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  1. I have only been here 3 weeks so trying to do a fast catch up. This is what I did this summer. I started growing sugar beets instead of red beets. The flavor is similar but the sugar beets are much larger.
  2. We grow year round. This will be my first year without a greenhouse in years. So I am sticking with root vegetables and thinks I can harvest in about 60 days. We have garlic, cilantro, basil, beets, radishes and lettuce growing. We were given a ratty dresser so I lined the drawers and am using them until I get something else in place. Or get my greenhouse moved to the new house. I also am going to try some mushrooms in our basement.
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  4. Hello, my husband and I recently relocated to Clovis. We were looking to meet up with some people with the same beliefs we have. We have been prepping for many years and have been self sufficient for the past 10. If anyone could guide us in direction it would be grately appreciate.

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