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  1. Pleasure to be here. I'm a Virginian, Patriot and first and foremost I am a Christian. i am troubled by events south of the border and north of the border. I have training at formerly known as Blackwater carbine operator, handgun operator and highway operator. Im interested in working like minded individuals. I'm keeping this short. ah yes there is my military( non class 3) rifle and hand gun collection. I enjoy sport shooting, back packing...when my back allows. I read volumes. I can be found at a library if you are looking for me. I'm a classically trained chef. more later, just ask. John Thomas
  2. Living in central NC. Seeking milita contacts in NC or my home state of VA. Prepared to be active. Well versed in the Constitution. VA education started with VA history in 4th and 7th grade. So you could say I was raised to be a defender of the Constitution. We as a Nation are in peril. In my humble opinion and a well regulated militia is called for. Although going to to to against the Federal government will be brief and ruinious but a point will be made. A pain and necessary action if need be. Perhaps the militia will act as civilian vs civilian. Conservative versus Liberal. There the out come, I believe would be different. The Constitution would be defended. That's me in a few dozen words.

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