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  1. My guess is that I had better say this too.

    I am an Army Vet and was in the Medical Corps.  Been a life member in the NRA and a Gunsmith since 1975.   Gave up my FFL ten years ago.  Was on the Nevada Rifle team to the National Matches several times in the 80's and 90's.  If you have not done that at the Matches, I can tell you that is real work.  


  2. I am ;earning how to get around in this thing.  I also find that there are others in Nevada with similar thoughts.  Some day, I would like to meet and greet.


  3. Thanks for the input;

    I have been reading the Constitution and am reading it again.  My memory and understanding is not what it used to be.


    I have contacted Judicial Watch and as requested, sat in a couple of courts while they were in session.  At first, I did not understand it when the Judge stated that the Constitution did not have any authority in his court.  I took some time and studied the problem.


    When I walked into the Courthouse, I noticed that the Flag was on the pole.  Yes.  I was in the US of A.  


    In the court room, the flag was to the right of the Judge's chair where it was supposed to be, to the Right of itself.  It had a gold fringe around the flag.  OK. So what?


    I found that there are three flags of authority for the US. 


    The first flag was authorized by President George Washington in 1791.  "The Civil Flag of Freedom."  The Stars are blue, the field is white, and the red and white stripes, all 13 of them, are up and down, not sideways.  This flag, before the time of FDR, was flown on Custom houses, and the Coast Guard Ships and Buildings.  We were not at WAR.


    I made the attempt to get one of the Civil Flags.  Sat in front of the Computer, went on line, and looked..  I found one, made in Germany.


    The second flag we all know and see on flag poles in front of government buildings.  It is named, "The Military Flag of Freedom."


    The third flag, I have been informed by a friend who is a Doctor of Jurisprudence, said that the Military Flag with the Gold Fringe is not an American Flag.  It is a flag indicating Admiralty Law.  The Law of the Sea.  Water.  ( The Statue o f Liberty in in the harbor of New York.  Right?) He also said that the Government does not want to call its attention to Admiralty Law.  So they call it the UCC.  The Uniform Commercial Code, indicating that the US is a Corporation. 


    FDR, in 1933, filed Bankruptcy.   Yeah, the US Corporation is Bankrupt.  Our Courts are Bankrupt.  Does that mean that the President does not need to call for a State of Emergency?  We have been in a State of Emergency since 1933?


    Ever since I studied this material, I have wondered when, if, we would get our Constitution back?  Our Freedom Back?  I do not call it Liberty.  A Sailor get Liberty from his ship.  However, he must return to his ship.  He is not Free.


    There has been some Conservative people on the Boob Tube that have said we will not, as conservatives, win another election.  The Socialists have taken over.  In the last election, they have the state of Nevada.  Californians have moved into the state of Nevada.


    I did not mean to be this windy.


    Lowell from Dayton, Nevada.




    1. KillBird


      You are getting it brother, good work patriot. Next you need to learn their language, learn what to say and what to write (find the Black's Law  dictionary 7th edition) then you will be closer to being able to file the right forms under UCC-1, If this is done right the first time the case will push though with no hitch if not it can turn out bad and can make you look rather silly.

    2. Higley, Lowell

      Higley, Lowell

      Hi KillBird.  I do have the Blacks Law Dictionary ( 6th ED).  My friend, the doctor of Jurisprudence, informed me that in Court, if there is a word whose meaning is in question, with that dictionary, they have to listen.

      My wire of 49 years has informed me that I like diversity,  I do not have a Drivers License.  Nor do I have any State License Plated on my Jeep.  The Constitution and the Courts state that I have the Right to Travel vs the Privilege of driving. Lowell

    3. KillBird


      You have no idea how good it makes me feel to be talking to a real American, I thank you and commend you in your stance against our invaders and am very honored to have you here as our great nation's last hope for freedom. In this time of our nation's captivity I can only pray that there would be more Americans like you and in that great day when we reclaim our beautiful county, I thank you and salute you ahead of that time for your service.

  4. Things I see, hear and contemplate: Until Mid 2018 I had a family member in Military Intelligence. Yeah! I hear things. I also listen to others and read a lot. Some of it I think about and some of it is pure stuff emitted from the South end of a North bound Bull. Why do I hear that we have been invaded? Are being invaded. Not by just the so called Caravans. I see videos of train loads of white UN Vehicles being taken where ever they are being taken within the US. I hear fellow shooters say they were in Mexico and saw hundreds of Tanks with red stares painted on them close to the US/Mexico Border. I hear of the Mexican gangs, the MS13, whatever they are called, are in our US Cities. Some have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border and ordered released. Groups of Chinese have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border. UN Peace Keepers are living in the US. They do not seem to care that we know they are here. A good number of the Military, with equipment, are being deployed at the US/Mexican Border. I do not think they are there for the so called Caravans. Muslims? There are compounds of Blacks, turned into Muslims, here in the US. The FBI know where and how many. The Middle Eastern kind are hare too. The US does not really have a Southern Border. I know what the Constitution means concerning the Militia. Being a person who has documented twenty-two men who fought in the American Revolution, in direct decent. has some idea what our Founding Fathers meant when they included the Militia, the people, in the Constitution. I know that today, the homeland government thugs are doing what the Constitution says is the duty of the militia. What say you? Lowell from Dayton, Nevada.
  5. Hi: Yeah, I am back.  To say I am tired is true.  At my age, which I am in my 78th year of life, I should be.  To understand my frame pf mind, I would request that you go on line to [email protected]  This writing was sent by Dean H, Garrison, 01/23/2013.  It says a lot.  What do you think?


    In the State of Nevada, I would never would have believed that the Communists would take over the state.  Yet again, I realize that California is in a bad way.  People are leaving that State and also bringing their ways with them.


    You are correct that I request of people to look up the history we are discussing at that time.  I once heard that the way the Communists, the Left, could take over the country was take over the schools.  Out Government Schools are doing a very poor job of teaching our children.





  6. hello from Alaska..I too am TIRED...its the same BS as always


    1. 1st Coastal Jager Det.

      1st Coastal Jager Det.

      Thanks for your Son's service



    2. 1st Coastal Jager Det.

      1st Coastal Jager Det.

      and yours as well


    3. MARIE


      Yes thank you for your service

  7. I am resided in Northern Nevada. As far as I have learned, I am the only person interested in the State. So, my question is, what am I doing that is worth while? During our last election, the Mid Term, so called, the Communists took over the Governorship and the Legislature. I moved away from the left coast to get out of that kind of politics. Moving is hard work. I am allergic to work, What I do here is being a member of the Civil War Reenactment Group as a Marine. I build a land ship and do my best to teach what our Government School do not teach of our History. After I am accused of telling untruths, my reply, with a smile, is look it up. I do not think that they go to the trouble. I also spend a few dollars purchasing parts to put rifles together. Also the parts to put the ammunition together so I mat shoot them. How long do you think I can keep all of that? I have a son who resides in Henderson who has my name attached to him. He was an Air Force Officer for the last twenty years. Resigned his Commission last July. Lowell Higley
  8. I was in hope of there being other people near by that I could talk to. Be with. It appears not so. That bothers me. Vets that have been in the Sand Box and a vet like my Son who retired last July as a Maj., say no when asked if they would fire on Americans if they refused to turn over their firearms when ordered by the Gov. Or those in Blue Hats. As far as I know, this is real. I am a vet., USA Medic. I have spent 20 years as a Fire Firefighter and 10 years as a Peace Officer. Life member NRA as of 1975. Master Mason, 1991. FFL from 1975 ti 2010 as a Gunsmith. My guess is that dates me. Life member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the NRPA, and Or and Ca, Yeah. I shoot a lot. I do not know what other info you would need. I am not sure that what I have written is what you want. Please advise, Lowell
  9. welcome to the site I hope you join in.

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