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  1. Anyone here use the discord app for this site?
  2. The problem isnt the vaccine per say. It's the fact that we dont know what's in the vaccine. Bill Gates has already gotten in trouble for the unknown sterilization of thousands of women in Africa. He is the champion of a population control foundation. He wants a small easily controlled population to rule over in the nwo. Who knows what's in that "vaccine". Just because they say it wont hurt you or have side effects doesnt mean it's TRUE. You cant trust anyone from the left. That plus the fact that they are pushing it so hard. Now they are talking tattoos and papers to prove that you have been inoculated. No food, gas, electric, anything unless you are marked. How does that sound?
  3. No, I honestly just dont remember. I was in Phoenix with Tread and Baker. But you know how people claim they were something they really weren't. Just making sure I'm talking to a real person not a poser.
  4. What battalion? I was in ASM at that time with a few of the guys that got locked up.
  5. Hey man. How long have you been out of ASM?
  6. Hey Guys ! I know this place doesnt get alot of traffic, but im going to monitor this page if anyone wants info. DM me if you want as well.
  7. So.... After being on here for a while. I can tell they're is no active recruitment being done from here.
  8. I guess everyone is all full up?

    1. KillBird


      We are recruiting were you at?


    2. Recoil


      Sorry ive been gone so long.  Phoenix

    3. KillBird


      You know Benson? 3 hrs. South East of you. lets talk sometime.

  9. Ready to meet some new Patriots. Phoenix area. Let me know.
  10. Funny enough it was given to me back in '87 by my best friend at the time. After watching Top Gun, we decided we needed call signs when we were out and about riding our bikes. we used to play practical jokes on people, get into various predicaments where our real names might get us in trouble. Lots of shenanigans when I was young. Smoke & Recoil. Lol eventually we would only respond by those names. That's how people knew us. (Outside our families) We would only use our real names around our families. Poor Smoke, I miss him still.
  11. Recoil West Phx Have experience with a couple groups in Az. Been a while due to health. But I need to start getting back out there.

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