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  1. Yesterday, Tony Heller published a video on his YouTube channel, talking about how the most deaths from the virus are occurring in areas that have heavy air pollution. Note: by pollution, he did not mean CO2, which is necessary for life on Earth. He meant the kind of pollution that comes from heavy industrialization. This has resulted in lung damage to millions of people. When one of these people gets the virus, their lungs are attacked, and they can't survive it. Note that it's not just elderly people whose lungs give out, causing death. It's not accident, nor is it overpopulation, that the hotspots in the United States for deaths in the United States are in areas that have many factories (even if I am personally in favor of America making its own goods). In the heartland of America, far from the industrialization, many counties have had only one ... or no ... cases of COVID-19, and one or no deaths. Remember, most people who die of this disease are either quite elderly, or have extensive lung damage. And we must remember that China has been putting one coal-fired power plant on line, every other day, for years. This is so they can build the goods that we no longer build for ourselves.
  2. I responded to you, yesterday, and I was pissed off by the tone of your comments, in this thread. I'm going to apologize to you for what I said. I still believe that we shouldn't be violating the law, at the border ... something that I used to be in favor of (at the time of the so-called "caravans"). You are passionate about this problem, and I can understand that. When you're out of the Guard, why don't you attempt to get into ICE? Then, you could legally do what your so passionate about, now. Eventually, the Wall will be built (probably by the end of 2022). Not only will illegal immigration be slowed to a near-standstill, but the job of the Border Patrol will be made much easier. Have you been in the military, to include the National Guard? I have a son who's on the short list for Brigadier General, who was a combat commander in Iraq, and Afghanistan (he is posted at the Pentagon, right now. Speaking for him, I'd bet he would say, "Join up, son. Put your passion to good use."
  3. In my time in the Army, there's always one or two guys like you. Itching for action. Ready to show their superiority to everyone else. Then, when the Cong and/or North Vietnamese start the shelling and shooting, if you DO find them alive, they've invariably crapped their pants. Escorting unarmed illegals across the border is not only illegal, but you're harming the entire militia movement. Come back and excoriate the rest of us when you take out the cartels. If you wish to "discuss" this further, come up here and try it. I was a sniper in Vietnam, and guaran-damn tee you that you won't hear the shot that lowers your IQ by about 100% ...
  4. Good thinking about protection from EMP. If the Carrington Event of the 1800's were repeated, most power generation in the world would be wiped out. And note: Ben Davidson of www.suspiciousobservers.com believes that we may be overdue. Note that during the Carrington Event, telegraph cables 2000 feet at the bottom of the ocean were fried, and those on poles, above ground, caught fire. The irritating thing about this is we could shield our transformers for about $2 billion, and pre-position wires and everything else for just a little more. How much are we spending on Covid-19, which has killed about 1000 in a nation of 330 million? And yesterday, a bill for $2 TRILLION was signed.
  5. Headhunter

    Agenda 21.jpg

    I've asked myself this question several times since this insanity started. But like most of us, we'll never know until it's officially announced.
  6. If the enemy takes control of the White House, next January, from Nov. to Jan ... and beyond ... I wouldn't be surprised to see 20,000 new members added to our list (possibly more). Some of the new members will have absolutely no military experience, whatsoever. Many will simply be frightened of the future. Those of us who have that experience will have to pass it on, quickly. Note that I don't want to see war in our cities, towns, forests, deserts, and mountains. I've see enough death to "last me a lifetime". But those who join us must become prepared, mentally and physically, and in military skills, for the worst.
  7. "Blessed be the LORD my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight..."
  8. Welcome, man.  Always room for more patriots!

  9. Someone beat me to it! Good. Everyone needs to know about this ...
  10. Thanks for your input. So, far, in a nation of 330 million people, there have been 14,250 cases of this virus, and 205 deaths. I don't want any of us to become infected with this disease, but it is not the Spanish Flu of 1918, where doctors and nurses got sick in the morning, and were dead before the evening. You are to be commended for the work that you do. God knows, I wouldn't want your job. By the way, I don't know where you come from, but I'm pretty well certain that I couldn't speak your language. Your English is just fine. It's understandable.
  11. Sorry to hear about the pain you're in, my friend. I'm 70 years old, but blessed by God with extremely good health. Even so, in my unit, I am assigned overwatch duty (in Vietnam, I was a sniper). But I'm with you about fighting to the end. It's not about us. It's about our families, and especially our kids and grandkids. I'm determined that they will live free. With me, it's live free or die.
  12. Delta, I've worked at a nuclear power plant as armed security, and if there was a plan to institute martial law, we would have been the last to know about it. However, the Federal and various State governments know that if they have decided that martial law was coming, they would be forbidden to tell anyone about it. Some people might leak the news, but many news sources would refuse to carry it, and the people who leaked it would be immediately arrested. Note that I'm not trying to accuse you of anything. But what I AM saying is that it is the very height of difficulty to keep something like this secret. If there are threats to stay silent, that would actually increase the possibility of leaks.
  13. You're right, Doug. I see it every day. The Soroses of the world seem to control it. Yesterday, I saw a video by a young man name Will Witt who works as a "man on the street", for PragerU. He was talking to young people on a university campus (that's his usual gig), explaining in very simple terms the difference between capitalism and socialism. Of course, in the beginning, all of them were "socialists". The problem was that they knew nothing about socialism. When he explained capitalism, and gave examples of it, all of them agreed that capitalism seems to be the better system. Then, along came the socialist ... He immediately called campus security, and reported that there was someone on campus who was "terrorizing students". Security arrived, listen to the socialist, and then to Will. They told the socialist that there was no terrorism, Witt was located in common grounds, and he had freedom of speech. The socialist went off, quite angry. Will Witt left after shaking hands with the students he had been talking to. One of them admitted that he's going to investigate capitalism, because it sounded like a better system. I'd bet there will be a riot, if Will ever shows up on that campus, again. We DO have lots of good people. I don't always respond to their comments, but I'm here every day, and you can bank money on that.

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