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  1. looking for an active group of like minded Patriots living on Whidbey Island Washington


    In case of a natural disaster communities need to come together and make a plan. They’re will not be emergency help once the crap hits the fan and what I mean by crap is when there is no food or supplies left in the stores. People that are not prepared for a natural disaster will be coming to you for help. Are you going to turn them away? "ARE YOU".  


    What if you were hiking on a trail or camping with some friends and went for a walk when suddenly you don’t know the way back? Do you have enough survival skill to stay put and regroup or maybe survive a night in the woods until you are found or make it back out. “What If” Do you have the skills to survive???

    A Person Can Survive For Only

    3 Minutes Without Air

    3 Weeks Without Food

    3 Days Without Water


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