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  1. Here is a very interesting video on installing diesel engines from various equipment in trucks that I've been thinking about for a long time. He's got diesels from brush cutters, tractors and so on in pickup truck and gets very good mileage. If it were done with a homemade car it would be much easier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzbfvbgXXKo
  2. As it stands, many in the US are wondering why we're so opposed to Russia and not their ally. Likely civil war is on the way especially if Trump looses in 2020. At that point the global corporations will crack down and start with gun confiscation, "hate speech" laws, mass migration etc. These people are a thorn in Putin's side as well. If we have to go to war to survive, maybe we should be reaching out to Russia in some way now while we have a chance to form an alliance. Putin is allied with China and simulations show the US would loose against a Russian Chinese alliance every time. If we can take over the US and reform it I think Putin might be glad to ally with us as well.
  3. It's become obvious at this point that our government is controlled at least in large part by global corporations. Act after act of open treason right in our face and blatant calls for the death of white Americans by college professors, news room directors and many other high level professionals all over the internet and in the media. This is not a case of our government being unduly influenced by corporate money but of being controlled by it. I was never a militia type, I was disinterested and went about my life. I would see militia groups , people like Bundy on TV and think they were something like a dangerous fad among extremists and nothing more. As time went by I could see where the real insanity was coming from, "transgender" rights, Islamic "migrants" , even attempts to normalize pedophilia. Madness at every turn and it wasn't from militia groups it was from what you would consider the establishment. Trump is doing his best but the country may be too far gone to save it that way. I've seen articles about the US loosing in war scenarios against China and Russia. We're out gunned and out trained against the FBI or who ever else we come up against except for guerrilla war which we could win. If it comes to civil war (and it probably will) Russia could be our best hope. I think we'll draw about half the nation onto our side, at least in terms of where sympathies lay. The corporatists will probably align with western European nations. If we ally with Russia we might be able to break their back and at least form some new nation based on decent traditional principles. I've seen some evidence of Russian involvement on right wing sites such as Stormfront, sort of Putin fan stuff, kind of silly and not a lot of effort put into it as if it were done by a propaganda ministry of some sort. So , there could be at least a slight interest there. I'm sure Russia doesn't exactly trust China and would be willing to consider an alliance with the US. Many on the right already see Russia as a potential ally, it's the corporatists that want to fight against Russia, not us. Putin probably knows this. I've never been able to contact anyone in Russia about anything, but it might be in our interest to make some kind of contacts over there ahead of time.
  4. This is an interesting article. Very simple kinetic bombs from space that would detonate like a nuke. I've seen video of amateur rockets reaching near low earth orbit. If someone had such a vehicle and a rod or two, they might be quite a threat. https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/these-air-force-rods-from-god-could-hit-with-the-force-of-a-nuclear-weapon
  5. Also to get some kind of parallel society going that people could rely on. Obviously the automotive manufacturing sector is broken. This kind of project would also spread valuable skills. Training and border patrol etc are good but a militia group can do so much more. All it would take is one guy with the skills and a bunch of reasonably smart interested guys to show up at an old shed or something. Once every one got their heads together and started networking what ever materials were needed would be found and bought to the site. Every thing we need would be there including a family that wanted to spend 4 k or so on a simple and reliable vehicle vs 40 k for a ridiculous vehicle they can't even work on to do the same thing. As more vehicles were turned out the skill level , cost and manufacturing time would all improve. At the end we have militia connected people with who knows how many of these simple easy to repair vehicles ready for domestic or military use if necessary. I don't see a down side to a program like this.
  6. There are a lot of really crazy rat rods on the road so I'm guessing regulation isn't too stringent because hardly anyone is doing it. It's a loop hole we can definitely use. As I said, we have access to scrap material some of which has unusual properties we can exploit. Simple aluminum siding form an old trailer would take a lot of weight off a car. That's just one idea. About any frame could be fitted with a drive train of about any type. If the vehicle was radically lightened over a factory vehicle we could nearly match computer mileage providing a good family car or truck that would give us a serious advantage. Once more a father could get under the hood and fix what is broken. I'm thinking it could be done in a garage or old shed somewhere. A bunch of guys with just a couple skilled guys there to lead would work. Who ever got involved would have an opportunity to learn a lot. There are men who make cars, rebuild cars and so on all over the US. What I'm suggesting is that those skills be put to work for a broader use than simply personal entertainment. A man with such skills throws a car together for mere entertainment but how valuable would his skills be to a family across town or across the state fighting a broken down computerized pile of junk? This is an opportunity to help that family, to change their situation. It's also a way for people to boost their income. We already have groups of people willing to go out in the woods and train for war together, the network is already there. How many men in your local militia can twirl a wrench or know someone who can? Societies exist for our mutual survival in the first place, the problem we're having is that ours has turned against us. Maybe it's time we created a new one that will do the job.
  7. Right now you can't get a simple vehicle that you can work on. You can, however make cars, rat rods are an example of this. What if some of us started making simple vehicles , registering them and selling them to others in our movement. This would give us a serious resource to draw on. families would have something they could rely on and repair themselves. It could all be done unofficially, cash deals, even trade for tools, weapons, food etc. It would be a good step to take in starting a parallel economy and protecting people from our rogue government. I'm thinking you could just get a reliable chassis and drive train and build the body out of light weight materials like the skin off an old trailer. That stuff is light as a feather and pretty much unavailable to any car manufacture due to cost They can't use scrap, we can. As long as their is a good strong steel frame around you, and you insulate the skin against the weather, the thinness and softness of the material shouldn't be a draw back. Fuel millage should go up a bit or perhaps even considerably without relying on complicated , impractical and costly electronics.
  8. Saw this posted on Gab. These guys are looking for men and supplies if anyone can help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbQcZwq1Bgo&feature=em-lbcastemail
  9. This is our study group on Minds. Activity comes and goes but it has a few members and has information if you scroll down. What we've talked about is getting a bunch of boats together and just go cruising. A lot of people do that rich and poor. There are boats you can get pretty cheep if you want to put in some time fixing them up. Get a group together and work on them maybe. My idea for getting started is to get work groups together in your local aria. You fix up a boat or if you have a boat start training interested parties to sail and go out and do research. Sea steading forum members on line can help analyze data , solve problems and come up with various experiments to try. Once your out there you can start studying fish farming, sea weed farming and so on. Currently they are doing open ocean fish farming. I think there are a lot of sea mounts that could take on a colony at least seasonally. If you want to know how I think it might work I wrote a short story about it a while back. Like I said, we're white nationalists but any conservative who wants to escape from the depravity and decay could try it. Beats having your son turned into a tranny. https://www.minds.com/777AllenCarter777/blog/blood-soil-and-sea-915342094028107776
  10. I really think there are a lot of tactical uses for this thing. Border patrol would be one but it could allow paratroop like access only you can get back out the way you came. Very interesting. Check out this guys youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/J3Cub2009/videos
  11. What kind of vehicles are good to have? Should a militia have a motor pool? Even Afghan war lords have some trucks, some armor, probably a garage somewhere to work on their stuff.
  12. If anyone can give me contact info for those on the border. let me know I'll spread the word and see if anyone is interested in this idea. Thanks.
  13. I'm an inventor and I have an idea for defending the border when they show up. It's just dust, fine dust. I worked in mining and when we blew off our equipment with compressed air the dust could fill the entire valley we were in. If you get a fine powder and use leaf blowers or better yet larger blowers on tractors you can choke them out pretty good. Add an irritant and you will probably drive them back.
  14. Has anyone considered starting their own nation? I wanted to bring this topic up as I think seasteading will become a reality in the near future. I think it can be done now at least as far as forming a nomadic nation cruising on boats together. Some of us on Minds started a study group to discuss ways to do it. We're white nationalists but you don't have to be. I think a group living at sea the way cruisers do could form a coherent nation even have services like police, fire, medical etc. You could dedicate boats to school, shops, medical clinics and so on. Such a community might make a living servicing engines , computers, rigging , selling baked goods, and so on. In time you might even do open ocean fish farming at sea, it's being done off the coast of panama right now. I find it a fascinating concept and one worthy of looking into especially if SHTF on land in a big way.

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