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    Hello fellow patriots. My name is Rob Kluver and I am the founder of the American Militia Association, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of arming and training the militia. As our federal and State governments have failed in this duty, our purpose
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  1. Actually only a limited number of states have such laws and/or they involve parading and/or they have a knowledge/intent clause of an actual criminal act being committed. When State executives and State courts violate the laws of the State legislature in a federal election that is all that is necessary to cause the destruction of a free, fair and Constitutional election. Clear, undeniable and unimpeachable evidence of that exists for the November 2020 election in enough States which should have resulted in the certification of electors to be invalid. Also most of Ti
  2. Many would argue the line in the sand has already been crossed by the 2020 "election".
  3. It is not my fault they are not reading this thread. The undeniable and ugly truth of it is that the spark already ignited. There will and must be canon fodder. There will be martyrs. This dirty business requires it. The flame cannot be extinguished with so much fuel available to it. We must hope the other side is clearly seen as the aggressor without doubt, captured in 4K quality and shared around the world.
  4. Your idea sounds great ~ I was merely commenting about who that somebody was, most responsible for the high turnout.
  5. Point blank is that war involves death and destruction. You don't discuss such things in the open in any way or plan missions with people you do not know. Especially concerning 4th generation tactics, doing so jeopardizes the damned mission. This is not a game or social club. There is no national force on your side that you can trust in the short time ahead. There is nothing wrong with diplomacy itself, but such diplomacy must be limited to what you can freely express in the public square. If the content of the discussion is suggested to be private or to lure a mass of men to private gat
  6. Careful consideration supplies many similar dynamics to the period you reference. 6 Jan 2021 while a shit show directly related to the absence of resolve and coordination was a missed golden opportunity as I have said in an earlier recent posting, but it also bears significant similarity with sparks ignited during the 1770's. Some of these occasions were very much shit shows in their own regard. It is perfectly understandable that significant incidents gone awry would avail themselves for a repetition of history lost in the memories of our current circumstance. In fact, the latter recent i
  7. This was courtesy of the President of the United States, now lost to us, forever. No one else right now garners anywhere close to an equal potential of significant influence. This will change, and by all means, be blessed to endanger yourself and others before then. Canon fodder is always necessary but your acts and/or coordination of them using this medium is undoubtedly dangerous. You have a lot to consider as do those who follow your suggestion without the benefit of experience. Many however, remaining silent or supplanting responses that are in disagreement with y
  8. Difficult to bite my tongue and just observe these continuous failures. Huge failure and missed opportunity on the 6th and I should leave that there without further detail. We should all understand why it was a miserable failure. The battle right now is the narrative itself, the dashed hopes and depression of the masses and celebration by the opposition. If you consider yourself informed you must know that the golden opportunity has come and gone and that there must be a redirect while it can be salvaged. The narrative must be completely reversed and all such actions must be designed for
  9. I would stress that also includes any relevant technical description of your operations, backup plans, etc. My original message was simply a technical advisement/warning - that the times warrant tighter analysis of all the ways in which continuous operations could be placed in jeopardy and to best prepare as there is an ongoing information war in progress, and this site among others would undoubtedly be on the enemy's radar. It requires and I further advise no further "open" discussion on the matter.
  10. The war has already started. The battlefield is not with arms, it is on the information front. The victors control the narrative, and are only victorious when they maintain that control.
  11. Actually, there are many ways you can be taken down, including but not limited to a surprise raid by the US Marshall service or other law enforcement agencies. I am speaking from great experience as well as technical knowledge. Encryption has nothing to do with the ability to be taken down. Private server actually makes it an easier task. Regardless you may be easily blacklisted by any Internet Service Provider and filtered out of existence within seconds. I'm not mentioning this at all to downplay the site or server at all, you just need to be aware it can disappear in an instant. What
  12. For thought.... If the President ordered the FBI or US Marshalls to arrest the state attorney generals, governors or magistrates violating the constitution and they refuse to do so, he could basically fire anyone in leadership down the line until the ones left comply with the order. He could also potentially order the military and/or national guards to essentially execute the laws. If military leadership goes against the President he could again fire anyone standing in the way but there is also a risk that federal agents or soldiers in the military attempt to arrest the President (military
  13. It is against the law to plan or attempt to act upon plans to commit acts of sedition or domestic terrorism. The President of the United States has authority given to him by congress and the Constitution of the United States to call forth the militia and to command such militia to enforce the laws of the United States. The President of the United States is Donald J. Trump and many of the people of the United States stand ready for such call if it comes. The electors are to be chosen by the legislatures of the States, not by a governor, adjutant general, board of elections or State court jud
  14. Been using facebook since its launch. Used it for not only personal but many business accounts and had many apps and services using their APIs, etc. Out of the blue they disabled everything, two decades of work, all of my client facilities, personal and business relationships destroyed. This should not stand, regardless of the fact they are a "private" company which is "publicly traded". This is worse than anti-trust. This is political terrorism.

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