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  1. I'm in southern Greenville not all that far away. I'm just waiting on orders.
  2. This is very true. We don't know the words, no, or we can't. The words our military lives by are Yes and we can! We will destroy the enemy, if possible, in total if the politicians let us. Its always been this way and always will be. We will be involved in the final battle that is waged by anyone.
  3. Ready here in Simpsonville. I cant train on weekends. But I shoot daily! Im a sniper. Ready for orders.
  4. Weather looks bad. But this will pass. awaiting orders!
  5. In speaking with Trey, he said he wanted to spend time with his family. He was tired of Washington politics. I had thought he would make a great attorney general but he wasn't interested. Im not sure if he will run again. But I never say never.
  6. The big problem is no one on the Republican/ conservative side will run against him. We need to find a conservative, possibly from the constitutional party to take this seat. What do you all think?
  7. I cannot support Graham because of this issue. I thought he had shown backbone when he stuck up and spoke out about Judge Kavanaugh. But this kind of bad legislation should have never made it to consideration since it is so unconstitutional. I believe if this is passed there will be no other choice but to start the civil war. I don't write this lightly. Our government has grown too corrupt and tyrannical which was the fear of the founders. That was why they wrote the second amendment in the first place. I pray each day that it doesn't come to this but I am not hopeful that this type of legislation will be turned away. May God bless us and the United States.
  8. This becomes a two edge sword. You can get a pistol permit with depression especially if your under treatment. But the use of pot will get you excluded. In some states the question is asked. So be careful how you answer the question.
  9. Absolutely, Lindsey needs to go. He supports Trump one day then doesn't the next. This is a sign of a RINO. This is what Trump calls draining the swamp. He needs to go!
  10. No one will get my guns. I will have them in hiding. You're right its getting bad out there. RINO's aND THE LEFT KNOW WE ARE PRETTY pissed off. But I think if they try impeachment, they would have lit the fuse. I am waiting for orders to march. Many good observations and comments here. I wonder if anyone reads the constitution anymore.
  11. I do understand your situation and feel for you. I remember NY had talked with succession for some time but nothing ever came of it. I wish you and your wife well. I hope she feels better.
  12. I agree with you 100%. I'm proud to be deplorable! I'm a transplant from NY (Long Island to be exact) and found the better way by getting my keister out of town while I could. I have never looked back. But I must have missed about this crazy wet weather in the brochure. I see more and more Northerners coming down here. The first thing I tell them is to leave those Northern thoughts and ways back there for they are now in the South. But seriously, it like a sponge out here. The ground can't soak up any more water. It's mushy where ever you go. I keep thinking its time to get the Jon Boat out.
  13. I would suggest moving out of Illinois completely. Like NY, the state is to far gone to be brought back. I moved from NY to the south for this reason. One of my pastors is a former policeman who got the calling and went back to school. He is also in charge of security for the church which has many locations. In my state, we are not allowed to carry in a church except with permission. My pastors know I do carry and my sole mission is to protect them. I'm told there are a few others, ex and active police that have permission to carry. I can tell you this, there are a few of us who also carry and we don't care. Since the pastors know I carry and I practice every day and have taken self-defense classes out west, they know I am more than capable to protect them and the congregation if the need arises. I sit in a specific spot in case. We also post a policeman in the lobby. As far as the church goes, as long as they don't see the gun on me everything is ok. I would work security but those guys can't carry and I refuse to do that. As I say, better safe than sorry. We had an incident a year or so back with a guy with a sign in front of the church just before the start of service. I was directing traffic at the time. Unless you're a danger to the congregation or to yourself they won't say anything to anyone. At least not in my state which is very pro-gun.

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