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  1. Colonel, I will download your lightfoot militia document, and take a good look at it. As I said before, I live in La Salle County. This is a large county, and is very conservative, in a red House District. In 2016, President Trump won the county by some 7000 votes, which was significant. The county also has a large and enthusiastic shooting community. Indeed, just today, I heard lots of shooting at the range near Buffalo Rock State Park. I want to point out that if you (or anyone) knows your county sheriff personally, as I do, it might be worth broaching the subject of making a militia battalion an unpaid but authorized auxilliary, to be called up at the orders of the sheriff for whatever emergency they are needed for. A final note, I am in the process of modernizing my 1929 Mosin-Nagant, for use as a sniper rifle, and have started out with the Archangel polymer stock and a Timney trigger (set by a gunsmith at the factory for a pull weight of 1.5 lbs). Eventually, equipped with a bipod, AR-15 sling, turn-down bolt so that I can mount a proper scope, six inches off barrel length, re-crowned, and with a muzzle brake, and loaded with Winchester 7.62x54mmR FMJ ammo (about 3000 ft lbs of muzzle energy and 2800 fps muzzle velocity), I think I can make excellent groups at ranges out to 2000 yards. What I'm saying by this is that the whole thing can be put together for about $1000, compared to an AR-15 style rifle. Also, because of anti-gun sentiment in Illinois, the removable magazines hold only 10 rounds each. Thanks.
  2. We might all have to fight like Francis Marion, if it comes to war in America. This will not be a "gentleman's war", like 1861. It will be brutal, fought in the streets, and God help us if the military comes down on the wrong side.
  3. My name is Steven ... also known as "Headhunter" ... and I live in LaSalle County. I am a veteran (DELTA/2/501/101st Vietnam, Republic of 1968-69 11 Bravo, served as a sniper). Looking for a militia to join. I was called "Headhunter" because I always went for the kill shot. Other than that, I'm really a stable and reliable guy, and very active for 69 years old. Have good weapons, and lots of modern military equipment, including ACH. As I see it, we've got 2-6 years to go. After that, all bets are off.
  4. I've already talked to Spiritwomyn, but I'm planning to move to the Bozeman area, next Spring. I'm currently living in Illinois, but I'm getting out of this gun/conservative UNFRIENDLY state. In November, the State WILL elect a criminal to be the DEM governor of this State. It's crazy enough, already here. Deerfield recently passed an ordinance requiring certain guns to be turned in to the Police Dept. That was put on hold when Patriots showed up to defend the 2cd Amendment rights of gun-owners. Note: The Patriots brought their own guns! Interesting that this story didn't get into the national news. Anyway, looking forward to some freedom, in Montana. Open carry will be nice, too!
  5. At 100 meters, the group is very tight ... all rounds within 10x on a standard human silhouette target. I use Winchester/Western FMJ ammo in 7.62x54mm, at 180grains. The best grouping, so far, with my rifle ... which doesn't have a scope, yet, is about 1.75 inches.
  6. As I said when I joined, I was a sniper in Vietnam, but I'm pushing 70 (next July). I'm not fat and completely out of shape, but my mission in Vietnam was to take out the enemy at any range. For the most part, I was a part of a two-man team that would spend upwards of two weeks at a time in the jungle, hunting Charlie. But there were moments when we acted in concert with regular infantry. My purpose, then, was to push ahead and look for likely enemy ambush positions, while my spotter would his scope to actually locate them. Rarely did our people know we had found something until they heard me shoot. As for the notion of a sniper team, two men is standard ... the sniper, and the spotter. Sometimes, this team can go up to three men, with the third man acting as extra firepower (if needed), and carrying extra ammunition and supplies. I know that this was a long time, ago, but the basics are still the same. When I watch the movie American Sniper, I can relate completely with what Chris Kyle does.
  7. Thanks! As to changing minds in today's "youts", we will see. Perhaps I can hook up with some patriots, in that area, and bring them into the militia. The larger and more active the organization is, in Montana, the more people will join. Possibly, we could work with other like-minded groups, like the III-Percenters. As for me, I was a sniper with the 101st Airborne, in Vietnam. My primary weapon is ... believe it or not ... a 1929 Russian Mosin-Nagant with a new polymer stock and Timney Trigger (with a 1.5 lb pull). The stock uses 10-round removable magazines. I will equip it with scope, as soon as possible, and I can guaran-dang-tee you that this weapon will give tight groupings at 1000 yards. Also, I'm well-equipped with tactical gear, including a "Fritz". Looking forward to seeing the mountains, again.
  8. Hello, Spiritwomyn! I just wanted to get to know everyone who is a member, in Montana. I live in Illiinois, right now, but I'm getting out of this state, next Spring. Hope to see you, sometime. When that happens, there will be another member in such a large State. My good lady has a lot to learn about guns, survival, and self-defense. She will likely become a member, too. We will be located in the Bozeman area. I'm told that Bozeman is Montana's "liberal land". Maybe I can change a few minds. Steven "Headhunter" Miller
  9. Hello, Mike.


    I just wanted to get to know everyone who is a member, in Montana.  I live in Illiinois, right now, but I'm getting out of this state, next Spring.  Hope to see you, sometime.


    Steven "Headhunter" Miller

  10. I was born in Indiana, in Anderson. Lots of family live in Alexandria and Elwood. Believe me when I say that if I could throw the Illinois over, I would do it. The "King of Illinois" ... Mike Madigan ... is going to get his very own criminal in the governor's mansion, next year. I don't want to stay here one minute longer than I have to! By the way, Madigan (the Illinois Speaker of the House), is the guy who actually pulls the strings, in this State.
  11. Thanks alot, Fixer. When I get to Montana, and start that job, I'll be able to help the group financially.
  12. I was first called "Headhunter" in Vietnam, because of my habit of taking head-shots of the enemy, and I don't mean pictures.
  13. Hello, all! I'm going to move to Montana in the Spring from one of the most gun-unfriendly states in the Union ... Illinois. I will be re-locating to the Bozeman area, where I will have a job waiting for me. Note that I served my country in Vietnam, from 1968- May 8 of 1969. I was in Delta Company/2/501/101st, and served as a scout/sniper. I'm not a kill-crazy kind of guy, and since Vietnam, I've pulled a trigger on only one person (who tried to break into our basement), after he pointed something metallic at me from about 50 yards. I had a 12-gauge loaded with .00-buck. He didn't die, but he sure didn't feel good about it! I tried to join the 3-percenters in Illinois, but they don't seem to be very active. Accordingly, when I move to Montana, I want to serve my country, and my family, in a good cause. Currently, I'm well-equipped with a primary weapon, and tactical gear. Although I'm 69, I'm in pretty darned good shape. I hope to find the 3-percenters a lot more active than in Illinois, and meet a bunch of you, when I go "way out west". Sincerely, Steven "Headhunter" Miller

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