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  1. This is why he was a genius ...
  2. I just noticed that in the "About Me" section, I had said that I was moving to Montana, in the Spring.  That would have been last Spring, and I no longer have any intention of going there.  For better or worse, I'm in Illinois (probably for worse!).


    @Sheepdog, you asked me if I would be interested in the long range marksmanship/sniper unit, in our militia.  The answer is "yes", but understand that I am building my rifle from a 1929 "Ishie" Mosin-Nagant.  It's almost done (and I can't tell you how many people have asked me, "What is this thing?" ... it looks like a thoroughly modern rifle).  The most expensive part is to come ... the scope.  Using Winchester-Western ammo (185-gr), I'm pretty sure that I can knock a gnat off a tit at 2000 yards.  But that kind of merchandise doesn't come cheap.  Also, it's got to be solid to stand the recoil of this rifle.  Right now, I'm using iron sights.


    I was a sniper in Vietnam.  Because of the terrain, I don't think I had a longer shot than 75 yards.  But I hold (or held) several records at Ft. Bragg and Ft. Campbell, on the 2000 yard range (they may have changed to meters ... I don't know). 


    The first thing I would advise anyone to do is to get a "dope book", to record your shots and scope settings, and bring someone along to the range to be a spotter (they should have tripod-mounted field glasses).  Of course, this assumes that their rifle is already zeroed at 100 yards.


    All snipers operate in a team of two, the marksman and the spotter.  The spotter should be armed with a lighter, rapid-fire weapon, in case the enemy gets close.  Also, I can't emphasize enough the importance of hand signals.  This means that the team must be in each others' sight, at all times.


    Thanks for the invite, and I hope that I can contribute something to this effort.

    1. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      Honestly without a new barrel it might be good to 600 to 1000 ish.  I love the mosins but 2000 is extremely pushing it.

    2. Headhunter


      Normally, I would agree with you.  However ...


      This particular Mosin was fired ... at most ... 5 rounds at the factory.  You've never seen a better bore in your life.  It was part of a lot that the factory sent to the Kremlin, in 1929.  The guards had rifles for practice, but those that they carried on-duty were always unloaded (although they had ammo in their pouches).  It seems that Stalin didn't like too many armed men around him!


      If an M21, a Model 70, or a Remington Model 700 ... all of which I used in training ... can make a 2000-yard shot, this Mosin can.

    3. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer





      Not sure where you're getting 2000 yards at.  The 308 or x 51 Is 1000 meter caliber shown with both thr m21 semi auto and m24 bolt gun.


      The x54r is 600 and with match you could make maybe a ok 1000 meter as well.  


      2000 requires a setup in caliber 300 win mag or  338 alpha



  3. I can't speak for those going to this event. I won't be there. But if I were going to be there, I would come armed, and I wouldn't go through the metal detectors. I would go over the fence/barriers. If several thousand peaceful protesters carry their weapons into the area in front of the speaker's podium, what are they going to do? Open fire? Remember, Antifa will be there. Are they going to check them for baseball bats and cups full of acid? I betcha they won't. One last thing: I'm of the opinion that the 2cd Amendment counties and municipalities should secede from the State and take up West Virginia's offer. Here in Illinois, I think all of our Red counties should separate from Blue Illinois.
  4. My relative said that ... with the declaration of emergency ... he's still goin', and he's still packin'. He's also bringing a group of officers to observe. I wouldn't be surprised if someone is reporting their observations to the President. My nephew has spoken to the President, in the last few weeks, and - well - I probably can't repeat what Mr. Trump said about Northram. But he also said that people at the Pentagon have to be careful about what THEY say.
  5. This is America, and we have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It's really quite simple, isn't it?
  6. Well said, Doug. I have a relative who is a Brigadier General, currently serving at the Pentagon ... man, does he want a combat command, again! He's going there, but he's not going to speak, and he's wearing civvies. He's going to carry concealed. We exchanged emails, this morning, and he agrees with you, entirely! No worries, my friend ... he's one of us, despite his rank.
  7. Fellows, I'm asking for some help, here. Last October, I created a login at the Illinois State Police portal. My FOID expires on March 1. For about a week, now, I've been trying to logon to my account, and renew. Unfortunately, every time I attempt a logon, the portal tells me that any number of things are wrong, and won't allow me to logon. I've called the closest Illinois State Police trying to get help with this, and they have been incredibly UNHELPFUL. Since they don't accept paper applications, anymore, and Gun Shops are not allowed to help you, what the heck is a guy supposed to do? I'm less than two months away from being a felon. Any ideas? HELP !!! Thanks.
  8. Mist, I have a modern sound system on my computer, with a brand-new headseat, and I could only hear about 10% of what was being said. Could you summarize it, for me?
  9. Blue helmets and body armor. But there are places to hit them, and bring them down. Even the helmets, though made of Kevlar, if they're hit hard enough ... I use 7.62mm rounds ... will knock a man senseless.
  10. Randi, I do agree with you that ... to the UN ... gun control is an irrelevancy. However, they know that the United States is the most powerful nation on Earth, and if it is to be "sustainably" integrated in any global scheme, that will not happen as long as hundreds of millions of guns exist in the hands of private citizens in the US. If the United States is to maintain its freedoms, we have to remain armed, as a standing threat against a tyranny in America, and global "unity" ... a bigger tyranny. I am aware of the 2030 Agenda, which grew out of the Agenda 21. God, I hate the term "sustainability". Every time I see it, I see, I wince, and want to grab my rifle.
  11. Unless Wikipedia is running slow on updating their information, Ohio, Kentucky, and Oklahoma are controlled by Republicans. The other states he mentioned, including Illinois (where I live) are possibilities. But out of the 101 counties in Illinois, only seven or eight are controlled by the Democrats, and there is a growing Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, here. The other states on his list could very well go "Virginia", on the subject of guns.
  12. I'm not taking anything as a personal attack. All I was doing was relating an incident, in my life, that actually happened. Personally, I don't want any Muslims on our soil, much less Muslims in armored vehicles armed with automatic weapons, acting under the authority of the UN, with the permission of the US government. The soldier in question may have been securing the three vehicles, but the hatred in his eyes and voice were real, and palpable. Note that I didn't "hop" into anything. I was on my feet, unarmed, and was not a threat to him or his mission. Have you noticed that most of the US military is not inside the US. They are spread out all over the world. I want foreign military out of our country, and I want to see the US military guarding the United States, in the United States. And yes, before it is said: UN out of the US, and US out of the UN ... And I want to see that UN building in New York blown to pieces.
  13. Excellent topic, and good to take one's mind off of Virginia, for a few minutes.
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