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  1. Your needed in Suffolk county. We need men to soften up the enemy in that county. It is a cesspool as it is. I moved from there because of this mess your in. Gather up as many as you can in that liberal land and be ready.
  2. This is the worst I have seen in 60 years. The left is just outright lying! They make it up as they go along. I read an article that said no matter who wins the election, no matter if the President is impeached or not,there will be a civil war. Its just a matter of when.
  3. Absolutley! The spark will light the fuse anytime now.
  4. Yes I do. I use it on the prepare network.
  5. I said I was available and ready. I don't need vetting. I am a patriot. I have a disability. I don't have time for training. I train everyday at the range. I am a military and tactical expert and a sniper. If we have Leo's or subversives here we'll find them. Remember what the Jefferson said, The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
  6. I think we have major problem. There are so many law enforcement groups that enforce its own laws. No one seems to know who to trust. I can't trust the FBI, Homeland security, FEMA or the CIA. We finally have a great President but a party who only wants to take him down. I don't know about you, I see the country on the edge ready to boil over.  We may not have "units'. That may be good or its bad. Frankly, I think we all need to be in contact using software similar to that used by the Preppers. We need to be able to talk regularly. 


    I don't know about the rest of you, but I may be old but I am ready. I am waiting on orders as to where I am going to march. A massive clean out in the country needs to happen. Until the undesiraBLES are eliminated, we will never move forward as a country or a people. Choose your own undesirables. 

    The big question for action is this. Where is the military going to stand? Are they going to stand with us and the President? Or will they stand with the opposite party and the illegals and anti Americans? 


    Stay vigilant.

    1. I3DI


      I agree.  This is why you must have a process that is legal.  In my study and with many legal experts, the people fix the issue.  It was clarified by our founders that the people fix these problems.  If you go thru the declaration of independence, available thru the national archives, you see the list of abuses that defined a tyranny.  The issue we face is that all these abuses have been going on so long, roughly since the 1960's thru illusion, deception, that now it has escalated to a situation where any action by a people in agreement would be a fight uphill.  So you simply follow the steps where is began, which is why we are targeting George Town.  The fear of millions of people in agreement, a knowledge in person of what the Red line is by United States Code, a demand for enforcement and step down, will cause enough fear to force the enemy to concede.  As a former combat veteran, I can tell you, war is never preferable and you should NEVER go from A to C.  But I outline some things other soldiers and veterans and I have discussed by word of mouth here in Wisconsin and this is the intermediary step.  First you meet, you gain agreement, because to win you must also have those sworn by oaths ready to back up a agreed set of demands and a majority of Americans on board.  Any fight at this point would be detrimental.  To understand how detrimental, all you need is to read "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbons.  I would also recommend the Illiad and the Oddyseus by Homer.  These outline how, what and why, plus if you look at World War I and II the assault present is a combo assault.  You can also read "Invasion of Gaul" by Julius Ceaser to get a idea of how these "Immigrants" which are actually much more are being deployed and why elements of our government wont get behind Article 5 of the Constitution to protect our border.  We are infiltrated and confused.  The confusion is all part of it which is why we must get off social media, and meet in person nation wide to sort things out.  This circumvents all confusion.

    2. Claimbo


      Sorry I don't get here often enough. I thank you for your reply. The books you wrote about are excellent. I have read most of them. Our federal government has been out of control ever since the time of Lincoln. It was Lincoln who failed to understand the 10th amendment and wanted more federal powers. Its gone down hill with our Presidents and congresses ever since.  


      Look at the troubles we now have. It will not get better with our elected officials. Its time the people take this on. Just my opinion for whats its worth. 

  7. Im about 30 miles to the east. Like you, I'm old and grouchy and arthritic. But I am very smart and well trained. I am a wonderful shot. Im ready to go whenever or wherever we need to go.
  8. I'm in southern Greenville not all that far away. I'm just waiting on orders.
  9. This is very true. We don't know the words, no, or we can't. The words our military lives by are Yes and we can! We will destroy the enemy, if possible, in total if the politicians let us. Its always been this way and always will be. We will be involved in the final battle that is waged by anyone.
  10. Ready here in Simpsonville. I cant train on weekends. But I shoot daily! Im a sniper. Ready for orders.
  11. Weather looks bad. But this will pass. awaiting orders!
  12. In speaking with Trey, he said he wanted to spend time with his family. He was tired of Washington politics. I had thought he would make a great attorney general but he wasn't interested. Im not sure if he will run again. But I never say never.
  13. The big problem is no one on the Republican/ conservative side will run against him. We need to find a conservative, possibly from the constitutional party to take this seat. What do you all think?
  14. I cannot support Graham because of this issue. I thought he had shown backbone when he stuck up and spoke out about Judge Kavanaugh. But this kind of bad legislation should have never made it to consideration since it is so unconstitutional. I believe if this is passed there will be no other choice but to start the civil war. I don't write this lightly. Our government has grown too corrupt and tyrannical which was the fear of the founders. That was why they wrote the second amendment in the first place. I pray each day that it doesn't come to this but I am not hopeful that this type of legislation will be turned away. May God bless us and the United States.

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