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  1. Good evening. I am trying to find a militia to join and communicate with. Can you help point me in the right direction? 


    I'm in South Carolina but MyMilitia doesn't actually have my area code. Mine is 803 rather than 843. 

  2. Hello men is anyone on here rite now ?


  3. South Carolina Light Foot Militia 





  4. You can send me your phone number & we will call you & set up a time to meet in person if that works better. If you are serious then we can make it happen!
  5. We are always actively looking for new members. We vet all new applicants. Go to our FB page, “SC Light Foot Recruitment Center” & ask to join. You can read our mission statement & see what we’re all about there. Once you go through the vetting process we can give you more in depth information about us. I hope to see you there! Tell Neil that Hatchet sent you!
  6. Hello Jay, my name is Kelley & I’m with SC Lightfoot Militia. We are very active. We get together every month & train. We train in a different areas of the state each month so it’s fair for everyone. We have members throughout the state. If you would like more information you can give me your email & I’ll have our Recruitment officer get in touch with you & he can answer all of your questions. You can also check out our recruiting page on Facebook: SC Light Foot Militia Recruitment Page.
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