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  1. I agree with you, but with reservations. I mentioned in my comments, in this thread, how I wept, the first time I shot a human. By the end of my time in Vietnam, my spotter and I would make jokes about "blood-spray patterns", and the like. Personally, I'm a very emotional man, and I'm also 70 years old. It's been 50 years since I shot someone. My wife and I can watch a very violent movie, and she will often turn her head away from the worst scenes of violence. But I sit there without any emotion at all, inside or out. This is why I mentioned the insidious nature of war, and how it hardens you and, and drives out emotion. You can't engage for long, in combat, without being hardened emotionally. War inevitably drives emotions down, so that the rest of the mind and body can function.
  2. The first time I ever pulled a trigger on a human, I cried, afterwards (even though it was my job). That's the insidious thing about war. By the time I left Vietnam, my spotter and I were making jokes about the pattern of blood spray, among other things. I think that this is part of the mind's method of dealing with doing something that is considered heinous, in other situations. Like you, I will not hesitate to protect my wife and myself, or my country, in the future. I don't want to do it. But I will ...
  3. It is a fact that I don't know one man who could take childbirth, and I was in the delivery room for all three of my kid's births. I have a nephew who is a homosexual, and I would fight to the death to save his life. He's a good fellow. In a militia, gender is not going to make that much of a difference. In the military ... especially in ground forces ... I see a huge difference.
  4. LFR, thanks for the video. If 84% of women can't do PT, then they don't need to be putting the lives of the men, in the Army, at risk. They should find something else to do with their lives. What? Do the men have to climb up the 8-foot wall, then turn and help the women to clear the obstacle? As I've said before, I'm 70. I know for a fact that I could not pass this test, even though I'm in extraordinarily good condition for a man of my age. And note that we're not talking about militia, in this thread. We're talking about the US military. If every person wearing the uniform can't do the job, then those who can't need to be gone. It's as simple as that.
  5. I think I'd want to be in your unit, when the SHTF! When I was in 'Nam, I was strong as the proverbial ox. I'm 70 years old, now. I can knock a gnat off a tit at 500 yards, but put me man-to-man with a guy 50 years younger than me, and I'm dead. It's just that simple.
  6. This picture is worth a thousand words. The young lady has about 5-10 seconds to get out of this situation.
  7. In Britain ... right now ... if you are heard using the term "illegal alien", you can be arrested, charged with felony, fined upwards to 250,000 pounds, and imprisoned. In the UK, it is illegal to speak your mind.
  8. Two nations experimented with women in combat, and they were not cooperating with each other in any kind of study. 1. All-Female units tended to gain less ground and have a higher percentage of casualties than integrated units, and all-male units. 2. Integrated units tended to gain less ground, and have a disproportionately higher rate of casualties among men than all-female units and all-male units. 3. All-Male units tended to take more ground, and have disproportionately lower casualties that either all-female, or integrated units. The two nations were the USSR and Israel. If I could remember where I saw this, I would tell all of you. In the Soviet Union, women ... operating on their own ... had amazing success as snipers, many having over 500 kills. Now, in a civil war scenario, the "rebels" would have to make do with whatever mix of genders they had at-hand. Three women, in the Army, have been inducted into the Rangers, and the Army admits that they "fudged" the test results. The men had to pass their tests on the first try, or they were out. The women had multiple attempts. Two of them did not pass all of the tests, and still became Rangers. I would say that would be a drag on the morale of men in the Rangers. @John Fuller, I was in Vietnam in 1968-69 in the 101st, and saw a lot of combat. I would much prefer to have men on each side of me, than women. I would definitely not like to be carrying part of a non-wounded woman's combat load. Also, I don't want to be put into the position where I fail to accomplish the mission, because I was busy protecting a woman. Note that when I was "over there", there were no women who could have done what I did, and the other men did.
  9. You say you don't care what a "non-rate" has to say. So, what is your rate? 2cd Looey? Captain? General of the Army? As for me, I was proud to be a Staff Sergeant. Before you decide to take on the most powerful government in the world, think twice, for once in your life. Allow me to express that a better use of your time and money would be to do everything in your power to free good men like Second Lieutenant Clint Lorrance, currently in Leavenworth. What was his crime? He protected his men against terrorists in Afghanistan. This would be a much better use of your time, than trying to organize a "rally" against the government, in which the government lackeys in the media will portray you and your 5-10 followers as "gun nuts". The day is quickly approaching when other measures will be needed. This is not that day.
  10. I will do you a favor and shorten your comments, for clarity: I'm a Marine. If you don't agree with me, you're a 'tard. I have the answers. And of course, if you manage to provoke a federal response and find yourself in a federal prison, it will be our fault, because we didn't snap to attention and shout, "Sir! Yes, sir!" when you commanded us to do so. YDGAF, period. And because we don't agree with you, we are the enemy ... period.
  11. He has taken action on in the bump stock ban. You're not missing anything there, because had the Las Vegas shooter not shot into a crowd, he would have done a lot of "missing". I've shot a rifle with a bump stock attached, and although it was fun, you can't hold the weapon on-target. You just "spray and pray". Only the first shot hit the target. The rest went God knows where. Does he "back" red flag laws, banning private sales, assault weapons bans, and banning suppressors? If so, he has done nothing about it. Concerning the thread topic, I repeat what I said, earlier: " The word "liberal" has drastically changed its meaning since the time of the Founders. In their time, a Western Liberal was someone who believed in a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law. It grew out of 17th-18th Century philosophy in Europe. If you are a conservative, today, then you are a TRUE liberal. I agree with what the Founders believed, and that makes me a modern conservative. A modern liberal is nothing more than a Marxist.
  12. Hammer, I upvote you because I understand your frustration. This is a crazy world we live in, and no where is it crazier than in our government (which isn't ours, anymore). I don't believe that Trump is anti-gun. In my estimation, he has had to react to a suspicious series of what could be false-flag events. How many "conservatives" committed these mass murders? As to Las Vegas, we don't even know the shooter's motivations, because he was conveniently killed. Aside from that, I simply don't know what more there is to say. Crenshaw. Geez ...
  13. I understand what you're saying. I happily voted for my current congressman (Kinzinger) because he was a combat veteran, and said "all the right things". About a year into his first term, the American Conservative Union rated him at a 37%. There's only so much that President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and whatever support he has in Congress, can do. The best thing he has done are his SCOTUS appointments. Hopefully, he can get another one of those, before the election, next year. Of course, I'm happy with the economy. But he is one man. Seriously, I don't believe that Pence can get into the Oval Office on his own. All of the Democrats are totally unacceptable, to me. So, as usual, we're stuck with our normal "vote and hope" choice. If there is a "war", the Left is extremely vulnerable. Their food, power, and water comes from the Red areas of the country. But everything will depend on which direction the bulk of the military goes. The lethality of modern weapons-systems is so great that the war will end in favor of which side has the most military support.
  14. On the second shoot, I didn't see the offender's gun, though the quality of the video was terrible. On the first, that was a righteous shoot, if I've ever seen one. EDIT: I didn't even notice the second video. That was a righteous shoot, also.
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