your time and as always stay safe, and God bless. 


     - LT Kerchner 

     PA 5th LFM

     Hoplite Company



     - Recruiting Staff


    1. Megatron


      What does light foot mean?  See the word used often but never got a defined meaning.


      Would like to see what you guys use for training.  I could use some new ideas with our small group.  


      Oh and good work training often it's hard enough go get people to show up and work. 

    2. Ripcannon


      armored four wheelers and utvs are sweeet...helicopters are even sweeter


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