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  1. That is my squad!!!!!!!!
  2. Likewise. I am in coram. If you would like, give me a call. 6313070922
  3. Where are you guys located
  4. My name is Ryan. I am the assistant zone lead for the three percent originals. We are actively recruiting. Looking for good people in the downstate and upstate ny areas. If you are looking for a unit to join up with please message me and I would be happy to give you more information as well as walk you through the vetting process
  5. If you are in New York and looking for an organization. Contact me please
  6. I’m in central Suffolk in coram. I met with another patriot today from farmingville. He is the zone leader for the three percent originals. Do you have the signal app or zello? If so my handle on zello is Leo.quinn. It’s a great way to network with patriots all over the country and keep up on intel. Let me know ASAP if you need help setting that up
  7. There are a few of us scattered around. @ Steve Kazan @ Black Wind We need to get together at some point. Anyone in Suffolk, Nassau, queens, or Brooklyn. Make yourselves known. Let’s start something great on the island. Let’s train, educate and learn as a unit.
  8. Hope all is good brother. Lemme know when you are free and we’ll get to planning stuff
  9. Any new brothers and sisters in the Long Island area looking for an organization sound off or message me or @ Steve Kazan
  10. Was a group ever organized
  11. Ryan, how are you making out in your search? 

  12. Any patriots in Long Island please contact me via message. Building a unit on Long Island and looking for good dedicated people to start up with.
  13. @GregWrench Could you get me in touch with the downstate CO For ghost squad for cross training once the NYM unit is up and running

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