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  1. No, a lot of civilians use it as well. They just put that there for those who have served, So The community knows you served and etc. Pretty useful for Militias that are recruiting to know if you served and what branch too.
  2. Yeah.. hopefully they don't try to pull that crap here in South Carolina..
  3. It's hard to find serious people to a cause. I'm ready for a real commitment though! After all the crap thats going on in the world.. It's time to get serious.
  4. Who's active in and around 843?
  5. Nomad reporting in! All squared away here in Horry County, little chilly this weekend. Beautiful weather.. 1500+ Dead so far to the Coronavirus 67,000+ Infected Globally. I've heard there may be a few cases in the United State. None in our State though. Be safe out there everyone!
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Nomad checking in! Hope you all are doing well! Things are getting a bit darker out there.. Stay safe everyone and Stay Vigilant!
  7. Sorry guys been gone for a while, Yes Still looking to start one, any luck finding a group TEX?
  8. Checking in from the Conway/MB Area, All seems well, a lot of people still cleaning up and recovering from Hurricane Florence, Be Safe out there everyone!
  9. give me a email let talk

  10. Yeah never seen it like this in Conway either, Hope everyone is safe out there. Gonna take these people a long time to recover from this.
  11. Exactly as the title states, I'm looking for a Militia to Join or one to Create with people who are interested, I reside in Horry County. Reply here or shoot me a message for more details or questions. No Facebook please, I don't participate in social media like that.
  12. Checking in From the Myrtle Beach Area. Any local Militias around this area? or are you guys more inland?
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