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  1. There are a few of us scattered around. @ Steve Kazan @ Black Wind We need to get together at some point. Anyone in Suffolk, Nassau, queens, or Brooklyn. Make yourselves known. Let’s start something great on the island. Let’s train, educate and learn as a unit.
  2. Hope all is good brother. Lemme know when you are free and we’ll get to planning stuff
  3. Any new brothers and sisters in the Long Island area looking for an organization sound off or message me or @ Steve Kazan
  4. Was a group ever organized
  5. Ryan, how are you making out in your search? 

  6. Any patriots in Long Island please contact me via message. Building a unit on Long Island and looking for good dedicated people to start up with.
  7. @GregWrench Could you get me in touch with the downstate CO For ghost squad for cross training once the NYM unit is up and running
  8. The gentleman you should speak to is s. Terry. He liked one of the posts in here @S.TERRY
  9. Black wind and Evad. Go ahead and look up ny militia and take a look at what they are all about if you want. That will be the organization whose flag we fly under.
  10. The acronyms were for chain of command, commanding officer and Calvin champion woods.
  11. @Black Wind I spoke to ccw and we have a solid plan for a unit. We just need the numbers to build a coc and maintain a solid training and meet and greet schedule. I’m going on Saturday to speak with the co that would be our next in command to see what steps should be taken and how to launch and spread the word to people.
  12. Any patriots who are serious about joining a unit and are serious about training in Suffolk and Nassau counties on Long Island?
  13. Are there any active patriot groups on Long Island
  14. Any idea on how to contact ny lightfoot off of Facebook?

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    2. Calvin Champion Woods

      Calvin Champion Woods

      New York Freedom Fighters

    3. Ryan250


      Ccw I got in contact with the nym and I am going to start putting together a unit for Long Island under the New York militia flag. I could definitely use the help if you are still looking for a group. 

    4. Calvin Champion Woods

      Calvin Champion Woods

      I Am Interested.  Please Phone Me at: (631) 419 - 6790.

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