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    Retired US Army Sergeant First Class. Currently working for the Federal Government in Lafayette Indiana.
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  1. Sapper3 comes from my radio call sign during my years with 376 EN Company (SEP). Except for crewing helicopters early on in my Army career, my time as Sapper3 was the most rewarding. Then I got pushed up to BDE HQ, still doing Operations and Training but a long way from my soldiers.
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    Sapper 3

  3. Thank you for your Support!

  4. Here's to not having to use it, but being ready in case you do!
  5. hello, I'm Edd Holcombe. I'm a retired E-7 with 22 years service in the US Army, I retired 14 years ago. I am still working for the Federal Government. I have three sons Eric and his beautiful wife Cassie, Brian and my youngest is named Michael. I have been married to my lovely wife, Debby, for 24 years. I live not far from the Purdue University campus, from which my wife and I graduated. I'm pretty much an open book, if you have questions feel free to ask.

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