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  1. It's good for wearing your kids out for the day tooūüėČ
  2. I know I know I'm getting too old to play but damb it it works. Growing up in this desert was fun....and dangerous but free running around here sure became a benefit in my years now. Not only do I know this land better than anyone else I have the advantage of knowing how to move in it. When I'm not out in it I have found a great alternative in skate boarding....Yeah...I skate. If you can handle the demanding nature of it's physics you can handle anything out in the desert. What do you guys do to shape yourselves?
  3. I'm still trying to figure out how this thing I downloaded works.
  4. It was always about the way could be and not about our blood line, Do we not all come from the same three brothers of one man? Shinaabe means "people" and yes blood means everything to us all: Human and we have rights no man can take from us.
  5. Who ever came up with this; Thank you.


  6. Thanks for the input;

    I have been reading the Constitution and am reading it again.  My memory and understanding is not what it used to be.


    I have contacted Judicial Watch and as requested, sat in a couple of courts while they were in session.  At first, I did not understand it when the Judge stated that the Constitution did not have any authority in his court.  I took some time and studied the problem.


    When I walked into the Courthouse, I noticed that the Flag was on the pole.  Yes.  I was in the US of A.  


    In the court room, the flag was to the right of the Judge's chair where it was supposed to be, to the Right of itself.  It had a gold fringe around the flag.  OK. So what?


    I found that there are three flags of authority for the US. 


    The first flag was authorized by President George Washington in 1791.  "The Civil Flag of Freedom."  The Stars are blue, the field is white, and the red and white stripes, all 13 of them, are up and down, not sideways.  This flag, before the time of FDR, was flown on Custom houses, and the Coast Guard Ships and Buildings.  We were not at WAR.


    I made the attempt to get one of the Civil Flags.  Sat in front of the Computer, went on line, and looked..  I found one, made in Germany.


    The second flag we all know and see on flag poles in front of government buildings.  It is named, "The Military Flag of Freedom."


    The third flag, I have been informed by a friend who is a Doctor of Jurisprudence, said that the Military Flag with the Gold Fringe is not an American Flag.  It is a flag indicating Admiralty Law.  The Law of the Sea.  Water.  ( The Statue o f Liberty in in the harbor of New York.  Right?) He also said that the Government does not want to call its attention to Admiralty Law.  So they call it the UCC.  The Uniform Commercial Code, indicating that the US is a Corporation. 


    FDR, in 1933, filed Bankruptcy.   Yeah, the US Corporation is Bankrupt.  Our Courts are Bankrupt.  Does that mean that the President does not need to call for a State of Emergency?  We have been in a State of Emergency since 1933?


    Ever since I studied this material, I have wondered when, if, we would get our Constitution back?  Our Freedom Back?  I do not call it Liberty.  A Sailor get Liberty from his ship.  However, he must return to his ship.  He is not Free.


    There has been some Conservative people on the Boob Tube that have said we will not, as conservatives, win another election.  The Socialists have taken over.  In the last election, they have the state of Nevada.  Californians have moved into the state of Nevada.


    I did not mean to be this windy.


    Lowell from Dayton, Nevada.




    1. KillBird


      You are getting it brother, good work patriot. Next you need to learn their language, learn what to say and what to write (find the Black's Law  dictionary 7th edition) then you will be closer to being able to file the right forms under UCC-1, If this is done right the first time the case will push though with no hitch if not it can turn out bad and can make you look rather silly.

  7. sure thing, if he pulls this off the gov can be reopened again and the dems will still cry about it. It sure will make things move a whole lot faster and nobody can refute the matter. I think this can work.
  8. "Democrats have made it extremely clear, this shutdown is all about opposing Trump for them. It's time to pursue other options. 10 USC 274/284 would allow for fence construction without national emergency, Protect our communities, build the wall, and forget unreasonable democrats." ~Congressman Mark Meadows 1/21/2019~ Now we are getting some were, what do you think? Should Trump consider this for his next move?
  9. We are losing. Isn't there suppose to be a vote for ratifying? how come the people don't get a say on this law?
  10. I can see the headlines now (Trump made us do it, It's his fault) I never seen a more childish stunt in my life.ūüĎ∂

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