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  1. Let me guess. Denver is the center of the "blue flu" in your State, and is the heart of Leftism in Colorado. Its population means the Left is in control of the rest of the State. Sounds like Illinois.
  2. Thanks for the information, John. I first found out about this possibility several months ago, from a good friend who's an astronomer. Because of the distance from us, even a close call could be several light years away from each other, but there would definitely be gravitational effects between the two stars. But there's no doubt that an actual collision would be an astounding light display!
  3. All of us have our political beliefs. I'm a lifelong Republican, and shall probably go to my grave with some of my political buttons pinned to my suit ... buttons like"Nixon Now" and "AuH20". However, to the greatest extent possible, if a militia has to go into action, politics should have little to nothing to do with that decision. It is the extant situation ... which has to be clear to all ... which decides the decision to take to the field.
  4. You could help yourself on this website by stopping all the hyperbole, CAPS, and "if you don't agree with me, you're the problem" sort of comments. However, I can help you, sir. It has come to my attention that you can fashion a really nice hat out of aluminum foil, which is really low-priced. Wear it 24 hours a day, and it's guaranteed to stop all the alien/reptilian mind-control rays from penetrating your skull and turning your brain to mush. I'm just trying to be helpful ...
  5. I know an entire family of Slovaks, and they're very good people. They separated from the Czechs because Czechs and Slovaks pretty well hate each other!
  6. Absolutely not. My purpose in learning how to fly was to prove to myself that I had the ability. A physical problem would make issuing me a private pilot's license not only dangerous to me, but to people on the ground. Flying a plane, and driving an automobile, are inherently dangerous to the people doing it, and other people. You need to be able to prove that you have the health and necessary skills to do so. I've considered the possibility of purchasing an ultralight aircraft, but decided against it for the same reason I shouldn't be flying a Cessna or an airliner!
  7. A good example of what you're saying is that I learned how to fly a Cessna, even though it was impossible for me to ever get a license to fly. Even when I "soloed", there was an instructor in the right seat. He didn't say a single word to me. He was there only if something went wrong. When we landed, he told me that I was a natural pilot, but that the government would never give me a license. This is because of the injury I suffered in 'Nam. All I wanted to do was prove to myself that I could do it. Expensive proof!
  8. There are some people working and hoping for a peaceful separation. That, in my opinion, would be truly an American solution. I emphasize a "peaceful separation" because the alternative might be too terrible to consider, for millions of people. There's a YouTuber who has gained some notoriety for his ideas, on this. He calls himself John Mark. But his first video emphasized how the Left could be defeated in a Civil War II. Doesn't sound too peaceful to me! I think he's right, on some issues. For example, he states emphatically that 2 out of 3 non-white immigrants vote Democrat. But I don't think that his assessment of a civil war is correct, at all. Especially, he doesn't account for the strong possibility that Blue America would ask for foreign troops to assist them. I live in Illinois, which has 101 counties. Chicago (in Cook County) and the so-called collar counties surrounding it, are staunchly "Blue". Almost all of the counties with large populations are the same. But most of Illinois consists of Red counties.
  9. Doug, you said,"Lots of luck with that argument. Please think again. 'The Constitution' is an abstraction. If I write something like 'We must arm ourselves, and march on the state capitol, and arrest the governor, and try him for treason ... according to this magical 'sealed indictment' [a favorite bit of magical thinking by a certain school of crazies] I have here ..." then after you're sitting in prison, it will do absolutely no good to say, "Oh, our loyalty was to the Constitution!" The Constitution is not an abstraction. The rights afforded every American citizen were pre-existing human rights, which were merely codified in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Every soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman takes a binding oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This oath does not expire. I took it in Chicago, and it means as much to me, now, as it did then. I would venture to say that it means more. God forbid, but if there is ever war between internal factions in the United States, I shall be fighting for the rights of ALL Americans, including those who are shooting at me. The Constitution cannot be understood apart from the extensive writings of the Founders, but especially, apart from the Declaration of Independence, which reads, "We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." The Creator's Words are higher than any man's, or that of any government. Moving forward into the Constitution, we find these God-declared rights enumerated, and the one Right which protects all the others is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. No individual, and no government has the right to take these rights away from us. Looking at America, today, anyone with a mind can see that this is the most dangerous time in American history, and that our God-endowed Rights are in existential danger. To sum this paragraph, God Himself gave to us these Rights, they existed before the Constitution was written, and they are worth fighting for. Also, "Many people on the Right are very naive: they loudly claim that we are living in a police state, or rapidly moving towards one. But then they post things that show that they really believe that we live in a liberal democracy with free speech, and will do so forever." If we live in a police state, then we have a duty to resist that state with every means at our disposal. With words, at first. But the Left doesn't care about "our words", which include the Bill of Rights. If they did, we wouldn't be living at the mercy of tin-pot dictators in their various "governor's mansions". I am of the opinion that, exhausting every other "legal" means of protecting our rights, there may come a day when there is only one measure left to us. Note that I'm not some wild-eyed fanatic itching to go to war. I've seen war. It isn't pleasant. The first time I shot a human being, the tears freely flowed. That is the insidious nature of war, Doug. By the end of my time in Vietnam, my spotter and I made jokes about the patterns of blood spray, after Charlie was hit. My last day there ... May 8, 1969 ... my good friend was blown in half by a 152mm artillery shell. I was in the killzone of this round. The top half of my best friend hit me with such force that if broke my M-14 in half, broke several ribs, destroyed my left orbital, and left me completely deaf. I only have half of my hearing, to this day. I will vote, speak out, and do everything in my power to protect that "abstraction" called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If all else fails, I'll head for my militia's position, and do what I have to do. If what I have said here is provocative to some "journalist", so be it. They hate us, anyway ...
  10. From Wikipedia (a source that I rarely use, for obvious reasons) comes this definition of a "private army": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_army "A private army (or private military) is a military or paramilitary force consisting of armed combatants who owe their allegiance to a private person, group, or organization, rather than a nation or state." By this definition, a militia in America is not a private army, because its loyalty is primarily to the Constitution of the United States. However, later in the article linked above, the writers add: Irregular military forces: such as militias ... They even add a picture of a Minuteman.
  11. There will be a lot of people give you help on this, at this website. There's a YouTube master in your state and I advise you to search YouTube for BL Ranch. He's a Marine (no such thing as an ex-Marine!), and he's all in for freedom. Indeed, last weekend, there was a rally in Spokane, and he showed up in full kit and armed! I wish I could tell you his phone number, but you could check [email protected] . God Bless both of you, and keep the chin up!
  12. Welcome, Jon. When I think it's safe, I always recommend people to MyMilitia. It's a solid place for Patriots!
  13. Thanks, Todd. I was born in Indiana and have about a million relatives over there ... well, a million could be stretch. But there's a lot them!
  14. The "Circle" that university Philosophy and PolSci departments love stems almost directly from the writings of the German philosopher Hegel. Hegelian dialectics. The Left has found this to be quite useful in brainwashing Rush Limbaugh's "young skulls full of mush". The following link is called Hegelian Dialectics for Dummies, but is the basis of modern "intellectual" political theory. Something written for "Dummies" should be simple to understand. Hegel is not easy to understand, however, and the article will not be, either: http://noisyroom.net/blog/2014/01/23/hegelian-dialectics-for-dummies/ You will notice towards the end of the article a picture of the "law professor" Barack Hussein Obama, during his time at the University of Chicago, teaching not law, but the tactics of Saul Alinsky. You should also be aware that Hillary Clinton's senior thesis, in college, was a paean to Saul Alinsky. Indeed, it so impressed Alinsky that he offered her control of his entire organization. But she told him that she thought she could do more "good for the cause" from the inside, rather from the outside. The dialectic reduced to its simplest form could be summed up as problem, reaction, solution. The “agent of change” employing the strategy creates the problem or crisis, foments the reaction (tension), then attempt to control the outcome by providing the solution (resolution). Thank God for the appearance of Donald John Trump!
  15. LP, I've been interested in politics and involved in politics for decades. Without meaning to challenge what your beliefs on this subject (and note that I do not know whether you've been to college, or not) my experience has taught me that there is an incredible divide between the political Left and Right. The political Left, in the United States, to include the Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Greens, and numerous other political parties (including the National Socialists), institutions, and individuals, might as well join together and form a single united party, which should be called the American Socialist Party (and I'm being "nice" to them, here). Their worldview and belief structures have their foundation in the works of Karl Marx. The political Right includes the Republicans, more independent souls who formed the basis of the old Tea Party, and Libertarians (to a certain extent). And I admit that I'm a Republican ... indeed, I was a Sebastian County Committeeman in Arkansas, and debated the then Attorney-General of that State ... one William Jefferson Clinton ... beat the crap out of him. Note that I hadn't even walked into a college, at the time of this debate, and he was a "Rhodes Scholar" (who had spent his time in England attacking US policy, in public), and taking a very long "student trip" to the Soviet Union (long enough to take the course at Patrice Lumumba "Friendship" University). Between the two, the difference could not be more stark. Authoritarianism lies with the former if they win this titanic struggle, and ... perhaps ... a thousand years of brutal darkness. There can be no reconciliation between the followers of Marx, and those of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Lincoln. I'm slowly reaching the end of my days. I am 70 years old, after all. But for the sake of our families and our nation, the Right must win. I do not believe in the circle of belief. It's a straight line, in my estimation. Last, note that I didn't write this to offend anyone or start an argument. It might happen, but it wasn't my intent.
  16. Well-said, Doug. Extremely well-said. I am a conservative who was raised in a conservative family. In my life, I've been a professional opera singer (Lyric Opera of Chicago), and a minister in two different denominations ... the United Methodist Church (which is VERY liberal), and the Church of the Nazarene (which is getting liberal). Concerning churches, you can tell whether they're going to the political Left when they join "Divestment" movement directed at Israel. I'm now a happy member of a Southern Baptist congregation. My family ... except for my sister, gone these last ten years ... is a Republican family. Truthfully, I'd rather be shot than vote for a Dhimmicrat. Since I reached the age to vote, I've voted for every Republican on the ballot. If there isn't a GOP candidate, I refuse the mark the ballot for the sole candidate ... a DIM. I always write in a name, in such a case. I came back from Vietnam ... seriously wounded (and my spotter was killed in the same artillery barrage) ... in 1969. Since then, I have not pulled a trigger on another human being. I am not kill-crazy, as The Guardian would have us believe. This, in spite of the fact that I have owned guns before and after Vietnam, and that I am a gung-ho militiaman. I see dark times ahead, and I want to be among like-minded people, in case our worst fears come to pass. And so, Guardian, you've written your little propaganda piece. But I give you this "dare". Write something critical of the UK government, and see how fast your writers and editors end up in prison. In America, the militia movement has one purpose: to defend our liberties.
  17. I've listened to Sean's radio program, and faithfully watched his FOX show, for many years. But this takes it over the edge. We are aware that Sean carries concealed, in New York City, no less. That ... in and of itself is a protest - an armed protest. This is why he singled out "long guns", so that his invisible protest would seem valid, and visible protests would not. I've already taken him to task over this, online, and I never ... NEVER ... get through to his radio program. I am more convinced daily that 2020 will be the year that makes, or breaks the United States of America. Sean, it time to choose which side you are on ...
  18. I've listened to the host of this show, several times. He's very good, and he's truly "Black and Right"! I listen only to programs on AM 560 and 890, out of Chicago ... It was good to hear what Josh Ellis has been doing with his life, recently, and to find out a little about him. Since he is now the "Super Administrator", we need to know what his political/social beliefs are. I would also like to know about his views on the overall militia movement. Josh, if you are reading this, can you please tell something about yourself? For example, were you ever in the military. Many militiamen have not been, but a great many of us have. Not only that, some of us have experienced combat (those of us who have know the fear and horror of it, and sincerely hope that the growing number of militiamen in America will act to make the Leftist politicians think twice, before they go farther than they already have). Thanks
  19. I agree with you, John. Also, all Christians should be aware of the Jewish origins of our faith. Judaism and Christianity are "joined at the hip" by a common origin, and that fact has manifested itself in the alliance between the United States and Israel.
  20. Fixer, I completely understand what has happened, now. No further explanation needed, in my estimation.
  21. Fixer, I'm very sorry to hear about this. You've done marvelous work to create this site, and it has grown to near 9,000 members. I'll miss you, my friend. God be with you and yours.
  22. I've seen this place. There's another place just to the west of Elmwood Park called Johnny's Bar-B-Que. That's another place where the mob guys went ... ahem ... to talk! It's been so long since I've been up there, who knows? On Saturday nights, the line to get in stretched out to the road.

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