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  1. When her father was Prez, I left this subject alone. After all, she was a kid. However, "Kid gloves" are off, now. She has to be one of the homeliest women ever. Besides, the Left has never stopped attacking Barron Trump, have they?
  2. I agree with you. Violence should be the action of last resort. But it seems inevitable, at this point, if there isn't a change that I don't anticipate.
  3. Son? Unless you're about 90 years old, you don't qualify as my father. I'm 71 ...
  4. Coffeebear, you are full of language which I've heard all of my life ... from the Left. Sitting in a restaurant with several friends, talking politics and sports, and then somebody with a red face full of anger calls us "reactionaries". Usually, before I am able to speak up, one of my friends calls the red-faced man a "commie", and then there's a standoff. If you don't wish to fight for freedom, for country, and the Founding Principles of the nation which are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. that's your right ... and guess where that right comes
  5. My Congressman ... Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) ... voted for this atrocity. I thought that a man that had flown over a hundred recon patrols over enemy territory, in an unarmed aircraft, would have been "on our side". Obviously, I was mistaken.
  6. Although it's officially a closed militia, I would check in with Sheepdog, who heads up the Illinois Sons of Liberty. Dependent upon your skills and background, you might find a militia home, there. SSG "Headhunter"
  7. Well-said, brother ... Let their factions kill each other. We can save ammo, that way ...
  8. I know Mike Adams, and I've known him for quite a while. If he says, "Jump!", I jump. What he says is definitely on-target. I know the situation is dire, right now, but I've been doing what I've done since I first started owning guns ... I keep them safe, and I keep the unloaded. After reading what Mike had to say, I've loaded all of my weapons, and all of the magazines. I'm about as ready as I can be. When Sheepdog (CO, Illinois Sons of Liberty) says,"It's time", I and mine will be heading to Northern Illinois. Mike is that reliable.
  9. Because I regularly shop at my Farm & Fleet, they keep a limited stock of 7.62x54r, of which I purchase about 60%. There seems to be a huge amount of 9mm and .40-caliber pistol rounds, in my area, and there's a lot of .308. Surprisingly, there's also a lot of .303. You just can't buy any 5.56mm NATO (but I don't have rifle that chambers that round).
  10. Colonel,


    I know that I haven't been active, at all, in our militia, but one of the problems with older members ... especially if they are married ... is spouses, and their health problems.  My wife is close to having surgery, and I'm sure that I'll be able to get away, some time after that.


    In the meantime, I've been almost continually preparing.  I've got 500 rounds of ammo on order (it's on backorder, unfortunately), and I'm going to get enough magazines for the rifle to bring it up to what I consider a full loadout (which would be 110 rounds).  I sincerely hope to get together with the militia, and start training with my opposite number on internal security.  By the way, nothing wrong with my health ... my doctor believes I could live to be a centenarian.


    Hope to meet you soon.


    SSG SE Miller  (Headhunter)

    1. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      Yes sir I understand.  Please know that we need you to make contact with us and so on.  November is when I fully expect crap to hit the fan.  And we have not met yet.  Find a way Sgt.


    2. Headhunter


      I agree completely with what you've said about November.  I will find a way, Col.

  11. Excellent response, and well-written. On another website, I met a couple who live in a wealthy gated community, just outside of Washington, DC. Their condo is on the second-floor. The wife asked me what kind of gun she and her husband could get, to protect themselves. After talking extensively to her to find out their situation, I said that she should check out the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle. She and her husband not only "checked it out", they bought two of them. Their idea is that when the mob comes through their gates ... and their condo faces the gate, across a wide parking
  12. Not offhand. However, click on the button, above, reading "Militias", go to North Carolina militias, and pick the one that seems most active. Then, get in contact with the Militia's "owner". It's very important to pick a militia that is active, even if you have to drive more distance than you wish. Hope this helps!
  13. Good evening, Soldier!


    I've been trying to get hold of Reaper, but I can't get an answer from him, so I will pass this on to you.


    At another website (political, in nature) there's another gent who lives in New Hampshire and he's interested in the militia.  I've known him for years, and he's on the up-and-up.  He hasn't join My Militia, yet, and is still a little unsure of himself with regards to militia.


    His screen name is Nitzakhon, and you can find him on his blog:




    If you contact him, tell him Headhunter sent you.  I'm known as Wolfie on the other website.  I think he's would be a good recruit for your militia.



    SSG Headhunter

    1. Soldier


      Hello Head Hunter, I believe this site could be very useful for networking. I have been attempting to get something tangible started but as of yet nothing. I believe the problem is a lack of training areas to get together at. I have reached out in a previous message if there is anyone with a large parcel of land but no replies. If someone on the site here in the 603 has a suitable place they may be reluctant to use it for our purpose for liability reasons and I guess I can't blame them. I will let you know if it changes. 

  14. Hiya, Reaper!


    I was contacted by someone on another website who asked me if there were someone reliable he could contact in New Hampshire.  Naturally, I immediately thought of you!  Would you be open to this contact?



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