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  1. I don't have the available time to manage something on this scale, but I think someone needs to create a minuteman brigade... what I mean by minuteman brigade is a militia which doesn't organize unless there is an emergency, in which case they would come together at a pre planned location, and formulate a game plan. It would be perfect for those too busy to train, but would not be as effective as a trained militia.
  2. Throne you make an excellent point, a man with more training is more valuable in SHTF then a man with less; however, the situation would dictate whether or not someone like me would be valuable to a militia. For example a food scarcity or power failure scenario would not make less trained minutemen necessary, but in an armed conflict scenario, someone like me with basic marksmanship and firearm safety skills would be valuable simply because of the increased fire density.
  3. Looking for Militias near woodburry county, not necessarily to train with, but I want to loosely associate with a local militia in case SHTF.

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