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  1. Hello. What are you located? We have several people in that area.
  2. I am from Mechanicville/ Halfmoon. I am the commanding officer of a local group that trains twice a month and has regular monthly meetings twice a month. Our group uses Facebook as a recruitment area but we're primarily offline and prefer to be an in person group. We're made up of many counties surrounding Albany going as far North as Warren County and South to Greene County and all in between. We serve the locality where we live but have centralized meetings to standardize the training.
  3. Welcome to the 518

  4. Greetings from Upstate New York! NY Militia is an active community based militia with regular monthly meetings in Saratoga County and in Ulster County with two trainings each month. All members are ICS certified. Active members must meet minimum performance requirements that support members do not. There's a place for everyone! Message us today to start Ken Hillicoss, CO, 5th Regiment, NYM
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