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  1. If America is your God, then it will be cast down as all the other idols. Only Christ is worthy of worship. 

  2. Address will be private messaged to interested individuals. But to make 919 effective we need a team. That said, whomever is in 919 and available needs to speak out and be ready due to our country is divided and ready for collapse.
  3. 20200606 10:00 AM I would like to have a meeting with the 919 group. We can meet in Carthage. Is there anyone available and ready for that set date?
  4. Good afternoon. So far i only had one oerson interested in meeting up and they cancelled. As for training areas there is a lot of open land around in Carthage NC.
  5. Good morning. Welcome to the group. I beleive the people in power definatly like this situation. I heard on the news "This will be the new normal" not The situation will be handled.
  6. Country folks are fake christians and I openly oppose the goverment. 

  7. It seems our other members have not updated their profile locations, or dont reside in NC. If you are currently here state your objectives for this group.
  8. Yeah if you know someone or somehow to acomplish it then that would be great. As for group meetings i beleive a minimum of once every 2 - 3 weeks for a 8 hour session. We can try to wait a month for more acolytes or start soon and get a idea of how to proceed.
  9. And just so everyone does realize the severity of our times.. The US Goverment now acknowledges the Taliban as a autonomous authority. Which means they gave them credence.
  10. I would lead the group until we have a more qualified person or someone that has more experience. I live out in the country so i do have land to train on. Currently am looking to rent a backhoe to start a firing lane. Also i believe we should each focus on a subject to teach the group. Another idea is to start a fund for the 919 group and have 2 or 3 people go to the bank and sign ownership to a joint account so money can be stored safely. Unless someone proves to be trustworthy.
  11. Good day everyone. My name is John Donnelly I moved from FL to NC in 2015. I been on this site for a year now. Tried to join a couple militias but everyone was to selfish or lazy to reply or start a group near me. I am using this site to be properly trained and stay in shape. It will be nice to have a group to train with and befriend. I was in the Marines as my picture represents. Currently i am out of shape but 1 month of hard exercising should restore my body. I do truly believe in the bible and think we are nearing the tribulation. How our country is proceeding we can see how Evil is considered Good and Good is considered Evil. I would like to focus training on tactical movements, combatives and survival gear / techniques. I enjoy construction, mechanics, farming and computers. In the past i had only one person reach out to me and come out to my land but he was a pathalogical liar and delusional so after that meeting he and i stopped communication.
  12. I dont know why people buy stock weapons. If it comes to it, to have a decent weapon you need to rebuild or replace all the parts. I rather buy all the individual pieces and assemble the weapon myself

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      gotta start from somewhere..

  13. Disregard that last message. PIedmont is in SC?

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