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  1. Greetings from Walker County, Texas.  Saw ya'll have an FTX scheduled for the weekend of Oct.19-Oct.21 in the area around Gatesville.  I'd like to train with those groups.  I'm on the M.M. Members map and am the only one shown in Huntsville, Texas.  Do I need to do anything, or do I just show up?  I'm also looking for militia activity in my neck of the woods, and Gatesville is not far away.  I'd like to train with you guys, so, if you could keep me informed of what I need to know (since it's more than a month away, I would appreciate it.  You can contact me at [email protected], 936-295-0744, or the M.M. site.  Look forward to hearing from you.   Max

  2. The militia is an organization that does not hate the police or other forms of law enforcement. While it is OK to question what is right or wrong. We do not accept those who only see the militia as a way to go against the law. We have proven in Austin and several other locations in coordination with the umbrella of Texas Militia that working with local law enforcement can be beneficial. If you have an issue with this the militia is not a place for you. The local law enforcement is going to have all the information on you all ready. However if we are working with them, then they will overlook the simple issues and give us the support that we are requesting. They will also come to us and request assistance when they are limited on what they can do.
  3. until
    This will be an FTX hosting all militias' willing to attend from across the country. This FTX will be hosted in Gatesville, TX. It will be hosted by the United III% Patriots of Texas.

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