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  1. Looking for a grouo around findlay area to join 

  2. hi peter, are you in a group that's looking for new members ?

  3. still looking for a group to join in north west Ohio, i need training just in case i'am needed to help how ever i can, can anyone help me out ?

  4. I'am a 58 year old in good shape that loves to shoot my guns, I live 20 miles west of Toledo and would like to join a group in my area, I would love to get some training, I love God and my family and this great country. and I am willing to do what I have to to keep it that way. God bless the USA
  5. in Fulton county also looking for a group to join. are there any groups in my area looking for new members ?
  6. I love what you stand for and my country and God.I'am from Swanton,Ohio. I'am a hard worker and learn fast.57 years of age, 5'8" and 145 lbs.in ok shape and health.really thinking about joining the three percenters.
  7. I'am a 57 year old male that is interested in joining. I love what you stand for and I love my country and god. willing to do all I can to help. I'am 5'8'' and 145 Lbs. in ok shape and health.I'am a hard worker and learn fast.
  8. how would one join the three percenters in north west Ohio ?

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