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  1. You ready?


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    2. Max


      Man, I heard Hillary might be considering a run in 2020.  What a world.  When they start to consider people like Clinton, Warren, Biden, and Bloomberg as possible presidential candidates, its gotta make you wonder about things.  Sure hope it turns out to be nothing more than possibility because those kind of kooks could end up running the country and that'd be a disaster.

    3. KillBird


      It would be more then a disaster as powerful factors are prepared if they change the tide here let alone the over whelming number of awake patriots that will be in their crosshairs. America will be no more if they get in and what's left of us will be on the run from these treasonists. Hope the military tribunals pull through for us, they need to be stoped and I'm not sure if you had noticed but there is something big brewing. Can you feel the change in the air? Stay on your toes brother.

    4. Stormy


      what our country needs is those that haven't made a career out of being politicians.  We need to go back to when Americans actually had a voice that out government listened too. Anyone that took history read about what made this country great and go back to what worked instead of this broken system that allows this kind of career politician to take over and ignore the citizen's rights that were guaranteed us through our constitution and amendments.

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