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  1. I picked a knife, though a naked Polynesian woman would be nice.
  2. Be prepared to spend MONEY. A scope that will maintain its zero beyond 650 yards has got to be tough, and has to have great optics. If you shop at Amazon and you're amazed that you can get a "great scope" for $80, you're not getting a "great scope". Great scopes will start at $1,000 and go from there. When I say a "great scope", I'm talking about scopes that have military applications. Beware of electronic gizmos that will make you an "expert sniper" at 1500 yards, just by putting the little red dot on the target. A word to the wise should be sufficient ...
  3. In other words, they learned a lot from the failed gun confiscation in Deerfield, Illinois, when militia and individuals showed up to protect the gun rights of citizens. The City had ordered people with AR-15s and AK-47s to turn in their weapons by a certain date, or move them out of the city limits, about two years ago.. In the end, the city backed down. https://patch.com/illinois/deerfield/judge-blocks-deerfield-assault-weapons-ban-it-takes-effect You will note from the above story that it doesn't mention the groups and individuals that showed up in Deerfield, armed and ready, just prior to the deadline.
  4. It is well-known among LEO's that bows ... compounds and crossbows ... are deadly weapons, and will penetrate body armor. This is one reason why crossbows ... some with 100+ pull weights ... are illegal in many States. Can you imagine being hit by a broadhead, and having to get surgery to remove the arrowhead?
  5. People should realize ... by now ... that they shouldn't tell Americans that something can't be done. If the ancient Chinese can build a wall that can be seen from the Moon, we can protect our southern border.
  6. I didn't have to watch all of the video. I knew exactly where the narrator was going with HIS propaganda. I've watched Red Dawn, including the remake, many times. Any enemy invades my country, and I take up arms against them. Anyone who betrays the Patriot cause dies. I define a "betrayer" as someone who is inside the resistance, and betrays that resistance. That person dies ... at the hands of the resistance. One final note: Everyone needs to read HR 1111, which is still pending, awaiting a DEM President and Congress. HR 1111 would establish a Department of Peacebuilding, in place of the Department of Homeland Security. I you read the proposed bill, you find out that it covers all the Left's bases, including civil war, providing for inviting foreign troops (not UN "Peacekeepers") into this country to fight against any rebellion. By extension, it would also allow for the confiscation of privately-owned firearms by these foreign troops. Dark days loom ahead, my friends. We must keep our hands steady and our hearts true. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1111
  7. The only time there should be "Generals" in the militia, is during an all-out war. Even then, I believe that the highest rank should be "Brevet Brigadier General", and the person who receives this rank should be elected to it by all the militiamen in the State. Also, there should be a real shooting war, in progress, and the man elected to that office should have been an officer the regular military.
  8. Now, I DO feel old ... However, I do use a Mosin-Nagant, with the ancient 7.62mmx54r round. I use Winchester-Western ammo - made in the USA. Ballistics test prove that it is quite accurate out to 1000 yards, and is still moving at 1750 fps. By knowing your weapon, an excellent marksman ... ahem, like me, ahem ... can hit a human-sized target at ranges up to 2000 yards - 1.18 miles. The ballistics on this ammo are equivalent in performance to the LATEST 30-06 rounds. As the video shows, there are probably trillions of 7.62 NATO rounds, out there. Also, remember the line from the video - only one manufacturer will benefit from this change to the 6.8mm. Brothers (and sisters), I'm 70 years old, and I can still carry a full load of ammo for my Mosin, which I define as 11 x 10-round removable magazines. And you can bet you bottom dollar that ... if push comes to shove ... I'll carry enough spare ammo to reload all eleven of those magazines. Remember, this ammo was also used in the Russian PPK machine gun. It's ballistics are excellent. And what do you want to bet that the casings for the 6.8 WON'T be reloadable?
  9. I was going to make my own observation in this thread, but you said it for me. I've never seen a ghost, but demons are part of the Biblical narrative. The more time you spend in the Third World, the easier it is to grasp the truth of the Bible. Only demonically-possessed people can do the things that they do, there. Consider Boko Haram, in Nigeria, and the absolute atrocities they commit in the name of Mohammad. That's just one example.
  10. Lee, like most people prior to the war, believed that his State was his country. This is why he turned down overall command of the Union forces. When he accepted command of the forces of his "native country", Virginia, it was the natural act of a patriotic person of that time. Looking at Virginia, today, I think the State would have joined the Union cause ...
  11. Well, heck. In that case, I proudly proclaim that I am a "Face man." If I don't like the face, I don't like the rest of it. Therefore, I will go back and vote! And it won't be for the fish-face!

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