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  1. Do I own guns? No, no, no... I own some "useless" pieces of metal. And polymer. With some gunpowder.
  2. What kind of activities could we do for our people? Small things to start, building up over time. Ideas at this time: !. Food drives 2. Clothing drivces 3. Public works (picking up trash on the side of the road) 4. Elderly assistance
  3. Oh boy... this is going to get all the hate. Please be nice; or try to at least. Okay, here it goes... I support the democratically elected government of the United States of America. Whether it be the Democrats of the Republicans, or whatever third party manages to get enough votes. As long as it is fair and law abiding, I support it. However... we must ensure that EVERY, SINGLE, LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN is given the right and means to vote. Black, white, whatever. Are you able to vote? Then you should be allowed to, and supported in whatever side you chose to vote for, as that is what the Constitution was meant for. It is a right that cannot be infringed upon; if someone is unable to travel to a voting station, we should do whatever we can to give them the opportunity to vote. Should we take steps to prevent voter fraud? Yes! But we must also take steps to prevent voter suppression. Do you need an ID to vote? Good! Let's make it reasonable for American citizens to obtain the necessary ID to vote. Don't bother charging for a small rectangle piece of plastic; we pay taxes for that. If you are an American citizen, you should be entitled to a government issued ID (It costs pennies... I'd rather spend tax money on that rather than congressman raises). Do I agree with every decision the government makes? Hell no. Do I think the government should regulate carbon emissions and pollution? Yes, as it effects literally the entire planet. Do I think that homosexuals should marry? Fuck it, why not? You pay taxes, might as well act like everyone else. Do I want the government telling me what gender I am and which one can use my bathroom? No... you're getting weird, Government. Please abide by the constraints of the restraining order. Are we a democracy? NO... we are a Constitutional Republic. In a democracy, everyone decides on a matter (Majority wins, regardless of the minority opinion.) In a Republic, the people elect electors, who can still protect the minority. Have an opinion? Let me know! Just please, try to be polite and civil. I want discussion, not argument. Discussion leads to knowledge sharing; argument leads to noise.
  4. @RipcannonMy first job was the County Jail. We imprison people for the dumbest things. "Oh no!!! You didn't pay your $100 parking ticket! Let's spend $20,000 keeping you in jail to make you pay it!" It's stupid.
  5. @Ripcannon all the 'militias' I've seen in the news show up in combat armor with guns, to protests or rallies. When was the last time you saw a militia, unarmed, show up after a hurricane and start handing out blankets and bottled water? I've never seen that! Militia's need to start doing that! Not just occassionaly; that has to be their primary focus! A militia is not about us... its about the people of this country... its about our neighbors, our friends, our families.
  6. We need a revamp of the criminal justice system in this country. I will admit, freely, a bias against criminals. However, I will say that we could do better. Rather than punishment, we should focus on rehabilitation (for certain crimes; rapists, child abusers, domestic abusers, sex offenders, murderers, white collar criminals {the ones who cheat little old ladies out of their life savings}) can hang from the tallest tree. "Oh no, you had half a gram of pot on you!!! And you weren't high!!!... Cool. Here's a $100 fine. Go home." "Oh no, you did it three times! Ten years of feeding you, clothing you, caring for you.. or a $1,000 fine." You tell me what's better.
  7. The Constitution absolutely protects felons; but we must acknowledge the reality of our present environment. Do violent felons have the right to own firearms? Personally, I believe it depends on a case to case basis. Domestic violence? Rape? Child abuse? Absolutely not. Some crimes should cost all of your rights. However, I do believe some felons can be rehabilitated into perfectly legal, law abiding, honorable citizens of our Republic. Eventually, I want to be able to donate money for convicted criminals to be properly rehabilitated, and reduce recidivism; provide education, job training, healthcare, and housing to prevent them from turning back to crime, while instilling in them a determination to use their second chance to better society, and help their neighbors. Yes, I am saying I don't want felons to join... for now. I want then to join when the resources exist, to provide to them the absolute best opportunity to succeed, without resorting to crime, and to make them into hardworking, productive members of society.
  8. So I don't know what YOU want to know, so feel free to reply. I will not be posting about my personal information, but will gladly speak about my political and religious beliefs. Disclaimer; I have both liberal and conservative views, melting together into a weird combination of right/left wing views (yeah, Christmas is REALLY fun). Be polite, be respectful. You will get what you give.
  9. A lot of militias seem to focus on survival and combat training. Very useful, but limited. Congrats; you can fight, and you can endure. So... do you know how to build a shelter? How about taking care of basic wounds? What about CPR? Cooking? What's safe to eat and whats not? Obtaining food (farming, hunting, fishing). What about preserving food (smoking, drying, canning)? Basic vehicle maintenance (can you change a tire or oil), cooking (canned food doesn't count), weapons maintenance, unarmed combat? There's a lot more in this world to learn besides shooting and fighting. Knowledge is power, and the more we educated our people, the better off they will be. Physical education; basic calisthenics, endurance training, weight lifting, cardiovascular health promotion. Full disclosure; I'm not in the best physical health (I'm going to blame me job) but I can still hike with thirty pounds on my back, a ten pound weapon in my hands, no water and no sleep for several miles. Together, you will be able to do so as well! Nutrition; everyone knows what to eat, but not HOW to eat. Eating healthy can be hard; picking green stuff, picking healthy stuff, veggies not soaked in butter or oil. Lets learn about what to eat, what to avoid, what kind of foods to include in our diet to obtain the most required nutrients, etc. Survival skills; hunting, fishing, water purification, shelter building, survival during different weather conditions, basic first aid, fire starting, etc. Feel free to comment or reply for other topics that should be mandatory! I welcome feedback; I'm not all knowing, and will gladly accept advise.
  10. Membership is open to people of all races, religions, creeds, nationalities, sexual orientations, or political affiliations. Honestly, I don't care who you like, where your family is from, how wealthy your are, the highest level of education you obtained, or what version of God you worship. The United States was built on diversity; for each metal we added to the melting pot, we took the best of each to make the strongest alloy. Each of us has something to share; some strength to lend to the whole. Barring whole groups of people from membership is foolish. Will multiple viewpoints weaken us? Yes, it can; multiple viewpoints can clog discussion, gridlock debates, or even scuttle plans. Know what else opposing viewpoints do? Provide different solutions to a problem. Show different points of view to pros and cons to an objective. And finally; ensures that we preserve the goal of democracy. Note; Members with a license to carry (concealed) in the state of MA is highly preferred, but I eventually want to be able to provide state approved education so that members will be able to obtain an LTC in MA. I want the education to be extensive, with a MAJOR FOCUS on safety; too many people treat guns as toys, rather than the dangerous tools they can be. Felons, sex offenders, domestic abusers, drug dealers, and criminals of all sorts.... please, do not apply, do not join, do not follow this page. I want honorable, law-abiding citizens, with no criminal record (no one really cares about parking violations). Addicts... I eventually want to be able to provide resources for you to get clean. Remember; your duty is to America; your life belongs to America; and it is your responsibility to get clean so that you can properly serve the interests of the American people. I want to be able to provide resources for medical/psychological help, so that we can direct those that wish to help themselves, and by proxy America, to those who can provide the best way to help them. Do you speak English? No? Oh, but you firmly believe in the American way of life, our culture, and our destiny? What do you know; you remind me of my grandparents. How about some English lessons, some history lessons, so that we can make those who are willing to become full fledged American citizens. Anything I didn't add into this? Reply, comment, whatever. I want the best America has to offer. I also want its worst; because a knight in shining armor has never been tested; a knight whose armor is broken, scratched, dented and a fractured has been tested and has not been found wanting.
  11. To protect and serve the people of the United States of America. We will not participate in rallies, protests, or civil disorder. Instead, we will respond to floods, fires, hurricanes, snow storms, and other disasters. We will protect the weak from those that would do them harm; from looters, from traitors. We will ensure the safety of our people; rescue the stranded, feed the hungry, and comfort the wounded. Heal the sick, feed the hungry, and cloth the poor. Many militias focus on armed activities; protecting their beliefs with force. This is not sustainable. The militias that roll around with armor and weapons are seen as crazy, dangerous radicals. What if instead of going to a location with weapons, we instead went with food, clothing, and medical supplies? Would you rather support an organization that supplies aid to your people, or who show up with weapons and empty words? I want to build a Militia that is not only armed and prepared to defend the Constitution, but one that is supplied and equipped to help the little old lady snowed in during a Nor'Easter, unable to get her pills; the single mother having trouble feeding her children; the veteran homeless on the street; and the teacher who spent half her paycheck buying supplies to make sure our children have an adequate education. I don't want an armed gaggle; I want an organization that provides for the betterment of America, with the arms to protect themselves and their people.
  12. Really? Really? One militia group, in all the state of Massachusetts? One group, dedicated to the preservation of the sacred Constitution? One group, grown from the ashes of the first true state of our Republic? One group, able to claim the heritage of those eight men who lost their lives, who shed their blood on the grass of Lexington Green, whose response to the demand "Ye villains, ye rebels, disperse!" was to fire the shot heard round the world? One group, who can trace their history to the first, real Americans, who stood their ground on a little bridge outside Concord, who's courage gave birth to a nation? Where did we go wrong? When did the men, and women of Massachusetts break? Because broken we are. We, who are unwilling to stand for what is true. We, who are unwilling to push against the tide of lies told by those we 'elected' to serve us (who instead serve the oligarchs and traitors who turn their back on those who would die for them). We, who can look upon our own histories, and see exactly where we failed to stand for our nation. About me. Half my family was here before the ice bridge over the Bering Sea melted. The other half was still in the Old World when the Polish Hussars saved Vienna, and whose name was changed when they came to America seeking a better life. Half my family, who were enslaved by the South, only to be freed after the Revolution. Half my family, who came here with nothing, unable to speak or understand English, who worked, built a road (that bears their name to this day) in Dudley, Ma, and a farm that provided for them. Who, on both sides, independent of one another, decided to let their history die, to let their language atrophy, to lose the majority of their traditions, their beliefs, and their mannerisms, because, as my father said of my Grandfather, "He wanted his children to be Americans, not Native American or Cape Verdean." My family, who have bled and died and sacrificed for over seventy years for this nation. Who has bled in North Africa, Normandy, Belgium, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. My family; who have traveled to the Vietnam Wall, and watched as my father, 73 years old, paused, and began listing of the names of his friends who he had always wondered the fate of. My family, who can claim five bronze stars in the name of the Patriarch of my mothers side (may God bless his soul), earned against the Nazis, when Americans were Americans. And we come to today; me, who cannot serve, to my disgust, to my personal physical and mental health. Who instead must watch, and has watched, as my flesh and blood, my brother, my twin, and my other half, went across the world to serve my nation, my fathers nation, and the nation of my ancestors. Who must watch as my brother risks his life for his nation, telling me he "will die" to make sure his men come home. Who must watch his brother fight for degenerates, traitors, and heretics. I know I am not alone. You have family who spent their life in service to a country that has already fallen, that no longer exists; who's sacrifice is being dishonored by perverts. You, denied your duty because of a weakness, whether it by physical, emotional, or mental. You, who burns with a passion for American Nationalism, American Superiority, and American Exceptionalism. You, who believes that the American Dream is not a privilege, but the right of Every American. And now we come back to the beginning. One group? Really? The men and women of Massachusetts have a glorious history; this nation was conceived with our blood; it was sustained with our blood, and will survive with our blood. So what happened? We must resurrect out lost heritage. We must reclaim our lost honor, our lost glory. We must claim our abandoned burden, to preserve this nation, and shoulder the past we have forsaken. Men and Women of the Bay State; our ancestors were here at the beginning, and by God's will, we will be there if this ever ends. Maybe we should start remembering where we came from. God Bless America. God Bless our honored Dead. And God Bless all of those who stand for America.
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