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  1. Has minor infractions, nothing to be worried about, youngster stuff. His social activity is easy to access, guess he doesn't know how to protect his info. Nice neighborhood, works two jobs though it shows he has a bit of an issue when it comes to leadership and authority but not anything that can't be worked on. Has some views that need to be straitened out, but can't blame him for something he had been lied to about, give him time around us and I'm confident he can be Merica in no time. I would advise he stay under radar with militia activity as that subject could cause friction with some of his family and neighbors. Young, rough cut but I personally give him the green.

  2. Just now, Dav Harzin said:

    NO !!!, Killbird YOU HAVE NOT FAILED AMERICA, you have had a serious kick to the heart.


    The failure of america started a generation ago. Some people let there love of this country slip. And others lost their morals. and the forces that be, took advantage and fed the ignorant with propaganda.

    YES, we have a fight ahead of of us....Pick your rifle up soldier, continue the march, if you cant we will carry you.

    Thank you brother, You and many others here are the reason I have hope for our nation, I really love my brothers and sisters here because you are my family and are willing to lift each other up in time of need. Thank you brother for putting me back on my feet.

    But... I will need a rifle, they took mine. bastards

  3. 3 hours ago, Grandpa Chuckie said:

    I am so sorry about your situation. We all know that the courts are no longer common-law courts, upon which the constitution was written. You as an individual cannot even defend yourself before your peers, as you have to have a "learned" lawyer to represent you! We have heard some supreme court justices speak of the constitution as "outdated". It's not the document that's outdated, but the person needs to be updated! This is what happens when people are left to their own means without a guide book (Bible, constitution, etc). Once the manual is not obeyed, chaos ensues along with selfishness & greed.


    This is happening to you, Killbird, in your court. All the courts! We the people need to take a stand and get back to the standards of the Bible and the Constitution. I truly believe God helped the founding fathers establish this country, and if we all turn back to Him, He will help us gather the strength and wisdom to re-establish this country to its roots! But we have to ask for His direction, then act on it!!


    Hang in there, brother!

    I thank you brother, I can only hope that one day our great nation will be restored to the way it was meant to be, but for now all I can do is pray as I cannot do anything in of myself for I am a nobody and have no power and authority to do any thing about it, so for now I stand alone and defeated before you all and a sad excuse of a patriot. I will will however hold fast to hope and fight on for my child is the future of the people and the breath of my lungs, and without her I have no life and am dead as a man who could not protect the future of the people. I am sorry America for I have failed you.

  4. I had gone to my court hearing yesterday to determine the custody of my child in which I was denied for up to a year and is a big maybe to be reunited with her, but aside that fact; I had spoken to my public defender before the hearing and pointed out facts of the claim and evidence to look at, I had also requested to bring in character witnesses to testify of the facts, all of which I was denied. "But what about my rights protected by the Constitution?" My public defender then replied to me;

    " I am not permitted under penalty of law to divulge this information to you, and this does not leave this room, 'The Constitution and the rights protected by it are only figurative and has no merit within this country and the jurisdictions thereof, there are no recognition of those rights anymore and we are to tell you that you have those rights because if this gets out to the public, there could be a civil insurgency unlike the world has ever seen. We are to protect the citizens from such a dangerous situation, remember, if you tell anyone what I told you, you may face severe consequences and will face charges of sedition and treason." 


    I as a patriot, a nationalist and an American, feel it is my duty to inform you the American people of this and if I face consequences for this then may I be the first to be fired upon and my duty fulfilled.

    Let us then face the facts; We are no longer a free nation, we are no longer in control of our country, and we have lost this fight altogether.

    When it comes to defending our country; We have not a country to defend.

    When it comes to defending our Constitution; We have not a constitution to defend.

    When it comes to defending our rights; We have not rights to defend.

    When it comes to defending our freedom; We are no longer free.

    We cannot fight them, we will not win, there will be resolve for sovereignty and as far as our rights and our constitution, there will be no call to arms, but rather a call to lay down our arms.


    Good people of America: We have fallen, we have lost and we are no more the great nation we once where and will never be again.


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