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  1. If you are in Allen County Indiana and are interested in being a part of this and you are a resident of Indiana and you are a US citizen private message me please
  2. 2nd regiment 2 Brigade Allen County reporting in.
  3. Ok thank you. But when I went on the site they were updating my brigade website. When I tried to contact someone from this site I got an alert saying to enable my cookies and it is enabled. So I have to look into that, but having said all this I'm not sure they would know what brigade I'm in unless they read this, so maybe you should talk to someone about getting in touch with me. I would appreciate that a lot. At least until I figure out what's wrong and why I can't send them messages. Thank you in advance.
  4. I do not know anyone in the Brigade and I look very much forward to meeting with someone!
  5. My name is Marus and I'm from Indiana. I have no military experience but I do love reading about it and our U.S. history and military history. My great great grandpa, my great grandpa, my grandpa and several of my friends and my niece and nephews and others were or are in the military.
  6. Hi I'm Marcus. I live in Indiana. I'm happy to be a member here.
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