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  1. hey bro email me if you would like to get together for a coffee or a beer?Lets meet at least we are not far from each other at all?! my email is [email protected]

    1. kevbren1@comcast.net

      [email protected]

      Hey Big Mike, Charlie here, I'm new to this site but looking to try to hook up with a local militia. havent heard back yet but just joined yesterday. Can you help me hook up with a group in the area? I live in the Northfield/Linwood area. [email protected] Thanks!

  2. hey im trying to contact you again in hopes of finding a range partner? Contact me please so we can meet for a coffee or something?I live just south of the Villas! Email me would you? [email protected]

  3. hey brother i use to be a part of the group it looks like your in im about a mile from ThreePerLen in the next neighborhood over.I havnt had the time for a while now and cant train much at all.Work and family keep me busy.Been looking for a place to train my long range skills but nothing near me?The gun club in town wants too much money and you cant do more then shotgun and pistol night on tuesdays.The only other place to practice is range 609 and just not more then a pistol range and maybe a 22.Plus id just rather not hit a paidrange where everyone can see what im shooting.lolyou know of any places?If you would be interested in getting together to do some practicing and know of a place we can.Len still has my number.Would be grateful and i pray every day for NJCM

  4. hi swerve! noticed you aren't too far from me. are you part of a militia?

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