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  1. Texans, stop trying to recruit outside of your county! PLEASE!!!! If you have people come to you from another area, send them to their local militia leadership. Poaching recruits from other areas only weakens other areas. We are all Texas Militia. One unit per county please. Otherwise, we will wind up with ALOT of operational overlap. This leads to discord. When it comes time for us to be useful to the people we will be too busy fighting each other, to be combat effective against the enemy. I, for one, am not willing to risk the lives of my men OR YOURS over ego. Smith county needs to report to Aco 1-15 as soon as possible. We were supposed to be able to roll out a full training cycle this year but have gotten so much pushback and meddling from other people trying to recruit for their own local crusades that we have lost any traction we had and lost momentum. This isn't a game, men. Lives are on the line here. We HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.
  2. Everything you've just said is the foundation for the new structure. Add in standardized training and communications along with a comprehensive command structure and balanced division of responsibilities and you have what we have worked years to obtain
  3. Click the header on the title screen
  4. The light foot militia no longer exitst... we are stuck with the domain for another year and a half or so. The light foot name only applies to infantry militia units. All of it is explained on the website I gave you... all of it... go check it out. If you're 9n facebook would encourage you to contact me there and I can bring in my leadership.
  5. All militias in texas are by nature texas militia... your location dictates your unit.. better?
  6. That's the short version of our game plan.
  7. What are your goals, values and purpose for this then? That should have been my first question.
  8. Not sure what you mean by official public presence. There is a website under construction it's under an old domain we acquired last year. Texaslightfoot.org
  9. Texas militia is separate from all of the above. Texas militia is the culmination of all texas patriot groups and individual units. It is all one now, with the exception of one... TSM.
  10. Ok point for point then. 1. The creators of the ACM model. The area code structure cannot work in Texas. We have too many variables. It kills command and control. However it gives us a good idea of where you are and who you fall under. The answer to 2 and 3 is the same. Texas Militia. Proper. The whole shebang. The civilian texas army. All of us. Here... look at this. tx_county_mapV7 (2).webp
  11. As for TSM covering their state... that's incorrect. They have multiple individual fractures structures. Texas militia is the unification of all Texas units under a comprehensive command system that ultimately reports to the governor in constitutionally relevant matters.
  12. The "903 Militia" doesnt exist. This discussion has already been had with the admins and creators of the idea. We dont use it as a leadership structure in Texas. We already have all of that. However it is a great way to direct recruit flow. That's what we are using it for. Most of the 903 area is covered by the 15th regiment. All I need is your county so I can direct you. I'm the POC for the 903 coverage area.
  13. We are not basing leadership or structure off of area codes, however if you are within the 903 area of the northeast part of the state, you need to report in immediately so that you can be directed to your local leadership. Most of the 903 AO is covered by the 15th Regiment of the Texas Milita. From clay county to, Coryell, to Sabine to Bowie, is the coverage area for 3rd brigade. Included in this is 8th, 14th,15th, 9th and 20th Regiments. The 15th is comprised of van Zandt, Kaufman, Henderson, Rains, wood, camp, upshur, Gregg, Marion, Smith and Harrison counties. I am the 903 POC, I will direct you to your local command staff. Thank you for your time.tx_county_mapV7 (2).webp
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