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  1. until
    TSM Houston will be working with Habitat for Humanity to construct homes for those in and around Houston who have suffered hardships or disaster.
  2. On the mobile site it does not. I get the map and a list of militias. I have to scroll through the pages to find my unit or do a search. On the desktop site I do have a side bar with my unit listed very conveniently.
  3. It would be great to have a quick link at the top of the mobile page (and the desktop?) that is a one click to a list of the militias groups we are in. Right now as far as I can tell, I have to tap the menu, units, and then search for a specific unit that I am in. Unless I am missing something?
  4. Texas State Militia: All Texas regions. Active, recruiting.
  5. A great unit. Reb is an awesome CO. Got to train with him and a few dozen of their members. Very squared away. Great representation of Texas State Militia SOP and Charter.
  6. Steve, Texas State Militia : Houston Unit. Www.tsmhouston.org. We are always active, 80 members, fireteam on your side of town.
  7. To all visiting: This is not, nor has it ever been a sanctioned unit of the Texas State Militia. There is no Pheonix unit. There is no unit operating under this name. The page is being kept up by a former member who was ousted for not complying with our bylaws. He will not take it down or hand over the domain out of spite. There are around 14 units of the Texas State Militia happily complying with our bylaws. You can visit www.txstatemilitia.com, or www.tsmhouston.org. Going to either one of those places, you will be routed to the correct unit automatically upon applying. Thank you. Sgt. Adair PAO Houston Unit Texas State Militia
  8. Yes, literally the only known instance of drama in TSM!
  9. Joey:  Good tng. on the 24th.  Looking forward to the Jan. 4th event. 


    I will be going to the Madison County Gun and Archery Club on Saturday (Dec. 1).  Come  out if you get a chance.  I'll meet you at Buc-ee's at the corner of Hwy 21 (that goes across the bridge into Madisonville) and IH 45 at 0930; you can opt to leave your vehicle there in the parking lot, or you could follow me to the range-it'll give you a chance learn the route.  FYI: there is an Exxon station on the opposite side of HWY 21, across from Buc-ee's.  Jason A. from Humble might also be there and we'd meet him in the same parking lot.  Hope you can make it.  Max

    1. Joey Adair

      Joey Adair

      Hi Max, Sorry I missed this sir.  We were volunteering at the Houston Food Bank downtown.  Check out our post at www.tsmhouston.org.


      Hope to see you at the SAP Op on Jan 4th.





    2. Max


      Have had a lot of unexpected things come up lately, but I do plan plan on being out there on Jan. 4.


      I met Jason and his son at Buc-ee's and went out to Madisonville the other day.  A lot of pistol and rifle activity and it was good weather for shooting. 


      I've never been out to the Livingston training area, so I may need a map or directions, if I cannot find anything.  I'll let you know.  See you then.     Max

  10. I know it's been a bit but check us out.  Www.tsmhouston.org 

    Texas State Militia Houston.

  11. Texas State Militia Houston. We have fire teams in your area. Go to www.tsmhouston.org to apply. Also find us on Facebook. TSM Houston.
  12. Joey:  The TSM facebook page worked for a while, but all of a sudden, it went off.  I can't get into the Fire Team Charlie message site any longer and a lot of the stuff that used to come up, doesn't come up anymore.  Guess I can't communicate with Jason or any of the TSM members until this thing gets squared away.  Until then, I'll have to be using email or the telephone.  Got any ideas?  My phone number is 936-295-0744; my gmail is gecbad132@gmail.com and my email is sandibean@hotmail.com.  Max

  13. Joey:  This might be something that is old hat to you, but it is something I have noticed since I've been going to La Porte; you've got TSM members all around the state-north of Houston, south of Houston, east and west of Houston.  In the event that something breaks loose like a SHTF situation, instead of members from these different areas converging on La Porte, it may be better to have different rally points for different areas.  For instance, if a team lives in the area around Bellville, they could get to a rally point(for instance) in Wallis easily because it is closer than La Porte-they could get there in less time.  That's just an example, but you can see what I'm getting at.  


    The training at L.P. is great, much needed,  and useful...I'm not saying that needs to be changed.  All I'm  getting at is, it might be helpful if members in these outlying areas had a rally point they could get to quickly, without having to drive a couple of hours.  In a SHTF situation, it's likely that the main roads will be blocked, so it can be useful to know of alternative routes since they might end up getting used.  And the sooner an FTM can get to his rally point, the better.


    Of course, this is all easier said than done-finding someone who owns property and is willing to accept the liabilities in accommodating  militia activity, is another matter.  Just a thought.  Don't know of any property owners in this area just yet.  Whad'ya think?   Max

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