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  1. This came to my inbox from the NRA, just today: House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1966, sponsored by Representative Kathleen Willis (D-77), would: Criminalize private transfers, with violations being punished as a Class 4 felony. Require the recipient of a firearm gifted by a family member to call into Illinois State Police within 60 days to run a background check on themselves, even though they must already hold a FOID. Allow for the indefinite delay of firearm transfers. Currently, federal law allows a licensed firearm dealer (FFL) to release a firearm after three business days if they have not received any additional correspondence after receiving a “delay” when conducting the initial background check for a firearm transfer. This safeguard prevents the potential shutdown of sales via endless delays and allows law-abiding individuals to take possession of a firearm in a timely manner. Mandate FOID applicants submit fingerprints, including for renewals, which would not add anything of investigative value. Increase FOID processing time from one calendar month to thirty business days, which can span more than six weeks. Reduce the duration of the FOID from ten years to five while also increasing the application fee from $10 to $50, resulting in a 1000% increase in the cost to maintain a FOID for the same amount of time. Require FOID applicants pay all costs for fingerprinting and processing the background check, totaling around $150 on top of the application fee. Allow courts to direct law-enforcement to seize firearms from those who have their FOID revoked. Prohibit those with a revoked FOID from transferring firearms to someone in the same household, which would create confusion in determining the owner of the firearms and would take away the right to self-defense from individuals due to the alleged actions of someone else in their household. Require the owner of the seized firearms to petition the court to have them transferred to a third party. The rights Americans have enjoyed, along with our freedoms, are being threatened by this. The Second Amendment is under assault as it never has been, before.
  2. You know. The constant drumbeat against the Second Amendment. They're obviously ramping up to confiscation, given the proposed laws they are debating. For example, a couple of months ago, my brother transferred his only firearm ... a .22-lr semi-automatic rifle ... to me. His FOID had expired, he's in his mid-70's,and he didn't want mess with it, anymore. We wrote the document of transfer, both signed it in front of a notary, and that's that. Under one of the proposed laws, both of us could be charged with a felony, fined a ridiculous amount of money, and imprisoned. Then, since I am a gun-owner, all of my guns would be confiscated and destroyed.
  3. Checking in. F*** the State Legislature, and the Governor ...
  4. Reaper, I though I'd come here and let you know that we're starting the process of making our move to Marion. The only thing that could slow us down is that my wife may have to have knee replacement surgery, and there would be about a two month delay in moving, after that. Once we move, I'm still interested in starting a battalion in that area. If there's one already there, I will join it. Molon Labe from a supporter of the 51st State Initiative ... New Illinois, which is Illinois without Chicago.
  5. My "about me" section indicates that I will be moving to Montana, this year.  That is no longer so.  We are moving to the deep south of Illinois, in more gun-friendly territory.  I refuse to give up on the State in which I've lived most of my life.  As for the Democrats in the State, they do what they usually do ...


    ... They sprinkle the usual dried S--T and call it cinnamon.

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