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  1. I had a good friend, in a suburb just outside of Chicago, who was a police sergeant. It was a busy night, and he personally answered a call for help. When he arrived, he saw a barely-dressed man wielding a re-bar alternately as a club and a spear at several frightened people. As soon as the man saw my friend, he turned on him and attacked. About a minute later, and with 36 x 9mm bullets in him ... 2 magazines worth ... the man went down. He was high on PCPs, and had decided that everyone he saw was an alien. It cost him his life, but it also cost a good man his job. The shame of being fired from his job dragged him down physically and psychologically, and he died at the young age of 57. If someone were to come into my home, in the middle of the night, I would have no choice but engage. I live on the second floor of an apartment building. Otherwise, I would agree that avoiding a gunfight is a good idea.
  2. What is so difficult to understand about the phrase "shall not be infringed". Today, I put a brand-new scope on my rifle. Note that it is a 1929 Mosin-Nagant ... an "Ishie". Functionally, it is exactly the same as the rifle it was when it came out of the manufacuring plant. But someone actually said, concerning the new scope, that it looked "scary". I told this woman that it should only be "scary", to her, if she's on the receiving end of the thing, and I am not a random killer. Then, she said it looked like an "assault rifle", and it should be banned. I told her that it was a bolt-action rifle that has 10-round removable magazines. It has a riflescope (which is also equipped with a laser-rangefinder), a new stock, a new trigger, a sling, and a bipod. It has no relationship at all to an assault rifle. But it looks "cosmetically scary", doesn't it, and therefore it has to be banned. I remind you that ... during the Obama Administration ... someone decided that the Mosin-Nagant was an "assault-style weapon", and its importation has been banned. Overnight, the value of my rifle went up from $75 to $450. It was the only thing Obama ever did FOR me. Yep, Matt, my SUV goes driving around by itself at night, look for people to kill. You know about those Assault-SUVs. Deadly things ...
  3. Well, brother, I provided those for information. Not to trigger you. Enough people are getting "triggered" in America, if you know what I mean! The most interesting statistic from 2017 is that rifles are used in very few offenses, in these United States, but they are at the top of the list of things the Lefties want to do away with ... In 2017, out of over 814 homicides, rifles were used in 24 incidents. By the way, where do I find the "emoticons"?
  4. I went to the FBI website for some information, and I found the following, which I thought would be interesting to everyone here. Out of 325+ million people in the United States, in the year 2017, 15,129 people were murdered in that calendar year. Of these, 6579 deaths were white, and 7851 were black (with blacks making up approximately 12% of the entire population). Also, 2354 Hispanics were murdered. Murder is generally confined to one's own race. meaning whites generally murder whites, blacks generally murder blacks, and so on. When one takes into account white on black murder, black on white murder, and same race murders, it is obvious that blacks kill each other at much higher rates than any other race, given the fact that they make up about 12% of the overall population. One final and interesting fact that can be gleaned by checking the FBI statistics is that clubs and knives are used much more than guns in the commission of US homicides. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-i....
  5. Thanks for your kind words. I bought my Mosin before Obama banned its importation. It cost me $75. I buy a box (or two) of Winchester-Westerns every month. The "original" ammo is supposed to be non-corrosive, but the primer is corrosive. Besides, I get better groups with the American rounds (and how can you go wrong with Winchester?!). As far as camo goes, I wear standard US camoflage, topped by a ghillie suit (i have several of them, designed for several different types of local terrain). Based upon the bore, I'd be willing to bet that the rifle had the standard 5-round test firings, and was never fired again. The bore is perfect, and the Ishie company, in Russia, believes it was part of a group that was sent to the Kremlin, for guard duties. If so, it wasn't fired again until I put my hands on it. Banning their importation was the ONLY good thing that Obama ever did for me! ...
  6. What to do going forward? I'll tell you what I've done. During President Trump's current term, I've written to him several times. I was answered each time. This is what I wrote, today: Dear Mr. President, I realize that you are under tremendous pressure to take some sort of action ... indeed, any sort of action ... after El Paso and Dayton. With respect, sir, I advise against this course of action. Whoever is advising you to use the language of the Left should be fired. If you lose America's gun-owners (and the vast majority of us are faithful and true to our nation, and voted for you in 2016), you will inevitably lose the 2020 election cycle, with terrible consequences for our nation. We will not give up our weapons. They are part and parcel of our Second Amendment Rights. The Supreme Court in two cases has declared that Americans have a unique and individual right to keep and bear arms. Don't let these mass killings ... one of which was committed by a devoted Democrat activist ... destroy the future of America. We, who are gun owners, and most of whom of NRA members, are prepared to vote for you, again, next year, and try to give you a viable majority in the House of Representatives. Don't be the President who allows freedom and liberty to slip through the fingers of the American people. God Bless You! Respectfully, "Headhunter" Veteran of 101st Airborne Vietnam 1968-69 Naturally, "Headhunter" was replaced by my real name. We need every member of the Militia to send a letter like the one, above, to President Trump, immediately. The Left doesn't intend to let this opportunity slide.
  7. I spent my time in Vietnam as a sniper. I haven't owned a 22-cal long rifle semiauto since I bought one for my Dad, years ago. I have it now, since he's gone. I've been putting together a rifle for just this purpose, over the last couple of years. It's a 90 year old Mosin Nagant, to which I've added a ProMag Archangel stock, and a Timney trigger (with a 1.5 pound trigger pull). I just bought an AR-15 sling for it, today, along with a bipod. Next comes a "turn-down" bolt handle, along with a rail for a somewhat (!) expensive rifle scope. If it's still allowed in Illinois after the State Legislature is done, I'm going to take it a gunsmith and have 5.5 inches taken off the muzzle, have it recrowned, and add a recoil suppressor. I use Winchester-Western ammo. Based upon performance, to date, on the range, I'm getting better 100-yard groupings than fellows using modern rifles with scopes. I'm of the opinion that ... once it is completed ... I'll be able to take out a target at ranges up to 2000 yards. Camouflage is important, since the rifle holds 10-round removable magazines. Don't want the enemy to get too close! If they do get too close, my tactical vest carries a S&W .40-cal. Rev. Rifleman, I couldn't agree with you more about this idiot judge. When does he change his mind and decide that 5 rounds ... or 1 round ... is enough?
  8. That's just about as interesting! There was a Beatles song called "Number Nine", many years ago. I also thought that your number had something to do with that. The song would go with a dream about a battle with a demon!
  9. Now, this is interesting. I've got to know why you are the 9th Man. There's a WWII novel called "The Ninth Man", by John Lee (published 1976). It's about 8 U-boat men landed in New York and Florida. I'm going to assume that the 9th man is the American who hunts them down. Do you know this book, and does your username indicate that you are a hunter? A good mystery is always interesting!
  10. Headhunter


    He seems to have that look in his eye!
  11. Headhunter


    How many extra magazines do you have? Don't neglect the other equipment you would need to survive in a combat/field situation. Also, if you don't do this already, go to the range every weekend, Dav. A single shot, well-placed, is worth a dozen rounds sprayed at a target.
  12. Good to know you're alive! Headhunter checking in ...
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