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  1. I didn't have to watch all of the video. I knew exactly where the narrator was going with HIS propaganda. I've watched Red Dawn, including the remake, many times. Any enemy invades my country, and I take up arms against them. Anyone who betrays the Patriot cause dies. I define a "betrayer" as someone who is inside the resistance, and betrays that resistance. That person dies ... at the hands of the resistance. One final note: Everyone needs to read HR 1111, which is still pending, awaiting a DEM President and Congress. HR 1111 would establish a Department of Peacebuilding, in place of the Department of Homeland Security. I you read the proposed bill, you find out that it covers all the Left's bases, including civil war, providing for inviting foreign troops (not UN "Peacekeepers") into this country to fight against any rebellion. By extension, it would also allow for the confiscation of privately-owned firearms by these foreign troops. Dark days loom ahead, my friends. We must keep our hands steady and our hearts true. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1111
  2. The only time there should be "Generals" in the militia, is during an all-out war. Even then, I believe that the highest rank should be "Brevet Brigadier General", and the person who receives this rank should be elected to it by all the militiamen in the State. Also, there should be a real shooting war, in progress, and the man elected to that office should have been an officer the regular military.
  3. Now, I DO feel old ... However, I do use a Mosin-Nagant, with the ancient 7.62mmx54r round. I use Winchester-Western ammo - made in the USA. Ballistics test prove that it is quite accurate out to 1000 yards, and is still moving at 1750 fps. By knowing your weapon, an excellent marksman ... ahem, like me, ahem ... can hit a human-sized target at ranges up to 2000 yards - 1.18 miles. The ballistics on this ammo are equivalent in performance to the LATEST 30-06 rounds. As the video shows, there are probably trillions of 7.62 NATO rounds, out there. Also, remember the line from the video - only one manufacturer will benefit from this change to the 6.8mm. Brothers (and sisters), I'm 70 years old, and I can still carry a full load of ammo for my Mosin, which I define as 11 x 10-round removable magazines. And you can bet you bottom dollar that ... if push comes to shove ... I'll carry enough spare ammo to reload all eleven of those magazines. Remember, this ammo was also used in the Russian PPK machine gun. It's ballistics are excellent. And what do you want to bet that the casings for the 6.8 WON'T be reloadable?
  4. I was going to make my own observation in this thread, but you said it for me. I've never seen a ghost, but demons are part of the Biblical narrative. The more time you spend in the Third World, the easier it is to grasp the truth of the Bible. Only demonically-possessed people can do the things that they do, there. Consider Boko Haram, in Nigeria, and the absolute atrocities they commit in the name of Mohammad. That's just one example.
  5. Lee, like most people prior to the war, believed that his State was his country. This is why he turned down overall command of the Union forces. When he accepted command of the forces of his "native country", Virginia, it was the natural act of a patriotic person of that time. Looking at Virginia, today, I think the State would have joined the Union cause ...
  6. Well, heck. In that case, I proudly proclaim that I am a "Face man." If I don't like the face, I don't like the rest of it. Therefore, I will go back and vote! And it won't be for the fish-face!
  7. Any kind of "rally" at Arlington is a violation of the sacred nature of that place. Someone who has served in the Marine Corps ought to know that. Just my opinion, but I'll stick to it. I've been to Arlington, and if I spoke more than two words, there, it would shock me. The rows of crosses and Stars of David is a testimony to the valor of those who have preceded us. It should be used for nothing else but solemn reflection on the sacrifices of patriots.
  8. Thanks, SG2. If he was going to shoot at LEO, he was seeking martyrdom. He would likely get some other people injured/killed, and for what? You know what the media would have said about him AND us.
  9. This is the first time I saw the Marine in the video, posted by Hammer3sf. I have just one question. Is this Chris Hill? He's definitely worked up. Perhaps that's because he's like every Marine I've ever met. Note that I have the highest regard for Marines. When I arrived in Vietnam, a Marine gunnery sergeant took one look at my Model 70 sniper rifle and said, "Look at that forest, son. How many 1000-yard shots you gonna get, out there?" He helped me out immensely, even though I was Army. To a certain extent, I'm still confused about what this November 9 event was supposed to accomplish. Note that I'm not stupid, or anything (even though I DID volunteer for service in Vietnam). But could someone straighten me out on what the event was supposed to be, and what he's talking about in the video, above? Conservatives changed America for the better, back in the days of the Tea Party, and we did it without guns and uniforms, and without "harsh language". We showed up, we demonstrated peacefully, we cleaned up our area, and we left. By the way, if he was going to carry a weapon at Arlington, it wouldn't have been a good idea to get anywhere near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It wouldn't be healthy ...
  10. It's interesting how little things change, as they change. This manual ... although it is much longer and detailed than the one I carried fifty years ago ... is basically the same. Naturally, having just found this thread, this morning, I haven't had a chance to examine it in great detail, to say the least. But I do have one fundamental question, at this point. That is, we consider ourselves to be part of a Constitutional Militia, authorized by the Constitution of the United States, so we believe that our functions in combat would be authorized by the federal government, and the various governments of the States. However, the Constitution is being eroded as we speak. Consider HR 1111. Take a look at the full text. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1111/text This is an open invitation to the UN to send in foreign forces to suppress the freedoms of the American people. All it needs is a Congress that will vote for it, and a President who will sign it, and all bets are off. Freedom disappears. You either submit, or you fight. It won't be a kindly process, no matter what happens. Take some time to read the text of this ludicrous but freedom-destroying bill. Compare it to the manual. As for me and my house, we will fight for our rights, and our lives. The enemy will look at the Manual and laugh, as they reload their weapons.
  11. With SCOTUS, you can't make absolute predictions. That said, there's at least two votes for the bans (and they are not certain). I'd like to think that the Chief Justice would vote against bans, but as we saw with Obamacare, nothing is certain with him. I believe that the rest of the conservatives would vote against the bans. One of the liberals might actually vote against it. One thing that will be on their minds is the potential violence, and threat against government, should they uphold any ban. An absolute ban against the most popular guns in America might precipitate a civil conflict. The threat against AR-15s and AKs is one reason my primary weapon is a bolt-action rifle.
  12. Headhunter

    Wait for the flash

    The longer the barrel, the less flash. Unless, of course, you're using an anti-tank gun. Then, you expect a LOT of flash!
  13. I couldn't answer the question. "Banging" anything that's half-fish doesn't appeal to me, at all.
  14. Dav, I think that the 50 who WILL fight count for more than the 74,950 who won't.
  15. My town has 35000 people in it, and it's a large county. However, in the last election, President Trump won the county by 7000 votes. I don't consider ANYONE who voted for Hitlery to have been a patriot, though they might be simply misguided. I personally know many patriots, but we've got to understand that the term "patriot" has definite variances in meaning. One of the people in my church is a real patriot. He's also a teacher, and on Veteran's Day, several of us who served our country are going to speak for about five minutes each. Note that no one in the school where he teaches has put up a fuss about this. Note that we're only 70 miles away from Chicago, where patriots have to stay quiet.
    I liked what I saw in that picture. Did I see some Kevlar on a couple heads? I "bit the bullet" and invested in in a Fritz, about a year ago. You can't cook a meal like in the old steel pot ... or take a dump, when necessary ... but Kevlar works one heckuva lot better. I bought mine from Fort Bragg Military Surplus. As we head for winter, I need a good camo parka ... at 70, the old frame doesn't warm up so easy. Also, top row, second from left, I see a leftie. I shoot left-handed, although I'm right-handed. Almost perfect eyesight in the left eye. I've got to finish re-building my Mosin, so I can provide some good long-range cover for all of you. I'd like to have an ATACR 5-25x56 scope. I guarantee you that I can knock a gnat off a tit at 2000 yards, when I'm zeroed in. Looks like a fine group of men, and I'm proud to be part of them, now. I looking forward to meetin' y'all (Yep! I lived over 20 years in Arkansas). Anyway, I think that I'm going to feel like a young man among you. God bless, fellas, and check your six occasionally! BTW, I saw that 3-Percenter down on the first row!
  16. I agree with you, but with reservations. I mentioned in my comments, in this thread, how I wept, the first time I shot a human. By the end of my time in Vietnam, my spotter and I would make jokes about "blood-spray patterns", and the like. Personally, I'm a very emotional man, and I'm also 70 years old. It's been 50 years since I shot someone. My wife and I can watch a very violent movie, and she will often turn her head away from the worst scenes of violence. But I sit there without any emotion at all, inside or out. This is why I mentioned the insidious nature of war, and how it hardens you and, and drives out emotion. You can't engage for long, in combat, without being hardened emotionally. War inevitably drives emotions down, so that the rest of the mind and body can function.
  17. The first time I ever pulled a trigger on a human, I cried, afterwards (even though it was my job). That's the insidious thing about war. By the time I left Vietnam, my spotter and I were making jokes about the pattern of blood spray, among other things. I think that this is part of the mind's method of dealing with doing something that is considered heinous, in other situations. Like you, I will not hesitate to protect my wife and myself, or my country, in the future. I don't want to do it. But I will ...
  18. It is a fact that I don't know one man who could take childbirth, and I was in the delivery room for all three of my kid's births. I have a nephew who is a homosexual, and I would fight to the death to save his life. He's a good fellow. In a militia, gender is not going to make that much of a difference. In the military ... especially in ground forces ... I see a huge difference.
  19. LFR, thanks for the video. If 84% of women can't do PT, then they don't need to be putting the lives of the men, in the Army, at risk. They should find something else to do with their lives. What? Do the men have to climb up the 8-foot wall, then turn and help the women to clear the obstacle? As I've said before, I'm 70. I know for a fact that I could not pass this test, even though I'm in extraordinarily good condition for a man of my age. And note that we're not talking about militia, in this thread. We're talking about the US military. If every person wearing the uniform can't do the job, then those who can't need to be gone. It's as simple as that.

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