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  1. I got it out to every person I know, Thanks for posting the link...
  2. Where area are you out of? We do need some conversation
  3. Let me know if there are any locals, I see Roanoke?
  4. Goodview, I'm getting Old but it seems to me people will be needed before too long.
  5. Hello, 

    I'm new to this although It's been in my head for a while.  I believe the way things are headed in our Country a Militia will be necessary Soon.

    I'm A little old but I can help somehow.

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    2. Ripcannon


      wheres abouts you rome buddy.

    3. George F.

      George F.

      I'm Currently living in Virginia, About 25  miles South of Roanoke since 2005. Originally from New Jersey but it is Lost.


    4. Ripcannon


      i live in pa however i stay in west Virginia alot....do you have a local group?

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