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  1. I would like to be in Helena on the 4th. By noon would be a good MC ride.
  2. Thank you! I am sure we are on the same page Headhunter. Over 44 years I have been looking for the next generation of Foundational People to bring sanity and Light of Life to a Remnant.
  3. I have not grasp how this system works. I posted before, it showed then disappeared. Always looking for others who have had their eyes opened. The more Light they have, the more foundational they are. Government cannot give what is already unalienable. Constitutionalist need to understand that it is inseparable from 4 other references, as is Bill of Rights. Republic form of self governance only works for a virtuous people. Age old foundation proven by history, evidence and scientifically.
  4. In Search of Foundational People. The need to know who and what you are to have Standing in a society of order, peace, health, prosperity and safety.

    1. Roger R Franklin

      Roger R Franklin

      Standing is a lawful authority to be exercised in an identified jurisdiction. Example: to be an effective, constructive influence in a community of self governance, we need to be a member of same. Authority is granted by peers in recognition of virtue, character, trustworthy and example of service and works.

         Then there are County, state and national jurisdictions. There is , also, Spiritual and Quatum/ Soul jurisdictions. Knowing , therefore, greater and lesser statutes to be applied and judge by.

  5. In Search of Foundational People. Do you have Standing ? To serve and protect a community
  6. Insearchoffoundationalpeople

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