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  1. Color is really very subjective when conveyed via a digital medium thus it depends on a lot of factors such as monitor temp setting, actual indoor vs outdoor lighting conditions for when the picture is taken, etc. It's hard to make a fair comparison of what a change in the optical properties of the garments are vs before and after. But the multicam came out well, and the ACU is almost usable although I'll need to do it once more i think for it to really be perfect. The ATACS is only done on one side, so it could stand a dip just to clean it up a bit as well. Fortunately it makes getting a multicam tropical pointless imo b/c one can simply get ahold of the massively available and discounted OCP (multicam) USGI garments and dye them.
  2. First attempt at dying camo. ATACS and ACU present for comparison. Dyed one USGI ACU and One Tru Spec Multicam set. Would use two 5 gal buckets and two rite dye bottles, as well as let the articles sit longer.
  3. What was that outfit like? Have some of their members reconstituted into active units?
  4. Let me recommend: http://www.arstatemilitia.com/
  5. What outfit are you with currently? ARSMC 3rd Bat hosts ftx in Hot Springs area.
  6. Beneath the post is the option to Edit. Right next to the quote option.

  7. How can you edit posts? If the platform does not allow for editing posts why not? What is the rational for not allowing users to edit or delete posts? 

  8. Can you give any details as to why your unit dissolved?
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