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  1. Real Estate Software Dubai-Real Estate Software UAE
    From: befalcon.com
    Gulf VAT compliant Real Estate Software and Property Management Software company established by a team of highly qualified professionals to provide the highest quality software and ERP solutions with reliable, professional technical support and customer services.
    لكافة تفاصيل برنامج إدارة العقارات فالكون برو باللغة العربية إضغط هنا
    For FalconPro Full Details in English Click Here
    Clients of FalconPro Real Estate Software
    To Download The Free Version of FalconPro Real Estate Software Click Here
    FalconPro Real Estate Software Top Features
        A Fully integrated , easy-to-use and cost effective Real Estate management software For any size of business (Large, Medium or Small) to Manage All Real Estate Business Activities – Create and Print Contracts, Receive all fees ( Installments, Security Deposit, Commissions, Parking Fees , Administrative fees, Government Fees, Any other fees ) – Cheque Management ( Receive , Submit to Bank, Clear ,Bounce , Replace ) – Create and Follow Claims and Maintenance orders , Create and Follow Police Cases and Legal Cases – Record All Expenses and suppliers Bills – Separate Accounts for Each Tower to easily Generate Profit & Loss for Each Tower – Alerts for Contract Renewal Before End Date – Alerts for Cheques Clearance and replacing – Emails and SMS Alerts – Big List of reports service Employees ,Managers and owners According to privileges  – Support English & Arabic.
    o    Property Management: Adding all the details of the different properties (Tower, Apartment, Villa, Office, shop, store, Showroom, land , etc.) and attach photos and files related.
    o    Contact Management : Adding all the details of the persons (Tenant, Seller, Buyer, Landlord ,Investor, Companies, suppliers, Brokers, etc.) and attach photos and files related.
    o    Contract management: Create and print Different Contracts (Rental, Sales, Purchase, Brokerage) , follow-up and re-scheduling of installments , termination, renewal of contracts.
    o    Cheque Management: Follow-up all cheques transactions starting from receiving cheques , submit to bank , clear or return the cheques .
    o    Expenses: Entering all expenditure ( general or related to properties) , generate the profit and loss for each tower or property during any period.
    o    Collection Management: Generate , Print and collect the bills of different fees (electricity bills, water bills, cooling bills, maintenance bills, etc.).
    o    Maintenance management: Adding and follow up maintenance complaints relating to each property.
    o    Reporting : The software contains a list of reports can serve all sections and departments of the company, including: –
    o    Leasing Statement : a detailed report of all rented units, Contract Start & end date, Rent Value , Paid amount and remaining amount for each property during any period of time.
    o    Contracts End Dates : a detailed list of all the contracts that will expire during the period , for example: During 30 days from now.
    o    Uncollected Installments : a detailed list of all uncollected installments related to each property with tenant details for quick contact.
    o    Building Occupancy Status : a detailed list of all units status in the building with the total number of vacancies and occupancy.
    o    Customer Statement : a detailed report of all paid and the remaining amounts for each Customer.
    o    Availability List : a detailed report of all available units.
    o    Receipts Reports: summary and detailed reports of total amounts received in cash or cheques or bank transfer for each unit in any period.
    o    Expenses Reports: summary and detailed reports of total amounts paid in cash or cheques or bank transfer as general expenses or related to properties in any period.
    o    Received Cheques: a detailed report of all cheques received for each unit in any period.
    o    Bounced Cheques: a detailed report of all bounced cheques related to units in any period.
    o    Issued Cheques: a detailed report of all issued checks related to units in any period.
    o    Accounting Reports , Balance sheet generating , Trail Balance , and Profit and Loss reports .
    o    Reports Design: Ability to create accounting reports through the software and saving it as template for future , example :- ( Generating Balance sheets , Profit and loss reports for each Project , tower or property.
    o    Alerts and Notifications System by e-mail or SMS , including (contract renewal alerts, Delayed Installments alerts, cheques be collected alerts, Bounced cheques alert expired Documents and company licenses alerts , etc.).
    o    Fully Integrated Financial System
    o    Archiving System: archive all images and files relating to persons , properties, contracts , accounts, personnel and others.
    o    Police Cases and Legal Cases with legal expenses and lawyer fees related to each case.
    o    Security and Administration : create an unlimited number of users and control the privileges of each user.
    o    Access the Software from anywhere in the world through Windows / Internet browser / Mobile.
    o    Ability to Import Contacts and Properties detail from excel.
    o    Support English and Arabic.
    Want To Know Why, We Think You Should Choose FalconPro.
    Pure Software
    FalconPro is not a module in a General ERP system , it’s fully developed for Real Estate Companies using the feedback of real estate business experts and financial controllers,so it’s fully integrated into all aspects of Real Estate business from A to Z.
    Easy to use
    FalconPro is customizable according to your business needs and each user privileges which makes it easy to do the work properly and increase productivity,Easiest to use software means you spend time focused on running your business, not on figuring out complicated technology.
    Unique Pricing
    We are Unique in our pricing and payment installments comparing by other Real Estate management software vendors , we are more than 70% Less in Pricing ,with unique and extra features than any other software.
    FalconPro Alert system is integrated with all modules , Alerts are showing to each user according to his privileges ,it helps in taking the proper actions , Examples of Alerts : Passport expire , Visa renewal , Due Cheques , Return Cheques , Cheques need to be submitted to bank ,etc.
    FalconPro Reminder System has an attractive interface and is easy to use. any type of repeat reminder can be set. Falcon Reminder has many categories according to system modules which is a useful customization option. Once the Reminder is due , a pop-up will show to the user with Snooze and dismiss options.
    Quick and effortless communication with colleagues and managers is often the cornerstone of high productivity of any company.FalconPro notification system is an efficient way to send, receive important notifcations between colleagues and divisions regarding the related work, it also enables the user to send notifcations to their co-workers, ask questions , approvals or assign tasks.
    Email and SMS
    Keep in touch with your customers through FalconPro email & SMS system , It enables you from sending reminders / statements to your clients, you also can send Bulk emails and SMS for marketing purposes
    Archiving System
    FalconPro Archiving is a comprehensive solution to archive all/any files with any format.All FalconPro modules have Archiving option. The archived files can be opened from any device inside the office or remotely according to the privilages of the user.
    Cloud Backup
    Our Clients will Never lose any transaction as we backup their databases automatically and on a daily basis, the backups are encrypted and stored securely in the Client server as well in the cloud.
    Remote Access
    FalconPro can be used remotely from any place in the world by the users who have authority to login remotely, No VPN connetion required,No special requirements , Only Internet connection and authority to login remotely.
    More Stable & Secure
    FalconPro and it’s database are hosted on clients server,which make the system more faster, More Stable and Date is fully Secure, the daily Database backups are fully encrypted
    24×7 Live Support
    We are providing 24×7 Online support to our clients across the world.
    Download FalconPro Real Estate Software Profile in Arabic or English plus Video Explains all the features in Details
    Click Here To Download The Free Version of FalconPro Real Estate Software


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