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  1. RangerJay38


  2. Hey brother. My current AO is in Lancaster County, Kershaw to be exact. Basically between Lancaster and Camden. How about you?

    1. JFD0nn3lly


      I am in Carthage NC. About Two hours away from you. Near FT. Bragg

  3. Hey Col. I am interested in some info on the south carolina unit
  4. Greetings my name is Jay. I was medically retired from the Army in 2015. I served from 1997 to 2015, I served with the 2nd Ranger Batt and 75th Ranger Reg HQ. When I made E5 I went to SFAS and was selected. I served with the 3rd and 7th SFG. I have training as an EOD tech, sniper, and medic. I have fought in Bosnia, Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I want to find a unit that has a need for my skill set.

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