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  1. You talked about the psychological effects, and this is a very real problem for many people. In Vietnam, I was a sniper in the 101st. I am credited with 43 kills, officially, and based upon the wounds I inflicted on others, that total is more like 60-62. The first time I squeezed a trigger on a man, and saw his head virtually explode, I wept like a baby. By the end of my time there, my spotter and I made jokes about the patterns of blood spray. Occasionally, I have dreams ... very bad dreams, indeed ... about my time "over there". You can't kill another human without it having an effect on you. I'm ready to do it, again (though I rather hoped that I wouldn't have, in my seventies). But I don't look forward to it. But in the current political/sociological conditions in America - with the threat posed to all of us by the Left and their more-than-willing tools - I rather suspect that I won't shed another tear. Like I said, the killing of another human changes you, and eventually that change becomes permanent.
  2. South Carolina. It's a hard system for you to own a weapon. Most states allow felons to own a compound bow, since it is not a firearm. However, I just checked with your State, and you cannot own a bow, a crossbow, or other such weapon. I would concentrate getting some tactical gear and camos, and perhaps a friend could buy a rifle and keep it in his house for you. Get into contact with a militia unit in your state, and tell them your situation. If SHTF, I'd bet there wouldn't be a lack of spare weapons around.
  3. Colonel, I just wanted to inform you that I will be out of contact until Monday afternoon or early evening.  We're moving within this apartment complex to a first floor apartment.



    SSG Headhunter

    1. Headhunter


      Colonel Sheepdog, Sir!!


      I am moved, back on line, and I think that I carried about 1.5 tons of boxes, over the weekend.  Seventy-one years old and still truckin'!  Phone number is the same ... (815) 324-9018.  New address:  1438 Dakota Drive, Apt 1C.



      SSG Headhunter


      PS  I am a little tired!

  4. The following is something that I post at many websites that I inhabit. The time for this is getting short. America is plunging headfirst towards civil war. This war will make the Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic, by comparison (in the Civil War, think Sherman's march from the mountains to the sea ... and that was mild to what is coming). The time is short, amigos: Once again, I will post the following link: https://www.mymilitia.com/ This website is a clearinghouse for militias throughout the United States. For every member of the website, there are at least ten people in the militias who aren't members. The militia I belong to is very well-organized, and although it's primarily defensive in nature, certainly has the organization and weaponry to go on the offensive, if necessary. I'm convinced that it will be necessary. The only alternative to the inevitability of civil war is voting out the p u $ $ y Republicans ... you know who they are ... and electing real men and strong women, in their place. If you're not armed, get armed. NOTE: It's getting late ... If you're not equipped, do so. If you have no training, receive some (trainers are out there). An unarmed man or woman is nothing more than a target for violent death. This is the new reality of the United States of America. This country will not survive in its current form. Fight, or live as a slave. Simple choice ... And for God's Sake, JOIN A MILITIA
  5. Well-said, Rev. Good statement about crossing state lines with loaded weapons, and it's an action devoutly to be avoided.
  6. Travis, I read your complete posting ... twice. You should know this: There are millions of Americans out here in the hinterland ... MILLIONS ... that appreciate the job our police do every single day. The big cities might have become nightmarish hellholes, but the big cities appear to be no longer part of America. I went to the Police Academy in Oklahoma City, and worked as an officer in a small community in eastern Oklahoma. This town loved its police, back then, and they still love their police. Who knows? I might still be on the job (perhaps Chief, by now) if a childhood ailment hadn't reared its ugly head, and forced me off the job. I now live in a town of 30,000 people, 75 miles away from Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a hellhole, like most of the big cities in America. But we have peace in our community, with minimal police presence (or at least, visibility). The point is that the cities aren't America. America is to be found in the countryside - in the small towns and farms that feed the cities (and the world, for that matter). We can't paint all of America the same color as the cities. It just isn't possible. I admire you for the courage and determination you showed in 27 years of service. Let the cities burn. Out here in "the sticks", we take care of our own, and the police are part of our communities. One last thing: I AM NOT COMPLICIT IN THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. But I will defend her to the death. Also, I lived for several years in Ft. Smith, AR, and received my first degree at what used to be called "Westark Community College", where you were a Captain. I see that you went to the FBI Academy. I'm sure that you know that most people don't trust the FBI, anymore (I know that I don't). It was on your unofficial resume at Law Officer. Could I be thinking of your father? Please, let me know.
  7. The mentally ill used to get treatment and now they just send cops. Kids used to be taught respect and now it’s cool to be disrespectful. Supervisors used to back you when you were right but now they accuse you of being wrong in order to appease crazy people. Parents used to get mad at their kids for getting arrested and now they get mad at us. The media used to highlight the positive contribution our profession gave to society and now they either ignore it or twist the truth for controversy to line their own pockets. There used to be a common respect among criminals. If they got caught, they understood you had a job to do but now it’s our fault they sit in handcuffs rather than their own personal decisions. If someone attacked a cop, they were seen as such. Now we martyr them and sue for millions. We used to be able to testify in court and we were believed. Now, unless there is video from three different angles, no one cares what you have to say. With all this talk about racism and racist cops, I’ve never seen people treated differently because of their race. And while I know that cowards that have never done this job will call me racist for saying it, all I’ve ever seen was criminal behavior and cops trying to stop it and they didn’t give a rip what their skin color was. I’ve seen cops help and save any type of race, gender or ethnicity you can think of and while that used to mean something, no one cares anymore. I’ve been called every name you can think of and many of them with racial overtones and it’s never come from cops. I’ve watched African American cops take the brunt of this and even talked one rookie out of quitting after he was berated by a lot of cowards that had the same skin color as him. I’ve heard words I never heard before being a cop. Uncle Tom, Cracker, Pig and the N Word just to name a few. I’ve heard them thousands of times and never once did I see a police officer retaliate. Despite that, it’s been the greatest opportunity of my life to do this job. I would have recommended it to anyone and I secretly hoped one of my kids would do it one day. They would have been a 4th Generation Cop. But today, all of that is over. I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. I would never send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become. It’s the only job you can do everything right and lose everything. It’s the only job where the same citizens you risk your life for hate you for it. It’s the only segment left in society where it’s cool to discriminate and judge, just because of the uniform you wear. You never get to explain. You can never reason with them. I’ve watched it happen to those around me and I have seen the total destruction of their life. This job is a walking a time bomb and you could get cancelled or prosecuted on the very next call, even if you do everything right. Doctors kill 250,000 people a year. They call them “medical mistakes” because society understands that they do a very difficult job under high stress and they must make the best possible decision in the moment. Law enforcement is tasked with the same and we are highly successful. Despite the most violent society we have ever seen, less than 1,000 suspects are killed a year. 96% are attacking us with weapons and all but a few others are attacking us with their cars or their fists and more and more with simulated guns so Benjamin Crump can help their family win the lottery. I’ve seen cops risk their own lives when they shouldn’t have…….just to keep from taking one. Cowards are all around us. From chiefs to sheriffs to politicians, no one has our back. Now, the little we have, we are told they are going to defund us or even abolish us. Citizens with a political agenda will reign over us and all you have to do is wake up and put on a uniform to be a racist. This weekend I received death threats for just doing my job. It would have been outrageous a decade ago and made national news. Now, it’s just a Monday. There will be more threats, more accusations of racism and more lies told about us. I used to talk cops out of leaving the job. Now I’m encouraging them. You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it. And while I know, most Americans still appreciate us, it’s not enough and the risk is too high. Those of you that say thank you or buy the occasional meal, it means everything. But those of you that were silent while the slow turning of the knives in our backs happened by thugs and cowards, this is on you. Your belief in hashtags and memes over the truth has and will create an environment in your community that you will never expect. If you think Minneapolis will turn into Mogadishu and that is far from you, it’s coming. And when it does, remember what your complicity did. This is the America that you made. Powerful stuff, Doug. Timely, and powerful ...
  8. It's official.  I now have more military equipment, including BDUs, than I have since Vietnam.  Also, I'm a knife man ... my rifle will still mount the bayonet, a KaBar is on my tactical vest, and there's various and sundry other blades available to me.  Now, to buy about a thousand rounds!

  9. Rudy, you need to look through the list of militia groups in your State, and find the most active. I live in Illinois, and I've found a militia that is very active. There are militias in all 50 States.
  10. Thanks, Skillet! By the way, I usually fire 163-gr bullets in my Mosin-Nagant. I think that I purchase a healthy supply of 203-gr rounds. I'm relatively certain that these rounds ... which have tungsten penetrators ... would punch a hold right through that helmet, as you described it.
  11. I've always wondered whether their helmets are made of Kevlar, or they are bicycle helmets with UN cover. If they come over here, I guess that I'll find out ... Some of you may remember the horrible genocide in Rwanda, many years ago. We had a lovely lady from Rwanda speak at our church, recently. Her entire family was wiped out in this event. She heard that there was a UN "Peacekeeping" unit, about ten miles away. She walked to where they were stationed and found them. Approaching a white M-113 with the UN logo on it, and two French soldiers in blue helmets, she begged for their help. They told her that they were under orders not to intervene, unless they were fired upon. Over a million people died by tribesmen armed with machetes. The "men" with guns did nothing. A few months ago, the remains of her three children were found. They had matched the DNA to her. Once again, I see a blue helmet, I shoot a blue helmet.
  12. Welcome, Alan!

  13. Hello David! By the time the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia ... and it was stupid of the Khmer Rouge to try to attack Vietnam ... having been trained by US forces ... the Vietnamese were one of the best military forces in the entire area. Like I said, it was really a stupid move, on their part. My experience of Vietnamese troops in the time I was there (1968-69) was that they were well-equipped and well-trained, and some most hard-ass soldiers I'd ever met. The only reason the North Vietnamese succeeded in their invasion of the South was because a DIM Congress broke the Paris Peace Accord and cut them off from military supplies. At the end, their aircraft had no fuel to fly (and no bombs, if they did), and their artillery was down to 1-2 rounds per day. God help me, but I hate the Democrats. All of that sacrifice, for nothing.

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