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  1. Hey brother I was a 0311/ 0316  long range rec,, ran oops out of Dung ha Vietnam/,,,, after the war was out for a couple of months didn't dig the scene or probably had a rough time adjusting so joined the Army ,,,was a ranger served at fort Stewart,, Panama,, fort,, Benning,,, after that I guess I just had enough,,,3 years in the Marines 6 years in the Army. Been a rough ride ever since.

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      I know sometimes ,,, you feel why and have that feeling in your gut brother,,,  We made it home brother,,,, sometimes I feel like I wish I hadn't,,,, and now after all we gave and our brothers who gave even more,, our government is spitting on us again,,,even worse they spitting on them,,,,, now you and I are considered Terrorists by the very government we defended,,and our government are more like the government we fought against,,,, Looks like we never came home brother,,,so we might as well make one more stand,,,we owe it to ourselves and brothers that didn't make it. I'm really struggling with all this brother.

    3. Headhunter


      I'm showing my age,  now.  It was Benning, it was Ft. Bragg where I did basic.


      One last stand. I hear that.  At least, the President declared ANTIFA to be a terrorist group, today.  I'm waiting to see the big roundup, before I get too excited.

    4. Kenguythe rooster

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