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  1. Well...This is the end of KillBird, my date of death is set for the 13th of october 2020. was nice serving with you.

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    2. KillBird


      All it takes is one mistake and you could end up in the same place they put cartel, some of which would love to see me again.

    3. KillBird


      Im afraid my number has changed pm me if you want the new number


















































    4. Rev.E.


      Long time Brother. Hope all is well with you.

  2. here is the download we have to keep those copies going https://online.freemusicdownloads.world/get-file?fn=SHADOWGATE+DOCUMENTARY+-+film+by+Millie+Weaver&pl=False&dt=MP4&vid=sCiUEO9b0RY
  3. There seems to be a battleground over this documentary https://www.bitchute.com/video/w79RsPEIaNvw/
  4. This is good, I myself carry a hanky on a daily basis for it's shear volume in use next to the jack knife but I never thought of talking about these items to others so the can be at that next level of prepared. Thank you brother, good subject.
  5. Today I would like to talk about you as a leader, a patriot and you as a human being. The level of preparedness and care you have for your unit is what makes you stand apart from the rest, though you are small we stand as a force to be reckoned with when we as a nation stand together. We the people as the rightful governing body should be deeply involved and at the forefront of every issue local, state and nationally, we are to be the first last and only measure to tyranny, invaders and conspirators against our fellow Americans. Let's face it; Who are they going to rely and trust in?
  6. Hey Killbird, Hope your doin OK, me ok,  tryin to get some groups together.

       Best, dav

  7. I sure wish I had a copy of that.
  8. There is alot about this https://americanmilitarynews.com/2020/03/police-trying-to-confiscate-gun-kill-md-man-in-his-home/
  9. What you are about to see I implore you all as Americans to pay close attention to what is said here and really think about what choices you are going to make from here on out. We as a nation, as a free people is being again tested of our integrity, We have hard choices ahead of us, I just hope we make the right ones. Let us show our resolve as our nation once did.
  10. Cochise Defense Militia checking in, ready for anything.
  11. Never better said American. I see the unity and resolve of our beautiful nation is rising to an antagonist in likes we have seen before, but my bets are on the People, on you America. Unfortunately: We are divided as a nation and in many ways but it is a product of our transgressions to other nations and to our selves and is no wonder the People fell asleep. We are now as a nation being tested on our integrity. Are you free? Are you brave? Dare I ask; Are you America? All Nations should be free, all forms of tyranny should be eradicated, our God given rights as human beings sho
  12. 2A rally and a concert the next day, yeah I'm going!

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