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  1. Hey BigWes, Check out Texas State militia Houston Unit. Www.tsmhouston.org We train every other weekend, have around 80 members, and accept members from ages 18 and up. We don't discriminate. We don't accept member requests through mymilitia.com, as all of our applications must be filled out starting with our website and must be background checked and approved by command.
  2. Texas State Militia has an El Paso unit that was just formed. 10 members I believe. Their website is still under construction but you can reach the unit's FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/TSMgreywolves/
  3. Let me know in pm what you guys are doing. We are looking for ways to increase traffic as well. Currently tsmhouston.org is around 800 page views per month.
  4. Amazing short post by one of our corporals. So well written and gaining huge traction on social media and our website. Spread the word if you can! We are getting responses from other states and will be referring them here. You don't need help, they do. https://tsmhouston.org/you-dont-need-help-they-do/
  5. Amazing short post by one of our corporals. 

    So well written and gaining huge traction on social media and our website.


    Spread the word if you can!  We are getting responses from other states and will be referring them here.


    You don't need help, they do.


  6. Texas State Militia: Houston Unit here! We train often and consistent. Great Brotherhood, no drama. PM for details.
  7. until
    TSM Houston will be working with Habitat for Humanity to construct homes for those in and around Houston who have suffered hardships or disaster.
  8. On the mobile site it does not. I get the map and a list of militias. I have to scroll through the pages to find my unit or do a search. On the desktop site I do have a side bar with my unit listed very conveniently.
  9. It would be great to have a quick link at the top of the mobile page (and the desktop?) that is a one click to a list of the militias groups we are in. Right now as far as I can tell, I have to tap the menu, units, and then search for a specific unit that I am in. Unless I am missing something?
  10. Texas State Militia: All Texas regions. Active, recruiting.
  11. A great unit. Reb is an awesome CO. Got to train with him and a few dozen of their members. Very squared away. Great representation of Texas State Militia SOP and Charter.
  12. Steve, Texas State Militia : Houston Unit. Www.tsmhouston.org. We are always active, 80 members, fireteam on your side of town.
  13. To all visiting: This is not, nor has it ever been a sanctioned unit of the Texas State Militia. There is no Pheonix unit. There is no unit operating under this name. The page is being kept up by a former member who was ousted for not complying with our bylaws. He will not take it down or hand over the domain out of spite. There are around 14 units of the Texas State Militia happily complying with our bylaws. You can visit www.txstatemilitia.com, or www.tsmhouston.org. Going to either one of those places, you will be routed to the correct unit automatically upon applying. Thank you. Sgt. Adair PAO Houston Unit Texas State Militia

Who we are

We are a community of concerned patriots who are not overly confident in the current direction of our society, from the wild political climate to what can be summed up as a lack of morals or a complete void of integrity and pretty much a blatant disregard of respect..... Respect for our past, respect for our future and respect for each other. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place. This website is to unite people like us, people who want to make a difference ... and do it the right way, Little did we know that in doing so we would create the number one militia community online. Here we are. Enjoy.


We require all members to think before they post. We understand the issues raised on this site may lead to heated debate, but we still require all users to maintain a respectful environment. My Militia website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of anyone's comments and will bear no responsibility or legal liability for any discussion postings. We reserve the right to remove posts without notice, and the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the rules. All content is posted live with no moderation. If you see something that you think shouldn't be here please report it so we can handle it accordingly. Always respect the privacy of others if something is shared with you in a private fashion such as real names, emails or phone numbers. Please keep them private.
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