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  1. Well...This is the end of KillBird, my date of death is set for the 13th of october 2020. was nice serving with you.

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    2. KillBird


      All it takes is one mistake and you could end up in the same place they put cartel, some of which would love to see me again.

    3. KillBird


      Im afraid my number has changed pm me if you want the new number


















































    4. Rev.E.


      Long time Brother. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Welcome to our site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any staff member here.


  3. Just how I am feeling right now, say a prayer for me, will you.


  4. Welcome brother. I had posted a welcome message on the chat page to help direct you, just click the Index button at the top left of the page ↖️

  5. KillBird's wish list:


    1. A sturdy rifle
    2. A free country
    3. A beard
    1. criggie


      I got you...Kek...WWG1WGA


    2. criggie


      Forgot the rifle.oop's


    3. KillBird


      A sword never runs out of ammo

  6. I SEE YOU

    1. KillBird


      IP ban? not yet my friend I'm not done looking at your house, It's nice by the way.

    2. KillBird


      I was thinking of buying some cocaine from dll//.moabal with your credit card, don't worry I will send it to your house

  7. Do you remember pretending to be the super hero when the time called for you? That still seems possible with some of you, I can see it.


  8. Welcome patriot.



      Trying to get familiar with the format in this site.

  9. diet pills are not an active or inactive duty combat story.

  10. "Mr. KillBird why do you wear a mask? What are you hiding?"




  11. Who ever came up with this; Thank you.


  12. I'm so embarrassed.? All this time I had been calling you brother, I should have viewed your profile. sorry sister

    1. ImTexan


      Lolol no problem. I never even noticed and besides, I don’t get hung up on those words. You are my brother ?

  13. I need help understanding this:


    I had received a strange message last week from a fellow ghost who I had known for years and this was the message;


    "I don't have time to explain, they found me in their wave and I don't have much time left. Extract the transmission and spread it as fast as you can."


    Attached to the message was an encrypted video file, I ran it through my encryption program and as soon as I tried to play it my computer got hit harder than it ever had been before. After I severed all connections and recovered it (four days) I moved the file to a separate computer offline and I finally got it to play but it was just a three hour audio in the form of morse code. My morse code was very rusty and it took an additional day to decipher it and this is what it said;


    "Red stars rise by night and by morn they dance in streets of blood 11820190515"

    This message repeats over and over again.


    I had tried contacting him to ask what this meant but his phone is off, his mother's phone is off and so I went to his place, both his and his mother's vehicles are there but nobody was home and his cats' food and water dishes are empty (he never forgets to feed and water them).


    Is there anyone who can tell me what this message means?

  14. Hows it going brother?


  15. You ready?


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    2. Max


      Man, I heard Hillary might be considering a run in 2020.  What a world.  When they start to consider people like Clinton, Warren, Biden, and Bloomberg as possible presidential candidates, its gotta make you wonder about things.  Sure hope it turns out to be nothing more than possibility because those kind of kooks could end up running the country and that'd be a disaster.

    3. KillBird


      It would be more then a disaster as powerful factors are prepared if they change the tide here let alone the over whelming number of awake patriots that will be in their crosshairs. America will be no more if they get in and what's left of us will be on the run from these treasonists. Hope the military tribunals pull through for us, they need to be stoped and I'm not sure if you had noticed but there is something big brewing. Can you feel the change in the air? Stay on your toes brother.

    4. Stormy


      what our country needs is those that haven't made a career out of being politicians.  We need to go back to when Americans actually had a voice that out government listened too. Anyone that took history read about what made this country great and go back to what worked instead of this broken system that allows this kind of career politician to take over and ignore the citizen's rights that were guaranteed us through our constitution and amendments.

  16. Welcome Rodent glad to have you here.


    1. Rodent


      Sorry for putting it off for so long

    2. KillBird


      No problem brother I'm glad you made it.

  17. go to my page and click the Cochise Defense Militia and request to join


  18. How in the hell did southern Arizona get five inches of snow?  This day sucks already.

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    2. KillBird
    3. Stormy


      It happens so few and far between and with the warm winter we've had so far it caught us by surprize

    4. KillBird


      And a day it all melt and now a worm soaking rain.

  19. Howdy newcomer welcome to our family

  20. howdy Nomad welcome to our site

  21. Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my freedom!


  22. Welcome Flick glad to have you here.

    1. Flick


      thank you for having me

  23. You have got to be kidding me


    1. Ripcannon


      yeah anti-gunners are crazy...I wonder how many broke cheap parents live close enough to walk down there kids Christmas present to buy something (other).


    2. KillBird


      watch them trade for a shooter game.

  24. On my way home today I had took note of all the cotton like seeds from the dessert broom blowing around in the wind, looked a lot like snow.

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