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  1. She knows the governor is extremely liberal and would try to confiscate our weapons if he had a democrat controlled senate here, and was hoping they would gain control of those seats to expand his control. She also knows NC is full of Vets who have grown to hate the democrats for what they're doing to this country and will fight at a moments notice once the time is right.
  2. The sad part for every one wanting to join a militia unit, is most militias right now are asleep... They think because we have a President who is looking out for America that they can stop training and lay back until after his second term is over. The reality is that we are in more danger right now than we have ever been in in our lifetime. We have politicians who are trying to turn this country into a socialist hell hole, same for the communist. We have politicians who are manufacturing false flag events to try to take our guns, murdering anyone who disagrees with them. We have politicians who are cheering the fact that we're killing babies AFTER they're born, forget abortion, now we're into full blown murder...all the while booing God.. Trying to flood the country with illegals so they can win the vote and get into office, so they can turn us into slaves. working our fingers to the bone, paying half of our paychecks to the government so they can give it to someone who sits on their butts all day, can't even speak English and don't wan to learn. They think we owe them something just because they're here...... I don't know where everyone is located, but within 30 miles of Charlotte we have 6 muslim training camps. 4 in the city limits, 1 in York County SC, you've probably saw it on the news, and the last is in Gastonia. The unit I'm in did a sneak and peak, took pics and video and presented it to other units throughout the state 2 months before the local police were even briefed that it existed by the fbi... Then we had to explain to the locals how we knew it was there, and we told them what we had observed. What has happened to the country that I and others here fought for ?? My service in the USMC feels more like an anchor chain these days than a badge of honor because of the hate that the left spews daily. Awarding cop killers, giving our tax money to the same people who blew up the twin towers. destroying our heritage, pulling down statues, telling a liars version of world history to suit their twisted minds view... Find you a unit that is training, often and hard.
  3. David Johnston, there is a NCCM unit in Gaston/ Lincoln Counties. If you have a facebook page go to the North Carolina Citizen Militias Open Page, and ask to join. Once there mention your county of residence and ask for a local recruiter to contact you. Or, if you don't use facebook or feel safer somewhere else, look for the North Carolina Citizen Militia page on Mewe. Please remember that we are a volunteer organization and everyone works a job and has a family so it may take a while you scheduled, so don't get to you don't get frustrated. To speed up the process, we ask that you show your CCW permit, a copy of a pistol purchase permit or have a 10yr background from your local law enforcement. None of these are retained, just to show that you can legally own a firearm. There will also be a face to face interview. Anyone with a felony will not be allowed to join at this time due to guns being at our training events and none of us want to go to jail. There are also units in other areas for the state, so feel free to go to the pages mentioned above. Just mention the county you live in, and ask for a recruiter to contact you
  4. Megatron. We have several members in the NCCM who have in their past been federal officers of one type or another. They have over time taught us to identify real Bureau business cards, as well as how to identify when a car is tailing you, what to look for in your house if you feel someone may have been there and planted a device for listening or spying , etc... Sorry I had to change my id, when the website updated all my information was changed and I've never been able to log back in to my previous profile.
  5. Was unaware that they were doing that. So far we haven't had any issues with them, but will definitely keep that in mind.
  6. For those interested in possibly joining the NCCM, we have begun the process or moving off facebook completely. All business for unit members is conducted on MEWE at this time, though we do still have the facebook page the "North Carolina Citizen Militia Open Page" there for recruiting purposes. We are also in the process of trying to rebuil ourd computer servers so that we can get our website back in operation after it was flooded during hurricane Michael. Currently, and please keep in mind I'm trying to do this from memory,, we have units in the following counties: Burke, McDowell, Gaston/ Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Union/ Anson, Rowan/ Iredell, Guilford/ Alamance Haywood, Forsyth is in the process of forming, Wake, Pitt, Robeson, Carteret and New Hanover. There may be a few I missed so please forgive me. Several counties are no longer considered active as either the CO moved from the county for work and the unit fell apart, or they were dropped because of lack of interest in continuing to train to protect our state and country.
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