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  1. Yes sir, I'm pretty sure I mentioned the AB earlier in the thread, but you must have missed it. We will not be there at all. We're not going to contribute to the optics of III%ers backing white supremacists, or anyone who chooses to violate others' 1st amendment rights with violence. I'll be at work anyway, I'm starting a new 2nd shift job tomorrow.
  2. Hey brother, I think you may have missed the part where I said THIS group of BLM supporters is not trying to start any fights. The aggressors at the Gilbert event have been conservatives, 2 weeks in a row now. I ride myself, and also know a lot of bikers. The only reason I mentioned the MC element is because they allegedly called in AB members, according to my intel. What do you think is going to happen when AB occupies the same space as BLM supporters? That appears to be a move designed to escalate things. We will not be involved in this event because the media will then further associate ALL militias with white supremacists. We in III% Defense Militia have done a lot of 'PR' work in this state to try and combat that problem of public perception. A strong militia presence if the SHTF out there again will undo a lot of our work in the eyes of the general public. I speak not only for my unit, but the other units that are members of this coalition. You and your people are gonna do what you're gonna do, but I had to speak my piece, because I see the ugly road that Thursday night event is headed down. I hope my concerns lead you to take pause and reconsider the big picture, as I said earlier. There are some bad actors out there making the pro-police citizens look bad. They're playing right into their hands. All it takes is another fight, and for someone in the media to discover that AB members were present, let alone involved...and the claim will be, "SEE? We TOLD you these conservatives and militias are racist! This PROVES it!" Respectfully, CSM Skunk III Defense Militia Executive Officer - AZ BN
  3. I wasnt there this past week when the MCs were there. My unit, and other members of our coalition, were there providing security the prior week. Everything I know from this past week is from video, and eyewitness accounts, aa well as intel gathered by other coalition members. The week we were there, the conservatives that crossed the street numbered about 15 or so. They were not affiliated with PB or any other established group, to my knowledge.
  4. Unless you have some pull in the MC world, there's nothing to be done about that protest in Gilbsrt now. Whoever called in the MC for protection made sure of that. I can tell you, though, that the group of BLM supporters there weren't trying to 'push anyone around 2 ½ weeks ago, before some of the conservative crowd decided to cross the street and start shit. I was there, and witnessed it firsthand. They were exercising their 1st amendment rights, just like the conservatives. Insults and hateful words were being slung equally from both sides...but that's normal. I can also tell you that several of geown-ass, conservative men were saying incredibly immature, infantile things to the members in the BLM car parade that night. I was standing 15' from these 'men' and could hardly believe my ears. I don't know what the solution is, but I know what it isn't. Standing in groups and screaming at each other, hurling insults at one another, is never going to accomplish anything positive.
  5. There's really nothing untrue in this reddit summary, as far as the boots on the ground action. I want everyone following this thread to understand that what's happening out there does NOT make conservatives look good. If you all wanna rally more people to arm themselves and amass on that corner, standing behind people who are there to cause trouble, you're really exacerbating a problem that's already escalated too far. I hope that people will step back and look at the big picture here, and set your anger aside. The corner of Gilbert and Warner needs a few weeks to calm down. Nothing good is going to come at the end of that road.
  6. The who is not a matter of hearsay. They're on video.
  7. Considering there was a brawl last week that, from what I heard and saw, was started by menbers from the pro-police side, I'm not surprised. If things aren't handled carefully out there, it will keep escalating until someone REALLY gets hurt.
  8. I am interested, but cannot find the Intelligence branch: Midwestern Research Group forum/post you mentioned. Little help, please?
  9. ATTENTION ALL Arizona militia leaders! We are building a coalition of Arizona militias in order to quell the most recent threats to our people. We have leaders from 4 seperate militias so far, and we need your help and participation. There's strength in numbers, and it's long past time that we all need to work together. We meet weekly to plan and organize. All egos are set aside in order to do what needs to be DONE! ANSWER THE CALL! Message me directly for more information. I look forward to hearing from you all. CSM Skunk Executive Officer III% Defense Militia - AZ BN P.S. Our recruiting page link is below for anyone NOT already affiliated with a unit and wants to speak with us about joining III% Defense Militia. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
  10. I don't know what exactly where all of our guys are in Texas, but I could definitely put you in touch with our Texas battalion. DM me if you like.
  11. I don't know about this board, but we do have a battalion in Texas.
  12. We aren't doing anything illegal, and they would know we exist with or without FB, so we dont feel it compromises anything. Secure comms are used for other things, but FB is an excellent recruiting tool.
  13. We have a well established battalion in California, run by a devout Christian gentleman. They could definitely help you out with whatever you want to get done. Our recruiting page is linked below. We look forward to speaking with you. SFC Skunk III% Defense Militia Az BN https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/?ref=share
  14. We, of III% Defense Militia, along with several other militias, are working on building a coalition throughout Arizona to face the newest threats that are coming down the line. Please feel free to PM me if you're interested in the more information.

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